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Islamic Terrorists Training Fighters In Mexico

200688hzzz51391586 Terror training camps in Mexico.

From investigative reporter Michael Webster: "Mexican drug cartels and terrorists are recruiting for more fighters to train as soldiers."

"Mexican drug cartels according to recent press reports have military style training camps on and near the border with the United States. These training camps are for military-style killers. Federal authorities say these camps have Afghanistan and other middle eastern instructors who teach the latest military fighting tactics that are utilized in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Islamic radicals that are fighting and killing American and allied troops in those countries."

"Iran is believed providing at least some of the money for this recruiting and training program. The training camps are teaching hit and run gorilla techniques. Cells of Foreign Terrorist Organizations [FTO] have sent their seasoned veterans to oversee the training of the new troops and to direct the war against the Mexican government on behalf of the Mexican cartels."

"Trained fighters from Al-Qaida, Hizballah [Party of God] Hamas [Islamic Resistence Movement] and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbial [ FARC] have been seen in Mexico and the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] has reported cells from these terrorist organizations are believed here in the U.S. as well. According to a well placed CIA operative."

You can click on the link above to read this report in it's entirety.

After reading this report, it called to mind a report from Memri :

The 'Lone Wolf' Theory and John Allen Muhammed:

An Al-Qaeda supporter, [jihadi Salafi], posted to an islamist forum his recommended guidelines for jihadists. You can go to Memri and read the whole thing, but here are some tidbits relative to the above:

"2. Personal appearance that does not reveal any connection with the Arab or the Islamic world. [ A command of Spanish is highly desirable...[ so that he can claim] to be of Hispanic origin...He must use a foreign name.]-Salafi

Get the picture?

Terror training camps in Mexico.

Islamic terrorists training Hispanics.

And more than likely Hispanics training Islamic terrorists in Spanish.

From elsewhere: Mexico and Hezbollah-Point Rider Republican

AL-Qaeda Nukes Already In U.S.-Joseph Farrah, WND.

Smuggled in by MS-13 and organized crime.


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