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North Korea Removed From Terror Watch List-What?

The Administration is making yet another stunning move.

Officially removing North Korea from the terror watch list.

And just in the wake of Israel's having to "take out" a nuclear site in Syria.

A North Korean nuclear site in the terror state of Syria at that.

This goes along really good with the U.S. State Dept.'s move to remove China from the "Worst Human Rights Abuser" list recently.

These are the kind of moves that one can only tilt their head back and say, "What?"

North Korea-The Terror of Silence:



A "Republican" That Republicans Should Not Support

Rima Barakat-Sinclair is running as a Republican for a seat in the Colorado State Legislature.

She is also a Muslim activist who hates Israel.

In 2003, she visited Ramallah as part of an "interfaith" delegation.

She was star struck to meet Arafat.

"Just as Barakat-Sinclair places no limits on the lies she is willing to tell about Israel, so is she prepared to go to any lengths to avoid criticizing Islamic terrorists."-John Perazzo

This is one Republican that Mike Huckabee, nor Hucpac, should support.

Read the full scoop at Frontpagemag.

Israel At 60: On The Washington Mall

On Sunday, the first of June this month, thousands of supporters and friends of Israel gathered on the Washington Mall in DC for "Israel At 60: A Capital Celebration."

The event included music, lectures, and many, many exhibits and displays.

"Amerisrael" was there as well. Here are a few photos.

Below, Israel's ambassador to the U.S. addresses the crowd:


Tent shelters were set up to accomodate lectures and exhibits. Many other displays adorned the open mall area as well:



Popular Israeli group Mashina performs below:


A look down the street towards the Capital building:


Condi Rice Continues Her "Jihad" Against Israel

250rice_reu Once again Condi Rice is in Israel.

This must be the ump-teenth time this year alone.

Once again Rice is putting the screws to Israel. She has an agenda.

There is no doubt that Condi Rice takes the side of the Islamofascists against Israel.

An aide to Abbas said, " The United States should exert real pressure on Israel and not just make statements. That's what we'll ask for from Secretary Rice."

And Condi Rice is there to do just that. Rice is quoted as saying :

" I am very concerned that at a time when we need to build confidence between the parties the continued building and settlement activity has a potential to harm the negotiations going forward."

That statement reflects a fundamental deep denial on the part of Rice.

First, Israel has a right to build anywhere in Jerusalem or Judea and Samaria. Its their land, Miss Rice. And there is something that you need to understand:

It was the Muslims who invaded and conducted an "occupation" of the broader Middle East in the 7th century. This is how the Arab Muslims came to be there. In June of 1967, this land was no longer under "occupation", but returned to Israel.

Official U.S. policy toward Israel should reflect that.

Rice further said:

" Unfortunately, there have been a few [ building plans], whether I'm coming or not. Look it's a problem, and it's a problem we're going to address with the Israelis."

"This is obviously a roadmap obligation that is not being met."

What the "problem" is Miss Rice, is your taking the side of the Islamists and underming our ally Israel in this global conflict with the Islamists.

Aside from the fact that Rice is liberal on abortion, this is another reason why I could never vote for her for any public office.

From elsewhere:

The Myth Of Settlements-Flame

Yoni The Blogger says, "Miss Rice tell the truth for once" and "stop trying to create a terrorist state in my land."

Update 06/16/08- Condi's church [ Presbyterian USA ], issues new biased statement against Israel.



Virginia - Saudi Islamic Academy Textbooks Teach Violence

Textbooks from the Saudi Islamic Academy in northern Virginia have been obtained by the U.S. Commision on International Religious Freedom ,[USCIRF], from independent sources.

The textbooks are for the current school year and contain many passages that promote hate and violence against both Muslims and non-Muslims. The full report of the USCIRF on these textbooks and numerous excerpts from them can be read here-via IPT.

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, who was arrested and indicted for plotting against the President, is a recent graduate from this same Saudi Islamic Academy.

What is also troubling is the manner in which the U.S. State Dept. appears to be handling the matter of the Saudi textbooks:

"The Commision requested Saudi government textbooks repeatedly during and following its trip to Saudi Arabia in June 2007. Shortly after the Commision raised the issue publicly, the Saudi government turned over textbooks used at the ISA to the State Dept., but as of this writing, the Department has not made them available either to the public or to the Commision, nor has it released any statement about the content of the books it recieved. Nevertheless, although it was unable to obtain the entire collection, the Commision managed to acquire and review 17 ISA textbooks in use during this school year from other, independent sources, including a Congressional office."

From elsewhere:

What Virginia's Saudi Islamic Academy Doesn't Want You To Know- Pajamas Media

Update 6/15/08- Littlegreenfootballs has an update. It seems the State Dept. will take no action to close the Saudi Islamic Academy in Va., despite calls to do so.



Tim Kaine For VP? A Logical Choice For Obama

Recent news has it that Virginia Govenor Tim Kaine may be on Obama's short list for his VP running mate. Kaine did the expected "playing it down" when asked about it by Fox New's Chris Wallace.

However, Kaine would be a logical choice for Obama.

Last year Govenor Kaine had appointed Dr. Esam Omeish, president of the Muslim American Society, to the Virginia Commision on Immigration.

According to the report at the Investigative Project On Terrorism, the Muslim American Society has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood which seeks to re-establish an Islamic state governed by Sharia law that would eventually cover the entire world.

A media firestorm erupted when the public learned of videos in which Omeish denounced Israel's counter-terrorism offensive in Lebanon against Hizbullah, and told a crowd of Muslim activists in DC:

"...you have learned the way, that you have known, that the jihad way is the way to liberate your land."

Littlegreenfootballs and counter-terrorism expert Steven Emerson initially got the ball rolling to inform the public:

" Kaine became aware of Omeish's rhetoric on WRVA radio in Richmond when a caller had read about Omeish at the web site Littlegreenfootballs..."

In May of 2007, Governor Kaine gave the keynote speech at a Muslim American Society dinner event:


Governor Tim Kaine, Muslim America Society event--Center For Vigilant Freedom

Governor Kaine initially did not respond to efforts by Delegate Todd Gilbert to alert him on the matter of Omeish. It was only after the media firestorm erupted that forced Kaine to act.

Virginia Democrats Look The Other Way On Radical Islamists In Exchange For Votes-from the office of Delegate Todd Gilbert:

Woodstock—Virginia Delegate C. Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah) today revealed the existence of more internet videos and photos that illustrate the dangerous liaisons that top Virginia Democrats, including Governor Timothy M. Kaine, are having with prominent radical Islamists in an effort to reach out to new Democrat voters."-click on the link above to read more.

In the IPT video clip below, Omeish praises suicide bombers: