CMEP Promotes Website Making False Smear Against Huckabee
Folly Of Gaza Surrender Now Plain To All

CMEP Advocates "Ethnic Cleansing"

CMEP,[Churches For Middle East Peace], advocates "ethnic cleansing".In particular, the ethnic cleansing of Israelis from Judea, Samaria, and other parts of Israel.

In recent posts I've pointed out that CMEP is more about promoting a pro-Palestinian agenda, than promoting peace. And they do the propaganda bidding of Islamists.

CMEP promotes a website, The web address which is misleading because rather than a Christian Zionist site, it is actually a site that attacks Christan Zionism and their support for Israel.

[Update: the link to has since been removed from the CMEP website].

That website has been running articles smearing Mike Huckabee, accusing him of advocating ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, which he has not done. Here is a sample from that website's current front page:

"According to biblical promises it all belongs to the world's Jewish community--the West Bank, Gaza Strip, the whole shebang. God gave it to them. It's theirs to do with as they see fit. For Huckabee this suggests the mass removal of Palestinians to other parts of the Arab world. Huckabee favors ethnic cleansing!"

Mike Huckabee has said Israel should not give up Judea, Samaria, the Golan, or split apart their capital city of Jerusalem. And that's not the same as advocating "ethnic cleansing".

In fact, one plan promoted by Rabbi Benny Elon, the Israel Initiative, is backed by U.S. Senator Brownback, allows for the residency of "peacefull" Arabs.Those who don't want to live in peace, should be expelled or deported. The terrorists should be killed.

Nor does suggesting Saudi Arabia or Egypt donate land for another Palestinian state the same as ethnic cleansing either..There's also a major problem with the statement referenced above, it denys God's Covenant With Israel.

There is however no misunderstanding of CMEP's postition. They favor the "ethnic cleansing" of hundreds of thousands of Israelis from their historic land of Judea, Samaria, and other parts of Israel! That they have no problem with!They applauded the forcefull uprooting and expulsion of thousands of Israelis from Gaza and northern Samaria in August 2005.

In the CMEP's newsletter of June 1st, 2005, Corinne Whitlatch, the Director of CMEP, wrote that the Gaza withdrawl must only be the first step toward a Palestinian state. In other words, CMEP favors the uprooting and forced relocation of thousands of Israelis. "Ethnic cleansing."

Since the Gaza expulsion, Israel has not had peace, but more terrorism. Before the expulsion, Mahmoud Abbas and other PA propagandists said they would build condominiums. But instead, the land Israel vacated has been used as a launching pad for rockets against Israelis.

05/21/11-An update on CMEP from the watchdog Camera is here.

Senator Brownback On The Israeli Initiative:


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