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The Hobo Convention: Something Else Iowa Is Famous For

One question that might be interesting to know the answer to is this:

Did any of the presidential candidates travelin the great state of Iowa ever come across the town of Brit, the site of the annual National Hobo Convention? If so, did any of them pay a visit to the hobo museum?

Every year since 1900 freight hopping hobos from all across America make their way to the town of Brit, Iowa. What started during the years of the great depression with folks travelin to find work, became a lifestyle for many. An adventure for others.

These days people still take to the rails for various reasons. For the majority it's only a part-time affair. It's something that gets in the blood. Some are well-to-do professionals in formal occupations, but still find time to hop a freight now and then.

Did any of the current presidential candidates ever hop a freight, or have the urge to in their younger days?

Vote5 Counting votes at left for who wins King and Queen of the hobos. [image from the hobo gallery 2007]

Among those who have been elected king of the hobos in times past is "Iowa Blackie".

This year they elected "Tuck" king. Wonder whom they like for president?


"Uncle Freddie elected Hobo King at 2011 convention, and "Minneapolis Jewel" elected Queen.

2011 convention photos-Railroadman

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