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The Most Outrageous Financial Scandal In U.S. History!

Condoleezza Rice For VP?--Think Again!

[This post originally published Jan. 2008-but the establishment is floating Condi for VP again.--No thanks!]

If anything, the Secretary of State should resign!

Aside from the fact that Condi Rice is somewhat liberal on abortion, she most certainly has not been a real supporter of our ally Israel.

In fact, she does her level best to undermine Israel. Always presurring Israel to make concessions on this or that . Frank Gaffney is right. Condoleezza Rice behaves like a zealot. I go it one further and say she behaves like a pro-islamic palestinian zealot. She and President Bush have been busy spending $millions in U.S. tax dollars funding terrorism via the "Palestinians."

Lest anyone doubt that this is true here are the facts:

In 2006 Congress adapted the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006. The act requires that before any funds can be allocated to the Palestinian Authority, the President or Secretary of State must certify to Congress that the PA is not in violation of the bill's requirements regarding the PA.

Among those requirements, the PA must not in any manner promote or incite terrorism against America or Israel. Yet official Palestinian Authority media regularly promotes and incites hatred of Israel and America. Read the reports available at Palestinian Media Watch. Other articles are at the bottom of this post.

In addition, the Anti-Terrorism Act also reqiured that all terrorist infrastrutures be dismantled and the terrorist militias disarmed. Abbas has made no attempt to do so. Members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorist organization are also members of Abbas's security services with his knowledge.

It is a given that Sect. Rice and the President are aware of this. But they turn a blind eye. To support the Palestinian Authority with U.S. tax dollars is to support terrorism.

Then there is the Lebanon situation.

The contents of a letter just now coming to light, written by Israeli Asst. Deputy Ambassador to the U.N., Daniel Carmon, entitled "Security Council Discussions", details discussion between former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton and the Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Dan Gillerman, during the 2nd Lebanon War [Hizbullah].

In the letter, Carmon relates that former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, complained that Condi Rice had caved in to the French and Lebanese over the terms of a cease fire.

In actuallity the French and Lebanese were doing the bidding of the Arab League, which means that Condi Rice was really caving in to the Arabs.

To refresh one's memory, at first, it was the U.S. position to have a strong "Chapter 7 Res." which would give an "international force" an agressive mandate to go after Hizbullah in response to violations. Quoted in a Jpost article Bolton said this:

"You'll recall the original American position was we wanted a very robust multinational force, not even under UN command. The government of Lebanon made it clear they did not want a multinational force, they did not want a Chapter 7 mandate," he said, referring to the part of the UN charter that would give a peacekeeping force robust enforcement capabilities. "They wanted pretty much what Resolution 1701 provides," he added.

That wimpy 1701 with no teeth in it, is precisely what Condi Rice agreed to. John Bolton did his job. Tried his best to get the French and Lebanese to come along side. But it was Condi who was in charge for the U.S. negoitiators, the letter states " Bolton said tonight in a conversation with Gillerman that the Secretary of State took the task of negotiations [over the resolution] upon herself, and she is personally involved in all of its details."

This has been the result:  A weak 1701 Res., no enforcement, no robust force to go after Hizbullah, let alone any disarming of Hizbullah.

The UNIFIL observes only, and watches Hizbullah re-arm and re-supply.

Just the other week during President Bush's visit to Israel, Kaytusha rockets were fired from Lebanon by Hizbullah.

A cease fire was prematurely imposed on Israel just when a major ground offensive was unfolding.

Now in addition there is this:

Condi Rice has acted to provide weapons for Abbas's Fatah even though terrorists are among it's members.

Rice pressured Israel to turn control of security of Gaza/Egypt border crossing over to the Palestinian Authority. Expecting the terrorists to keep the terrorists out is never a good idea.

Rice is pressuring Israel to divide their capital city of Jerusalem [which will never happen!]

Rice pressures Israel to make travel easier for terrorists.

Rice wants $500 million U.S. taxpayer money to throw down that financial sink hole called the Palestinian Authority. Even though it is riddled with terrorists.

Frank Gaffney says Rice behaves like a zealot. I go it one further and say she behaves like a pro-islamic palestinian zealot.

In addition see what conservative Worldnetdaily founder Joesph Farrah had to say in 2005 over the prospect of Condi Rice becoming President.

Condi for Vice President? No!, not for VP, not for dog catcher!

The Most Outrageous Financial Scandal In U.S. History


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