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Abbas Defends Hamas-PLO Flag Erases Israel

Abbas With PLO flag Erasing Israel- from pmw.org.il--Itamar Marcus, Barbara Crook :

" Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stands at attention in front of the PLO symbol, which places the Palestinian flag over the map of Israel. This symbolizes that all of Israel is, or will someday be, "Palestine." The picture is from yesterday's PLO Central Committee meeting (PATV Jan-13-08). "-pmw.org.il

9  President Bush, Condi Rice, and the State Dept. are aggresively helping the PLO islamists accomplish the first step of the Phased Plan, which is the step-by-step strategy to destroy Israel, beginning first ,with the establishment of a Palestinian state. Note the two flags in the background at left that show "all" Israel as Palestine. 

Littlegreenfootballs has this : Israeli Forces Strike Palestinian Terrorists, Abbas Defends Hamas :

In response to the on going rocket attacks by islamic terrorists, and the murder of a farm worker in Israel, 16 Palestinians, most Hamas terrorists were "taken out" by an Israeli defensive operation.

In the report there is no mention of the "moderate" Abbas condeming the Hamas terrorism against Israel. "Sticking up" for Hamas, he condems Israel for defending themselves.

Rafiq Natshe [member of Fatah] : " [Hamas says] all of Palestine is ours, and we want to liberate it from the river to the sea in one blow. But Fatah, which leads the PLO, feels that a Phased Plan must be pursued. Both sides agree on the final objective. The difference between them is on the way to get there." Both Fatah and Hamas agree on the final objective: the destruction of Israel.

A senior Fatah bigshot, Mahmoud Dahlan, told a Kuwati newspaper just recently that both Fatah and Hamas have similar longterm goals: "From a practical standpoint, there are no large differences among us".-No kidding!

Fatah/PLO Is A Terror Organization:

Huckabee, Late Edition-Israel  [This makes sense!]


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