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Taking Walter Isaacson To Task

Isaacson300dpi_2 Walter Isaacson is a co-chair of the U.S. Palestinian Public-Private Partnership, which has been previously written about. Isaacson is also the President and CEO of Aspen Institute, which serves to help facilitate the USPPP.

Early last March, Isaacson wrote an article published in the Washington Post entitled," Let's Help The Good Guys In The West Bank."

This blog post is a rebuttal to that article.

Two things Mr. Isaacson:

First, it's not the West Bank, it's Judea and Samaria.

Secondly, the folks that you want to help ,aint good guys anymore than Hamas.

Mr. Isaacson began his article with the following statement:

"The rocket attacks on Israel launched by Hamas militants in Gaza, coupled with Israel's retaliation, have disrupted peace talks between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. This is a great victory for the radicals in Hamas, who never wanted such talks. While visiting the region this week, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is trying to remind everyone that the real goal is to weaken Hamas."-Isaacson

In the above statement Mr. Isaacson seems to make the mistake of moral equivalency between Islamic terror attacks against Israel, and Israel's counter-terror measures to defend herself. Referring to counter-terrorism operations as "retaliation".

This is in line with the MSM's use of such phrases as "tit for tat", or "cycle of violence". As it would be highly inappropriate to describe our U.S. fight with Al-Qaeda Islamofascists as a "cycle of violence", so it is equally inappropriate to describe Israel's fight in those terms as well. The same "War on [Islamic] Terror" America fights , is the same war our ally Israel fights.

Additionally, it was Mahmoud Abbas who initially "disrupted" those talks himself to protest Israel's counter-terrorism offensive in Gaza. Israel's counter-terrorism operations do not "disrupt" peace or peace talks. Hamas achieves a victory when counter-terrorism operations are "disrupted" because of political pressure on Israel. And that strenghthens Hamas.

Hamas doesn't want the talks because they are more publically honest than Fatah. They say it straight out, they want to destroy Israel, while Abbas, Fayyad, and Fatah prefer a Phased Plan.

Now if Abbas was committed to peace and confronting terrorism as President Bush, Condi Rice, Walter Isaacson and others like to portray him as,if the goal is to weaken Hamas, then neither Abbas nor Rice would want to do anything to "disrupt" Israel's counter-terrorism operations to that end. As it was, Israel withdrew forces from Gaza coinciding with Rice's visit. This action no doubt served to help Hamas not weaken Hamas.

Earlier this year, Abbas lashed out against an Israeli counter-terrorism operation,-from LGF

Isaacson continued:

"We have a perfect opportunity--which will probably last no more than a year if it's not energetically nurtured--to show Palestinians that supporting moderates such as Fayyad, rather than the radicals of Hamas, can pay off by producing prosperity and peace."

They don't want prosperity and peace. If they did, they would have been living in peace with Israel the past 60 years. Their constant waging war and terrorism against Israel is driven by their Islamic ideology. Isaacson needs to read the blog post by Old Neocon," So That's Why The Muslims Hate The Jews So.

There was also an interesting part of that statement by Isaacson. An opportunity -"that will probably last no more than a year". What is Isaacson making referrence to here? He doesn't say. Perhaps he has in mind the next Palestinian Parliamentary elections, in which Hamas may well be the victor once again. This time, in the Arab populated areas of Judea and Samaria.

"And the State Dept. has set up a U.S. Palestinian Partnership, which I chair, designed to coordinate government and private-sector efforts to provide job opportunities, youth training centers and buisness investment."

"The youth centers are being built by the U.S. Agency for International Development and will be run by Fayyad's impressive minister of youth, Tahini Abu Daqqa. She took members of our partnership to Hebron last month to inspect the site of one of these centers, and the young people there spoke of their eagerness for technology training and Internet access."-Isaacson

Did you mention Hebron? Students at the Palestine Tech Inst. in Hebron gave Hamas a sweeping victory in their student elections. Did you mention technology training and internet access? Nothing like providing them with the skills and expertise they need for "cyber jihad". See a related post below: American University Has "Partnership" With Pro-Hamas University."

Mr. Isaacson also discusses the upcoming Palestine Investment Conference which will be dealt with in a separate post. Suffice it to say that as long as Abbas, Fatah, and the Palestinian Authority continue to promote and foster anti -America, anti-Israel hatred in there official Palestinian Authority media, as long as they refuse the right of Israel to exist as the Jewish State of Israel, the Palestine Investment Conference should be boycotted by every responsible buisness man and company in the world.

Isaacson concluded his article with this :

"Freer movement and access could lead to more investment and economic opportunities, which would help shore up the forces of moderation and peace that now prevail in the West Bank."- Again Mr. Isaacson, it's Judea and Samaria.

Rather freer movement and access for terrorists. The only reason there is any degree of stability in Judea and Samaria is because of the presence of the IDF and Jewish towns.

Mr. Isaacson, if you really would like to help the situation, use your talents and resources to be a blessing and a support for our ally Israel, still the apple of God's eye. Use your resources at the Aspen Institute to support the Israel Initative-The Right Road To Peace.


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