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An American University Has "Partnership" With Pro-Hamas University

20070318t164745z_01_jer28_rtridsp_3 At left, students at Al-Khalil Polytechnic University in Hevron, burn American and Israeli flags during a pro-Hamas rally.

American universities have partnerships with Middle Eastern universities on various programs. In some cases, unwise partnerships.

Many of these programs involve equipping students and faculty alike with high-tech skills and expertise in such areas as ICT [information and computer technology]. Computer engineering and internet science.

All the skills one needs to conduct "cyber" jihad. The Bank of Israel just recently had it's website hacked by Muslims.

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore has such a partnership with Al-Khalil Polytechnic University in Hevron:

"This program aims at teaching applied information technology to the science faculty involved with managing and improving water resources. The program provides opportunities for scientists to travel to University of Maryland Eastern Shore to learn about GIS technology and water quality, and visit water treatment facilities. Textbooks and laboratory materials were also provided by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore."

It should not have to be pointed out the risk the above program could potentially pose.

This same Al-Khalil Polytechnic University,[also known as Palestine Polytechnic University], just recently held their student elections. The students gave "The United Islamic Bloc",[ Hamas and Islamic Jihad], a sweeping victory.

Here are a few more on the list:

"Duke University has a partnership with Effat College in Saudi Arabia. This program offers a bachelor's of science degree in computer engineering. The program is designed to integrate hands-on experience into the curriculum."

"Microsoft also strongly recruits university students from overseas to work for their American offices. Microsoft looks for passionate college graduates with a computer science degree to relocate to Redmond,Washington and help build software products that are used worldwide. There are recruiters for Turkey, Egypt, and Lebanon."

Student visas remain a valid concern as a means for jihadists to infiltrate America. Only about a week ago, new terrorism charges were made against two Egyptian students at the University of South Florida, who had been arrested.

Bottom line:

Some of our academic institutions are engaged in unwise "partnerships" that ironically may be equipping budding jihadists with the expertise and skills that can potentially be used against the U.S. or other Western nations.

The University of Southern Maryland Eastern Shore should terminate it's partnership with the pro-Hamas Al-Khalil Polytechnic University.

From elsewhere: U.S. Schools Compete For Saudi Students-Robert Spencer

Saudi Invasion Via Student Visas-via Sharia Finance Watch

Islamic Terrorists Training Fighters In Mexico

200688hzzz51391586 Terror training camps in Mexico.

From investigative reporter Michael Webster: "Mexican drug cartels and terrorists are recruiting for more fighters to train as soldiers."

"Mexican drug cartels according to recent press reports have military style training camps on and near the border with the United States. These training camps are for military-style killers. Federal authorities say these camps have Afghanistan and other middle eastern instructors who teach the latest military fighting tactics that are utilized in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Islamic radicals that are fighting and killing American and allied troops in those countries."

"Iran is believed providing at least some of the money for this recruiting and training program. The training camps are teaching hit and run gorilla techniques. Cells of Foreign Terrorist Organizations [FTO] have sent their seasoned veterans to oversee the training of the new troops and to direct the war against the Mexican government on behalf of the Mexican cartels."

"Trained fighters from Al-Qaida, Hizballah [Party of God] Hamas [Islamic Resistence Movement] and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbial [ FARC] have been seen in Mexico and the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] has reported cells from these terrorist organizations are believed here in the U.S. as well. According to a well placed CIA operative."

You can click on the link above to read this report in it's entirety.

After reading this report, it called to mind a report from Memri :

The 'Lone Wolf' Theory and John Allen Muhammed:

An Al-Qaeda supporter, [jihadi Salafi], posted to an islamist forum his recommended guidelines for jihadists. You can go to Memri and read the whole thing, but here are some tidbits relative to the above:

"2. Personal appearance that does not reveal any connection with the Arab or the Islamic world. [ A command of Spanish is highly desirable...[ so that he can claim] to be of Hispanic origin...He must use a foreign name.]-Salafi

Get the picture?

Terror training camps in Mexico.

Islamic terrorists training Hispanics.

And more than likely Hispanics training Islamic terrorists in Spanish.

From elsewhere: Mexico and Hezbollah-Point Rider Republican

AL-Qaeda Nukes Already In U.S.-Joseph Farrah, WND.

Smuggled in by MS-13 and organized crime.

Bridget Bardot Is Right About Muslim Immigration

Bridget_bardot_1 Bridget Bardot, a former blonde bombshell actress, has been been charged with "inciting racial hatred" for saying things like this:

" I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population [the Muslims] which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing it's acts."-Bardot

Bardot also wrote a book in which she spoke up about the "Islamisation of France".

The name of that book is "A Cry In The Silence". I've already looked, it's not at amazon. If anyone does come across a site where it's at , post the link to the site in the comments section of this post. Would be interesting to read what all else she has to say in "her" words.

Bardot is being punished by her government, for trying to save her government. And raise the alarm of what has occurred to France through lax immigration and an appeasement attitude by the government.

Enter Congressman Virgil Goode of Va. who came under fire for a letter to constituents in which he said that not only illegal immigration needs to be stoped. But legal immigration as well. At least for a time.

That is why Europe has become Eurabia. Because of lax immigration policies. An enemy doesn't need to militarily invade your country, if the same result can be achieved through irresponsible immigration policies.

Virgil Goode and Bridget Bardot are both right.

Mark Krikorian on "The New Case Against Immigration: Both Legal and Illegal"-audio

Virgil Goode At March For America:

Obama's Church Connected To "Dhimmi" Church Leaders

Satellite Fights among real Christians do occur. However, they are mainly relegated to verbal disagreements at buisness meetings, or disputes over doctrine.

While performing ceremonies at the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Armenian and Greek priests have real fights over who can spend the most time.

"Witnesses say an angry Armenian priest dragged a Greek priest out of the tomb area because he felt the clergyman overstayed his time. A fist fight erupted, worshipers joined in and the police broke up the scuffle."

The Jerusalem priests were referred to as "Dhimmi" church leaders because of their views towards Jews and Israel that are totally inconsistent with Scripture. As well as their collaboration with Islamofascists.

They collaborate with Islamofascists in that they are always attacking Israel and Christians who support Israel. One such dhimmi clergyman is Naim Ateek, an Arab Palestinian, who was instrumental in forming the Sabeel Conference in Jerusalem.

The purpose of Sabeel is to wage a propaganda campaign against Christians who support Israel, and attack the right of Israel to exist.

And Obama's Church is Connected To Sabeel, Naim Ateek-via Israpundit

"New York,NY, January 10, 2006...The Anti-Defamation League [ADL] is troubled by the United Church of Christ's continuing partnership with the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, a radicalized Palestinian Christian group whose leaders have openly questioned Israel's right to exist."

Naim Ateek's Sabeel website refers to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 as a "Nakba". The Islamofascist term for a "catastrophy" or "disaster."

Various "dhimmi" church groups participate and lend their support to Sabeel. Among them the Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Evangelical Lutheran, and the Latin Patriarch. And, oh yes, Obama's church. As well as CMEP, which has been previously written about.

In 2002, the spokesman for the Greek Orthodox church, Atallah Hanna, was fired because of his statements in support of suicide terrorist attacks against Israel. From a report by Memri:

"Martyrdom operations are an excellent and good way to resist the Zionist invasion of the Palestinian land. In front of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, we bless the souls of the heroic Shahids and the families of the Shahids..."-Hanna.

"We do not believe in so-called 'peace with Israel' because peace cannot be made with Satan."-Hannah

In 2006, local Jerusalem "dhimmi" churches participating in Sabeel issued a "Jerusalem Declaration" in which they viciously attacked Christian support for Israel. Here is a link to the response and rebuttal by the ICEJ.

Note, the last I heard, Obama's church wasn't planning on being a participant in the upcoming Christians United For Israel event this summer in DC.-little wonder why.

Axis Of Danger: Obama, Hugo Chavez, and Ahmadinejad

If elected President, Barak Obama would pose a dangerous threat to America's national security. Why?

Throughout the campaign Obama has demonstrated his radical and dangerous view to foreign policy. In a recent democratic debate Obama stated he would have no problem meeting with Hugo Chavez or Amahdinejad.

That would be dangerous and irresponsible:

First, it would provide undeserved legitimacy to state sponsors of terrorism. Hugo Chavez has made no secret of his hostility to the U.S. and his governments support for islamic terrorists.

Hezbollah is openly working in Venezuela-via Gateway pundit.

Hugo Chavez also led the effort to form a South American pact to oppose the U.S. and Nato.

Chavez has forged close ties with Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Iran has been commiting acts of war against U.S. troops in Iraq via their shia proxys. Not to mention Iran's terror activities in Lebanon via Hezbollah.

Secondly, such meetings with despots and terror state leaders provide an opportunity for propaganda.

This is the kind of thing Carter is doing, meeting with Hamas.

Speaking of Hamas, Obama has just recieved the endorsement of a Hamas leader.

American voters need to ask themselves just why all these islamic terrorists are rallying to support Obama:

Ali Abunimah, the founder of the islamist propaganda website " Electronic Intifada", wrote an article exspressing his support for Obama, in which Abunimah said that right now Obama is just doing what he needs to do to get elected. After which, Obama would "come around."

Then there are the terrorists who danced in the streets on 9/11 actively working on Obama's behalf from Gaza.

And now, there is an endorsement from Hamas.

While Obama may distance himself from the Hamas endorsement, the fact is these terrorists believe Obama is the best candidate for their cause. This alone should speak volumes to concerned Americans.

Update 04/24/08: Hatem El-Hady, who served as chairman for an Islamic charity, Kindhearts, which was shut down for raising funds for terrorists, is now raising funds for Obama.

Update 04/26/08: The page for Hatem El-Hady at Obama's campaign website has "disappeared", after it drew attention. Littlegreenfootballs has details.

From elsewhere: Senator Obama's Foreign Policy Judgement-American Thinker

Update 06/18/08- Venezuelan Diplomat Helped Hezbullah-jpost

Crisis In The Americas:

The Phased Plan: Another Name For The "Roadmap"

Bushabbas Frequent visitors to this blog will have taken note of how often I have referenced the PLO's grand master "Phased Plan" strategy to destroy Israel in phases, or stages.

There is a need to do this because the vast majority of the non-Arab Muslim world is completely unaware of the existence of the PLO's Phased Plan, even though it has been in existence since 1974.

To be sure the MSM has ignored it. Including Fox. There is no doubt that if a survey was conducted, at least 99 out of every 100 people will not have ever heard of it.

The Two-State non-Solution "Roadmap" plays right in to the Phased Plan strategy.

A synopsis of the Phased Plan in the words of PLO leaders:

Pay very close attention to the word- stages:

"According to the Phased Plan we will establish a Palestinian state on any part of Palestine that the enemy will retreat from. The Palestinian state will be a stage in our prolonged struggle for the liberation of all of Palestine."-Abu Iyad

"...At this stage we'll prevail in our struggle [towards] the goals of the stages [plan]. The goal of this stage is the establishment of the independent Palestinian state, with it's capital in Jerusalem. When we achieve this, it will be a positive [step] and it will advance us to the next stage via other ways and means...'Every Palestinian must know clearly and unequivocally that the independent Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as it's capital is not the end of the road'. The rise of the Palestinian State is a stage after which there will be another stage and that is the democratic state in all of Palestine [i.e. in place of Israel]."-Othnan Abu Arbiah, from Palestinian Media Watch

If you are in doubt as to whether or not the destruction of Israel continues to be the goal of Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO, read very carefully the following:

On Wednesday, Feb. 27th 2008, Mahmoud Abbas, in an interview with a Jordanian newspaper said this:

"Now we are opposed to armed struggle because we are unable. But in the future stages, things may be different."-Abbas

Only five days ago Abbas Zaki, the Palestinian Authority's representative in Lebanon, gave an interview to NBN TV and said this:

"The PLO is the sole legitimate representative [of the Palestinian people], and it has not changed it's platform even one iota. In light of the weakness of the Arab nation and the lack of values, and in light of the American control over the world, the PLO proceeds through phases , without changing it's strategy. Let me tell you, when the ideology of Israel collapses, and we take, at least Jerusalem, the Israeli ideology will collapse in it's entirety, and we will begin to progress with our own ideology, Allah willing, and drive them out of all of Palestine."-Zaki

"...the PLO proceeds through phases, without changing it's strategy..."

Just this past December, Mahmoud Dahlan, a senior member of Fatah PLO, gave an interview to a Kuwaiti newspaper and said this:

"From a practical standpoint, there are no large differences between the two sides [ Fatah and Hamas]."-Dahlan    No kidding!

And this despite the propaganda peddled to the Western MSM by Abbas, Erekat, and other PLO leaders.

The establishment of a Palestinian State is the first major "stage" of the Phased Plan. This is the inherrent danger of the "Roadmap". This is why a Palestinian State must be opposed-at least anywhere from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean.

It's Not All About The Deli Lama and Tibet

In regards to protests surrounding the Bejing Olympics, the MSM and Hollywood celebritys have focused on the Deli Lama and Tibet. While the persecution of Christians all over China is basically ignored.

Indeed, the minute I see a news report on TV of some protesters trying to grab hold of the torch, the reporter will always speak of the Deli Lama and the Tibet separatists.

A frontpage article today on China and the Olympics, in the Washington Times, made no mention whatsoever of the Communist governments persecution of Christians. While great attention was given to the Deli Lama and Tibet dissenters.

However, the persecution of Christians by the Communist regime in Bejing is unabated. Stacy Harp of the Persecution Blog reports about the recent arrest of seven Christian House church leaders in China.

A group from the Chinese government's Religious Affairs Burea apparently intruded upon a praise and worship service to make the arrests.

Christian Persecution In Athiest China:

Conservative Talk Radio Won't Touch This

After slamming Mike Huckabee as a tax hiker and not a fiscal conservative, it would seem that conservative talk radio would be beating the drum on a very important fiscal conservative scandal:

How our tax dollars are helping to fund and promote Islamic terrorism via the Palestinians. Why won't Sean Hannity talk about this? Why won't Laura Ingraham talk about this? Or the mighty Rush Limbaugh?

Why won't they talk about the $ millions of tax dollars that Condi Rice and President Bush are throwing down that financial sinkhole called the Palestinian Authority?

It is a double minded policy for our government to freeze the financial assets and go after the funding of some terrorists organizations, while actively funding others. He may where a suit and tie, but Mahmoud Abbas is a terrorist leader. And the goal of the PLO remains the annialation of Israel.

Another case in point, the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs [Passia], recieves U.S. taxpayer funding through USAID for it's Civil Society Empowerment program.

This program helps teach and train islamists in fundraising and lobbying.

Passia has been described by the Militant Islam Monitor as a terrorist front.

The top left front of Passia's website describes the establishment of Israel as a Nakba, meaning a catastrophy. Now, if they were all about wanting peace, they would not be dissemnating this kind of hate incitement.

But back to the main point, why won't conservative talk radio speak up on this? Ilegal immigration is an important national security issue. Talk radio has done a good job taking the Administration to task on this matter. Especially engaging their listeners to contact their Congressional representatives over the Senate amnesty bill the President was trying to push through. And that effort by talk radio was commendable.

But on the issue of $ millions of U.S. tax dollars promoting terrorism, via the Palis, they won't speak up to take the Administration to task.

From elsewhere: Your Tax Dollars Funding Terrorism-Pajamas Media

Obama Marched With Farrakhan: Via Jews Against Obama

A Double Minded Foreign Policy

A double minded foreign policy is unstable in all it's ways.

Official U.S. policy prohibits trade with Communist Cuba.

Begining in 1962, the U.S. has conducted an economic trade embargo against Cuba. Thirty years later Congress adapted the Cuban Democracy Act. Line 6 of section 1703 of this act states:

"to maintain sanctions on the Castro regime so long as it continues to refuse to move towards democratization and greater respect for human rights."

The Communist regime in China continues to not move towards democratiztion or show respect for human rights.

However, official U.S. policy bestows permanent Most Favored Nation trade status to China. Despite it's ruthless oppression of human rights and pro-democracy movements. Who can forget Tiannamen Square?

The unstable consequence:

This policy has resulted in an average $ 200+ billion dollar trade deficit for the U.S. We have made China more powerful economically and militarily, without seeing a move towards democracy, or any significant improvement towards those inalienable rights for it's people. Our trade policy has helped make China's growing military a threat to the stability of the region as well as a threat to the U.S.

In response to 9/11, President Bush ordered Operation Enduring Freedom. The objectives were to bring down the Taliban, capture or kill those responsible for the terrorist attacks on our country, and prevent Afghanistan from being a future sanctuary for terrorists.

In addition, President Bush announced a "War On Terror". To that end the President said, " We will starve the terrorists." A reference to going after the funding of terrorist groups and organizations.

However, President Bush and Condoleezza Rice have been Rewarding Palestinian Terror via the Palestinian Authority to the tune of $ millions of U.S. tax dollars. In addition, their pushing for a Palestinian state, if not halted by more responsible leaders, will result in the creation of a terrorist state.

The unstable consequence:

While U.S. soldiers fight against terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. tax dollars are helping to fund and promote terrorism via the Palestinian Authority.

We need a "single minded" policy on trade. And a "single minded" policy on fighting terror.

Elsewhere from the blogs: The Perfect Espionage Storm. China Is Killing Us-the Elephant blog.

Update 04/18/08: China Passes U.S. As Biggest Exporter-Times On Line

U.S. Funds Palestinian Terrorism-Terror Finance blog.


Gazans Who Danced In The Streets On 9/11-Working For Obama

In addition to having the support of the Electronic Intifada, the Rev. Louis Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam, Barak Obama also has the support of the Palestinians who danced in the streets on 9/11, and elected Hamas to a lanslide victory.

Hamas could not be in power in Gaza without the express consent, approval, and support of the Palestinian people. The most recent polls show an overwhelming majority of those folks favor terror over peace.

Recent reports also reveal that were new elections held in the Palestinian Authority, Abbas and his Fatah party would lose to Hamas. No big deal there, they are both basically the same. It' just that Hamas is less deceptive and tells it straight out that they want to destroy Israel. While Fatah, prefers a Phased Plan.

Now when the supporters of a major terrorist organization like Hamas are rooting and working for Obama, that should speak volumes to the American people of the danger of Obama, and the kind of "change" Muslim terrorists believe he will bring!

See Dennis Prager's article on what the Hamas Landslide Reveals.

They are very confident and enthusiastic that Obama will bring "change."

See an earlier post "The Obama Deception Continues."

Warning: The video below is from the infamous Aljazerra.

Gazans Working for Obama:

Also see Littlegreenfootballs and Jews Against Obama

Obama Was 'Quite' Religious In Islam-WND.

"The only Palestinian state that can come from Condoleezza Rice's zealotry will be a dagger pointed at the heart of Israel, a safe haven for terror, and a threat to the United States and other Western nations."- Frank Gaffney