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The Most Outrageous Financial Scandal In U.S. History!

The most outrageous financial scandal in U.S. history:

$ Billions of U.S. tax dollars funding terrorism via the "Palestinans"!

Are you a fiscal conservative? If so, then the above should have you foaming and seething with anger!

Indeed, it should energize you to contact your congressional representative and the whitehouse and demand an end to all financial aid to the Palestinian Authority!

Over the years the "Palestinians" have been the benevolent recipients of $billions in foreign aid. From the U.S. and other donor countrys. What has been the result? More terrorism. As the graphic chart from the Terror Finance Blog reveals:

T2errorist_murders_plotted_agains_2 The more financial aid to the Palestinians, the greater the amount of terrorist activity.

Recently U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice pledged $500 million of U.S. tax dollars during the Quartet's meeting in Paris, France.

Last year Congresswoman Nita Lowey placed a hold on $86.5 million the Administration had requested amid concerns some of the aid could find it's way into the hands of terrorists. In a hearing on the matter, Sect. Rice said she could not guarantee that some of it would not fall into the wrong hands, so she would request a lesser amount. In other words, a lesser amount for the terrorists. Nuts! Eventually Lowey caved in and OK'ed $59 million.

How will congress deal with this new pledge to the Palestinian Authority by Condi Rice of $500 million in taxpayer money? I guess that answer is up to us.

As I related in a previous blog post Gaza Flood Gates Of Hell--Resupply For Jihad!, the U.S. and other donor countrys like to make an artificial separation between the Palestinian people and the terrorists. When in fact they are the same. Where else do they come from? They are part and parcel of it's population and derive the support and approval from them. To fund the humanitarian needs of the people is to also fund the humanitarian needs of the terrorists. To support that population with U.S. tax dollars is to fund and support those who not only wish Israel's demise, but ours as well.

We are in a global war with militant islam. We spend our tax dollars to fight militant islam in Iraq and Afghanistan. We spend our tax dollars to fund and strenghthen militant islam via the Palestinian Authority and "Fatah." What a contradiction and scandal!

Daniel Pipes relates in his article, " Fund The Palestinians?Bad Idea", the following:

"Lavishing funds on Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority to achieve peace has been a mainstay of Western, including Israeli, policy since Hamas seized Gaza in June. But this open spigot has counterproductive results and urgently must be stopped."-Pipes.

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