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Condoleezza Rice For VP?--Think Again!

[This post originally published Jan. 2008-but the establishment is floating Condi for VP again.--No thanks!]

If anything, the Secretary of State should resign!

Aside from the fact that Condi Rice is somewhat liberal on abortion, she most certainly has not been a real supporter of our ally Israel.

In fact, she does her level best to undermine Israel. Always presurring Israel to make concessions on this or that . Frank Gaffney is right. Condoleezza Rice behaves like a zealot. I go it one further and say she behaves like a pro-islamic palestinian zealot. She and President Bush have been busy spending $millions in U.S. tax dollars funding terrorism via the "Palestinians."

Lest anyone doubt that this is true here are the facts:

In 2006 Congress adapted the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006. The act requires that before any funds can be allocated to the Palestinian Authority, the President or Secretary of State must certify to Congress that the PA is not in violation of the bill's requirements regarding the PA.

Among those requirements, the PA must not in any manner promote or incite terrorism against America or Israel. Yet official Palestinian Authority media regularly promotes and incites hatred of Israel and America. Read the reports available at Palestinian Media Watch. Other articles are at the bottom of this post.

In addition, the Anti-Terrorism Act also reqiured that all terrorist infrastrutures be dismantled and the terrorist militias disarmed. Abbas has made no attempt to do so. Members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorist organization are also members of Abbas's security services with his knowledge.

It is a given that Sect. Rice and the President are aware of this. But they turn a blind eye. To support the Palestinian Authority with U.S. tax dollars is to support terrorism.

Then there is the Lebanon situation.

The contents of a letter just now coming to light, written by Israeli Asst. Deputy Ambassador to the U.N., Daniel Carmon, entitled "Security Council Discussions", details discussion between former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton and the Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Dan Gillerman, during the 2nd Lebanon War [Hizbullah].

In the letter, Carmon relates that former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, complained that Condi Rice had caved in to the French and Lebanese over the terms of a cease fire.

In actuallity the French and Lebanese were doing the bidding of the Arab League, which means that Condi Rice was really caving in to the Arabs.

To refresh one's memory, at first, it was the U.S. position to have a strong "Chapter 7 Res." which would give an "international force" an agressive mandate to go after Hizbullah in response to violations. Quoted in a Jpost article Bolton said this:

"You'll recall the original American position was we wanted a very robust multinational force, not even under UN command. The government of Lebanon made it clear they did not want a multinational force, they did not want a Chapter 7 mandate," he said, referring to the part of the UN charter that would give a peacekeeping force robust enforcement capabilities. "They wanted pretty much what Resolution 1701 provides," he added.

That wimpy 1701 with no teeth in it, is precisely what Condi Rice agreed to. John Bolton did his job. Tried his best to get the French and Lebanese to come along side. But it was Condi who was in charge for the U.S. negoitiators, the letter states " Bolton said tonight in a conversation with Gillerman that the Secretary of State took the task of negotiations [over the resolution] upon herself, and she is personally involved in all of its details."

This has been the result:  A weak 1701 Res., no enforcement, no robust force to go after Hizbullah, let alone any disarming of Hizbullah.

The UNIFIL observes only, and watches Hizbullah re-arm and re-supply.

Just the other week during President Bush's visit to Israel, Kaytusha rockets were fired from Lebanon by Hizbullah.

A cease fire was prematurely imposed on Israel just when a major ground offensive was unfolding.

Now in addition there is this:

Condi Rice has acted to provide weapons for Abbas's Fatah even though terrorists are among it's members.

Rice pressured Israel to turn control of security of Gaza/Egypt border crossing over to the Palestinian Authority. Expecting the terrorists to keep the terrorists out is never a good idea.

Rice is pressuring Israel to divide their capital city of Jerusalem [which will never happen!]

Rice pressures Israel to make travel easier for terrorists.

Rice wants $500 million U.S. taxpayer money to throw down that financial sink hole called the Palestinian Authority. Even though it is riddled with terrorists.

Frank Gaffney says Rice behaves like a zealot. I go it one further and say she behaves like a pro-islamic palestinian zealot.

In addition see what conservative Worldnetdaily founder Joesph Farrah had to say in 2005 over the prospect of Condi Rice becoming President.

Condi for Vice President? No!, not for VP, not for dog catcher!

The Most Outrageous Financial Scandal In U.S. History

Some Mississippi Blues

A little Mississippi Blues:

Huckabee presents the best choice for Reagan supporters- john linder

The Jihad Against Huckabee- "change is needed" blog

Bolton: Israel May Have To Strike Iran Soon- Arutz Sheva

Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton spoke at the Herzliya Conference in Israel and hinted that Israel may have to act alone to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

Israel Pumps Fuel Into Gaza, Terrorists Launch Rockets In Return-Arutz Sheva

Thompson The "Spoiler" Candidate

Thompson did in South Carolina just what the upper crust establishment wanted him to do: be a "spoiler."

As I've stated before, I believe this was his "real" purpose anyway. Thompson recently told a group of voters," I'm not particularly interested in running for president." So why is he? I believe the power players in the Washington establishment talked him into it.

Mike Huckabee is a steadfast supporter of Israel. He does not believe Israel should surrender Judea and Samaria for a Palestinian state. But that's not what the establishment believes. A true supporter of Israel is the last person the Administration and the establishment want to see as president. So they had a job for Thompson: be a "spoiler".

As a result not only has Thompson and his supporters given a victory to John McCain in South Carolina, but maybe the nomination to McCain/Romney/Giuliani as well. This means that no real conservative becomes president.

This brings back bitter memories of the 1994 senate race in Virginia.The rino republican John Warner, instead of supporting a true conservative like Ollie North, talked Marshal Coleman into running as a third party candidate. Knowing full well that would result in pulling votes away from North, and enable the liberal Chuck Robb, Democrat, to be re-elected. So intense was their hatred of North, a true conservative, that they desired a liberal be re-elected. I see this same thing with respect to Huckabee.

A vote for Thompson is a vote for McCain/Romney/Giuliani.

Yid With Lid has a post worth reading: Abbas Orders Homicide Bombings

Abbas Defends Hamas-PLO Flag Erases Israel

Abbas With PLO flag Erasing Israel- from pmw.org.il--Itamar Marcus, Barbara Crook :

" Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stands at attention in front of the PLO symbol, which places the Palestinian flag over the map of Israel. This symbolizes that all of Israel is, or will someday be, "Palestine." The picture is from yesterday's PLO Central Committee meeting (PATV Jan-13-08). "-pmw.org.il

9  President Bush, Condi Rice, and the State Dept. are aggresively helping the PLO islamists accomplish the first step of the Phased Plan, which is the step-by-step strategy to destroy Israel, beginning first ,with the establishment of a Palestinian state. Note the two flags in the background at left that show "all" Israel as Palestine. 

Littlegreenfootballs has this : Israeli Forces Strike Palestinian Terrorists, Abbas Defends Hamas :

In response to the on going rocket attacks by islamic terrorists, and the murder of a farm worker in Israel, 16 Palestinians, most Hamas terrorists were "taken out" by an Israeli defensive operation.

In the report there is no mention of the "moderate" Abbas condeming the Hamas terrorism against Israel. "Sticking up" for Hamas, he condems Israel for defending themselves.

Rafiq Natshe [member of Fatah] : " [Hamas says] all of Palestine is ours, and we want to liberate it from the river to the sea in one blow. But Fatah, which leads the PLO, feels that a Phased Plan must be pursued. Both sides agree on the final objective. The difference between them is on the way to get there." Both Fatah and Hamas agree on the final objective: the destruction of Israel.

A senior Fatah bigshot, Mahmoud Dahlan, told a Kuwati newspaper just recently that both Fatah and Hamas have similar longterm goals: "From a practical standpoint, there are no large differences among us".-No kidding!

Fatah/PLO Is A Terror Organization:

Huckabee, Late Edition-Israel  [This makes sense!]

20 $Billion In Weapons For Saudis? Dumb!

No one was more enthusiastic in supporting G.W. for president in 2000 than yours truly. Since then, President Bush has failed to keep his promise to move the embassy to Jerusalem, sought amnesty for illegal aliens, and a host of other wrong domestic and foreign policy decisions.

Among those wrong foreign policy decisions would be this : selling high-tech weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia that do not even recognize the right of our ally Israel to exist. That speaks for itself.

The majority of 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.The probable infiltration of Saudi forces. Terrorists themselves have said Saudi Forces have helped them.

President Bush should take a page out of the Arab's playbook for himself:

The Arabs always demand a price tag for any cooperation with them, such as trade, for example. Bat Yeor has written extensively on this with respect to the E.U. in her book "Eurabia".

We should make conditions as well. Such as equal status under the law for non-Muslims in majority Muslim countries. A guarantee of true freedom of religion. Human rights. Official recognition of Israel. The Arabs always demand the U.S. pressure Israel, which this current Administration goes along with. Instead, the U.S. should turn the tables and pressure the Arabs.

Most Foreign Terrorists In Iraq From Saudi Arabia, Lybia

Fair Tax Freedom Rally-Nashville

Recieved the following e-mail, given the interest in the Fair Tax, I'm passing it on:
The National Fair Tax Freedom Rally will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, on the Saturday prior to the April 15th deadline. This event is not put on by the Americans For Fair Taxation group in Houston, TX. They have their hands full with the Presidential election focus, so this is an independent grassroots event!
The AFFT staff and volunteers are certainly invited and encouraged to come and join in as honored guests. Also, we will be inviting any and all candidates for Washington's governmental offices, including incumbents, to attend and tell us why they do or do not support the bills HR25 and S1025 in Congress. Maybe one of them have what they think is a better plan; we want to hear that as well!
The date of the event is Saturday, April 12, 2008, at Riverside Park located near the State Capitol Building. There are other events going on in the city the same day, so plan to have some fun while you're visiting.
If you would like to learn more about FairTax, you might want to check out this website:
The Nashville event is www.nationalfreedomrally.com .
Visit the site and plan to attend the party.
Jim Tomasik
Sean Hannity: Discussion of Fair Tax:

Huckabee At Fair Tax Rally S.C.

Serbia Rejects U.S. And British Election Monitors:Good Move Or Bad?

Serbia has turned down U.S. and British election monitors.

"Serbia's election commission has turned down a request by the British and U.S. embassies to let some of their staff monitor the presidential election next weekend, officials said on Friday."

"A mission from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe [OSCE], Europe's main democracy and rights watchdog, and a monitoring team from the post-Soviet Commonweath of Independent States [CIS] were approved."

This came about because of the opposition of the party of Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica who has "slammed" the U.S. and Britain over their support of independence for Kosovo.

Good move or bad move?

As has been pointed out on this blog elsewhere, " Kosovo Independence? A Big Mistake , many point out that an independent Kosovo would become a safe haven for islamic jihadists and a real threat in the region.

But will not allowing U.S. and British embassy staffers to participate in the monitoring of the election process in Serbia help or hurt?

Afterall, in a democratic country there should be an election process that is acknowledged as both transparent and fair. With no room for doubt. Not to imply that they wouldn't be, with or without U.S. and British monitors.

It's my take that this move will not do anything to advance the concerns of the danger of an independent Kosovo.

However, I certainly understand the frustration Serbs feel over the way much of the international community has turned a deaf ear to their concerns. But much of this same international community has become "Eurabia" and "Londonistan". What do you expect?

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The Hobo Convention: Something Else Iowa Is Famous For

One question that might be interesting to know the answer to is this:

Did any of the presidential candidates travelin the great state of Iowa ever come across the town of Brit, the site of the annual National Hobo Convention? If so, did any of them pay a visit to the hobo museum?

Every year since 1900 freight hopping hobos from all across America make their way to the town of Brit, Iowa. What started during the years of the great depression with folks travelin to find work, became a lifestyle for many. An adventure for others.

These days people still take to the rails for various reasons. For the majority it's only a part-time affair. It's something that gets in the blood. Some are well-to-do professionals in formal occupations, but still find time to hop a freight now and then.

Did any of the current presidential candidates ever hop a freight, or have the urge to in their younger days?

Vote5 Counting votes at left for who wins King and Queen of the hobos. [image from the hobo gallery 2007]

Among those who have been elected king of the hobos in times past is "Iowa Blackie".

This year they elected "Tuck" king. Wonder whom they like for president?


"Uncle Freddie elected Hobo King at 2011 convention, and "Minneapolis Jewel" elected Queen.

2011 convention photos-Railroadman

Hobo's Lullaby:

Wonkett's Lefty Frughlinger Insults Hobos-Calls Us "Bums"

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