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Have always enjoyed watching the "Special Report" with Brit Hume on Fox.

Even though during the Republican primarys he and his co-horts Fred Barnes and Krauthammer oozed with biased hostility towards Mike Huckabee. Their fondness for Romney has always been apparent.

Last night, 07/24/08, on the Special Report, Brit Hume did an excellent job reporting on how the infamous "Al-Jazzera" is portraying the notorious terrorist murderer Samir Kuntar as a "hero."

Kuntar murdered an un-armed Israeli civilian father in front of his four year old child. Shooting him point blank. Kuntar then took his rifle butt and smashed the skull of the innocent four-year old child against a rock.

Brit Hume accurately reported on Al-Jazzera's portrayal of Kuntar as a "hero."

However, in the same report, Brit Hume failed to mention that Mahmoud Abbas and the so-called "moderates" of the Palestinian Authority also heaped praise upon Kuntar as a "hero."

Abbas himself sent personal congradulations and greetings to the family of Samir Kuntar upon his release.

The so-called "moderate" Fatah party of Mahmoud Abbas staged a rally and celebration in support of Kuntar and the other released Hizbullah terrorists.

They also demonstrated in support of the President of Sudan who was recently charged in the Hague with perpetrating genocide.

The so-called "moderates" of Abbas's Fatah party that Condi Rice and others like to spend $millions upon millions of U.S. tax dollars on as a "peace" partner for Israel, were passing out candy in the streets of Arab areas in the West Bank, [Judea and Samaria], demonstrating in support of Hizbullah and the freed terrorists. And praising Kuntar as a "hero."

But there was no mention of this in Brit Hume's segment on Kuntar.

For certain, Brit Hume, as resourceful as he must be in gathering news from all the important sources, must have also known of this. Especially if he had seen this JPost report.

I would suspect that Fox, as preferable as it is to other cable news, is too tied in with the Washington Republican establishment. In the State Dept., as well as the Administration.

That being the case they are reluctant to do any reporting that exposes Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party as other than the "moderate peace partner" the Administration falsely portrays them as.

And thats not all:

To date I have not seen any reporting on Fox about the $ millions of U.S. tax dollars that are being thrown down that financial sinkhole called the Palestinian Authority. And how this actually serves to foster and promote terrorism. Not to mention U.S. arms and equipment in the hands of Fatah. Of which the Al-Aqsa terrorists openly serve in it's ranks.

No, I do not believe any of this will be covered by Fox or any of the other MSM cable news.


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