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Senators To Rice: Don't Undermine Victims Of Terror

Eight U.S. senators have written to Secretary of State Condi Rice urging the government not to sacrifice the interests of U.S. citizens in favor of better relations with the Palestinians.

The action by the senators comes as a result of the Palestinian Authority seeking to overturn court awards to U.S. victims of Palestinian terror.

The senators related the case of a U.S. woman whose husband was killed in a Palestinian terror attack in 2002, and successfully sued the Palestinian Authority and the PLO.

That case was based on the Antiterrorism Act of 1990.

Note, the link above is to the Congressional Record where the 1990 Act S. 740 is further Ammended.

A link to the full contents of the letter is here, spearheaded by Senator Arlen Specter.

"We are concerned that as courts render judgements holding terrorists and sponsors of terrorist acts accountable under the ATA, political efforts  to have our government intervene and unduly influence the courts may undermine verdicts imposed by independent arbiters."

"Victims who bring forth claims in good faith and win judgements against terrorists should not be thwarted in their efforts."

State Dept. spokesman Sean McCormack said the Administration is in the process of deciding whether or not to back the Palestinian Authority attempt to nullify the court award.

Will the Administration and Rice come down on the side of the terrorists?

In many respects they already have!

It is a scandal that while courts render awards to U.S. victims of Palestinian terrorists, the Administration seeks and gives millions of U.S. tax dollars to "bolster and strenghthen" Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah!


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