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UN Human Rights Council: An Absurd Organization Beyond Repair

The UN Human Rights Council is "beyond repair."

Those were the words used by U.S. Rep. Ros-Lehtinen in response to today's election of members to the UNHRC.

"The election of Pakistan and Bahrain to the UN Human Rights Council again demonstrates that abiding by conventional standards of human rights is by no means a prerequisite for holding a seat on the Counil."

"The results of today's election further means that the Organization of the Islamic Conference has tightened it's grip on the Council, and will continue to push through anti-Israel resolutions, sanction the oppression of free speech through the guise of anti-defamation resolutions, and give freedom to brutal regimes in Uzbekistan, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo."

"As the newly elected members join repressive regimes such as Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and China on the Council, it becomes ever clearer that the UN's human rights infrastructure is beyond repair. The United States is correct in distancing itself from this absurd organization by refusing membership and withholding funds for it's support."-U.S. Rep Ros-Lehtineh.

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