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Kosovo Declares Independence-With U.S. Backing

080217_kosovo_independence_2 Kosovo has declared independence. And with U.S. backing.

The associated press article stated: "Sunday's declaration was carefully orchestrated with the U.S. and key European powers..."

"...carefully orchestrated..."

EU foreign ministers are to meet in Brussels,Belgium on Monday.

No doubt the declaration was timed with this in mind. As many EU member nations, including the four biggest, U.K., Germany, France, and Italy, have been agressively pushing for Kosovo independence.

It is not unlikely that member nations of the EU as well as the U.S. may move to officially recognize an independent Kosovo outside of the UN. Hoping for a domino affect. But the danger that an independent Kosovo will present to the region, as well as to Serbia, it will certainly be resisted.

The eyes of the world will now be re-focused on this other important front line in the global war with militant Islam.

The Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said an independent Kosovo would be " a democratic, multiethnic state."

President Bush said, " We are heartened by the fact that the Kosovo government has clearly proclaimed it's willingness and it's desire to support Serbian rights in Kosovo."

For the record Turkey is a democratic,multiethnic state. But it is only democratic for the Muslims. A real litmus test for democracy is freedom of religion. In Turkey, A significant problem is that country's biased religious laws and persecution of non-Muslims.

The Assyrian International News Agency report says :" Armenian Orthodox, Greek Orhodox, and Jewish communities are recognized as having a special legal minority status." In other words, dhimmi status.

The concerns of Serbs living in an independent majority Muslim Kosovo are well founded.

Hashim Thaci is decribed as a former leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army. A recognized terrorist organization, whose aim has been to consolidate Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo into an Islamic state.

Needless to say we will all be watching.

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