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Rice Pressing Israel : Gustav Pressing U.S.

Condi Rice was in Israel this week for the umpteenth time this year alone.

Pressing Israel to engage in the false delusion of "Roadmap" appeasement.

It was hypocritical of President Bush to make a speech in Jerusalem on the danger of the false delusion of appeasement policies, and then pressure Israel to do just that:

"Engage in the false delusion of Roadmap appeasement.

Aaron Klein of WND reports that Rice has been pressuring Israel to sign an agreement with the Islamists that would split apart Israel's capital city of Jerusalem, and hand over virtually all of Judea and Samaria for an Islamist state on Israel's land.

Which of course will be used as a terror base against Israel and the West.

In a possible related development, a new "disaster of Biblical proportions" could be making it's way to our coasts.

"Gustav" is now a category four hurricane and headed straight for us. 

Marcel at A Very Heavy Stone blog writes the following:

"This past week as Secretary Rice was in Jerusalem pressuring Israel to divide Jerusalem for the President's Palestinian state agenda, Gustav was birthed in the Carribean." Read the rest at his blog.

We should take note of the following:

August 16th-22nd 2005----thousands of Israelis forcefully uprooted and expelled from their homes and land in Gaza and northern Samaria.

In large part, because of U.S. pressure with the "Roadmap."

August 29th 2005, seven days later:

Thousands of Americans uprooted and expelled from their homes and land by an Act of God called "Katrina."

A pastor writes the following:

"Several days prior to September 11, 2001, violent terrorists rocked Israel. I remember watching the weeping Jewish mothers and fathers carrying the bodies of their children on the news. Innocent children were literally blown apart simply because they were Jews. During this time the American administration forbid and threatened Israel with financial bribery if they retaliated. That Sunday on September 9, 2001, I remarked to the church, if America keeps this hostile attitude toward Israel, America will suffer a major terrorist attack. Little did I realize, in two days America would suffer the greatest single terrorist attack in history. . .

Make no mistake about it – God has chosen the nation of Israel as His people. Whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or not – God’s hand, both for His pleasure and His purpose, rests on the small nation of Israel."

For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.
Deuteronomy 7:6

For the LORD hath chosen Jacob unto himself, and Israel for his peculiar treasure.
Psalm 135:4


"For he commands, and raises the stormy winds, which lift up the waves"-Ps.107:25

"Fire, and hail; snow, and vapour; stormy wind fufilling his word."-Ps.148:8

There is a "boss" over the forces of nature, and it isn't mother nature.

What do you think?

Dishonoring God's Covenant-Dividing The Land-Chris Mitchel,-CBN

Sarah Palin: The "Wisest Catch" For John McCain

Palin-1 Sarah Palin may be the "wisest catch" for John McCain, and the "deadliest" opponent of moonbat liberals.

Palin is extremely popular in Alaska where she is governor.

And did I mention that she's hot? Hot on the firing range!

Her conservative bonafides are impeccable, and from what I've read so far she is a staunch supporter of Israel.

In addition, Juneau Christian Center, a church that Palin sometimes attends, [ not a home church as I previously wrote], is scheduled to hold a "Night To Honor Israel", in March of next year.

The Night To Honor Israel events are held in conjuntion with Christians United For Israel.

Sarah's bonafides:

  1. Strongly pro-life.
  2. Strongly pro-energy independence.
  3. Strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights.
  4. Strong fiscal conservative.
  5. Strongly supports our military.
  6. Supports drilling here and now.
  7. Strong supporter of Israel.

I feel that "enthusiasm" starting to take hold!

Michelle Malkin's enthusiasm is evident:

"I'm very, very impressed."

James Dobson is impressed enough that he says he will now pull the lever for McCain.

Blogging about Sarah Palin on Israel, Yid With Lid had this from the Republican Jewish Coalition:

"The Jewish community should be very excited that Sarah was selected. She has been very conscious of the Jewish community here in Alaska and now with the opportunity of her new position, she'll have the opportunity to look at the Jewish community globally," said Alaskan Republican Jewish Coalition member Terry Gorlick, who knows Palin well and has worked with her on several issues.

"Sarah's absolutely pro-Israel," he said, referring to conversations with her and comments she's made about Israel's security and its importance to the United States. He noted that as governor she signed a resolution honoring Israel for its 60th birthday. "

All over the blogospere conservatives are generally very pleased with McCain's VP pick:

See what Atlas Shrugs says.

Conservative Central says "Hot Damn!"

Iris blog says- Palin May Be Israel's Best Friend Ever:

"I'm going to go out on a limb here an hour before Sarah Palin's convention speech with a specullative contrarian prediction. Sarah Palin will be Israel's best friend since the founding of the state."

Iris blog also made a prediction that Palin's speech to the convention would be wildly successful. That prediction certainly came true.

In fact, a recent poll by Rassmussen now says Palin is more popular than either McCain or Obama.

Let's face it. if McCain had picked Huck, that would have angered some conservatives. If he had picked Romney, other conservatives, such as myself, would not have supported that ticket.

I think McCain made a very smart move. Folks, we have got to unify, we must stop Obama. He will bring higher taxes, appoint far left liberal judges, and make decisions in policies harmful to America.

Video of Feb. 2008 interview with Palin below:

Vice President Sarah Palin:

World Leaders Provided Russia With Perfect Pretext: Kosovo

President Bush is angry over Russia's recognizing the breakaway provinces of Georgia as independent.

However, it was President Bush and other world leaders that provided Russia with the perfect pretext: Kosovo. Which Russia is exploiting. An earlier post details it all here. Photo below from stormfront:


Kosovo has long been a part of Serbia. Serbs once constituted a solid majority in Kosovo. But defeat by the Ottoman Muslims in 1389, part of the spread of Islam by the sword, other wars, the influx of Albanian Muslims during WWII, Muslim persecution, and of course NATO bombing, has greatly changed the demographics. However, Serbs still live throughout Kosovo. Although mainly concentrated in the northern and southern areas.

Excellent background material on the history here. Very in depth and long article. Also see "Offensive in the Balkans" by Yoseff Bodansky, former director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare for the U.S. House of Representatives.


The Historical Truth About Kosovo / Serbs

Michael Savage is certainly a very controversial radio pundit. And has certainly made some needless stupid remarks that have put him in hot water with conservatives. Especially if the conservative, [or liberal], happens to be the parent of an autistic child.

But on Kosovo he has it right.

In addition, for some background on what really happened in the Balkans, and the NATO intervention on the side of the Islamists, read this document by Yoseff Bodansky. It is eye opening.

For those not familiar, Bodansky is the former director of the Congressional Task Force On Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare for the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Historical Truth About Kosovo / Serbs:

Iran Could Have A Nuke In Four Months

In late June Mohamed ElBaradei, of the IAEA, said in an interview with Al-Arabiya that Iran could have a nuke in six months.

That was nearly two months ago.

Which of course now means that Iran could have a nuclear weapon in as little as four months!

Read this important post from Vital Perspective. Published in 2006:

"Iran has received its first batch of North Korean-made surface-to-surface missiles that put European countries within firing range, Israel's military intelligence chief said in an interview published Thursday. The BM-25 missiles, which are capable of carrying nuclear warheads, have a range of 1,550 miles - a significant jump from Iran's current Shahab-3, with an original range of 745 miles and a recently improved range of range of 1,300 miles."

Time is getting shorter.

The military option has been virtually taken off the table. The Whitehouse just recently turned down a request by Israel to buy refueling aircraft,over speculation that Israel was planning an imminent action of it's own.

Critics of a premptive strike are concerned with Iranian retaliation that could interfere with the supply of oil and result in much higher prices. Not to mention that Iran would almost certainly unleash their terrorist proxys inside Iraq. As well as their Hizbullah and Hamas proxys in Lebanon and Gaza respectively. Then there are those "sleeper cells" in the West that could be activated.

All of these are very valid concerns. In the short term there are no "good options" available.

But the consequences of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon will be worse than the consequences of a preemptive military action to prevent it.

The graphic below from Vital Perspective shows Iran's old missile range. That range has now been extended even further.



Kosovo Independence Nothing But Trouble-Walesa

Lech Walesa, the former leader of the Solidarity movement that helped bring Poland out of communism has spoken out on the danger of Kosovo Independence:

"Recognizing Kosovo will bring nothing but trouble. No one can be denied the right to self-determination, but only within the bounds of common sense."

Walesa also charged Kosovo Islamic separatists of irresponsible behavior in that two thirds of Serbs have been driven out and those remaining have been forced into ghettos while hundreds of churches have been destroyed.

Kosovo was "with its irresponsible behavior, causing new divisions in Europe and globally and undermining international relations," Walesa said

Earlier Walesa voiced his support for the U.S. Missile Shield in Poland:

"I have always supported the shield in Poland. I'm glad that the thing is finalised now. There are so many weapons on the planet that the Earth could be destroyed 10 times over."

Think about what could happen if the jihadist Ayatollahs in Iran are successful in getting a nuke. And that could happen in five months.

Julia Gorin of Republican Riot weighs in on how the irresponsible actions of NATO, and the International Community, provided the Kremlin with the perfect pretext for Russia's actions in Georgia, with her response to Monica Crowley.

Gorin cited this Munich-Analogy from Crowley:

"When Nazi Germany seized control of Czechoslovakia in 1938, appeaser extraordinaire Neville Chamberlain referred to it as “a faraway country of which we know little.”

The Nazi invasion was based on the simple and reasonable enough-sounding pretext that ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland wanted to be annexed to the Fatherland. Hitler’s invasion of that small, seemingly insignificant country led, of course, to total war in Europe and a global conflict that cost 100 million lives. All because the Western democracies didn’t see—or didn’t want to see—the unsatiable appetites of an expansionist power led by a coldly calculating mass murderer."-Crowley.

"...the unsatiable appetites of an expansionist power led by a coldly calculating mass murderer."-Crowley

Gorin correctly responds:

"The insatiable appetites of an expansionist power are those of an expansionist Islam, which early on set its sights on the Balkans. And the West has been helping secure that prize for it. The “faraway country of which we know little” was Yugoslavia, and the Munich analogy culminated in a faraway province of which we know little, called Kosovo. In Kosovo, the Albanian-wrought NATO invasion was based on the simple and reasonable enough-sounding pretext that ethnic Albanians in Kosovo wanted to be annexed to the Fatherland (something that Albanians have made no secret of despite our leaders’ denials and decoy reasons for our support of a policy driven by the threat of violence)."

Indeed, the Kremlin  wasted no time in availing itself of the perfect pretext accorded it by NATO's wrong actions. The Russian ambassador to NATO made the following statements:

"One cannot at the same time recognize Kosovo's independence from Serbia and reiterate that Georgia's territorial integrity must be respected as regards South Ossetia and Abkhazia", he said.

"If one recognizes Serbia's territorial integrity in Kosovo, he should better keep silent on Georgia's territorial integrity", the Russian ambassador said.

"One cannot act as if nothing happened in South Ossetia - bombing of civilian population, massacres of minorities and murders of Russian peacekeepers committed by the Tbilisi authorities ...On the other hand, what NATO did in Yugoslavia, including killing civilians, destroying bridges on the Danube and TV stations in Belgrade, denies it the right to criticize Russia for any present or future actions".

Bottom line:

Russia's aggression in Georgia is wrong. But the irresponsible and wrong actions of NATO and the International Community in Kosovo and Serbia helped provide Russia with a convienient pretext. Which they are certainly exploiting.

Julia Gorin is right, "We are all Serbians now."

Support Free Speech In The U.S.

Cross posted from the Terror Finance Blog.

According to information at house.gov. the last major action on this bill was in June when it was referred to Committee. Congress is in recess now, but their office can still be contacted.

Support Free Speech in the U.S.

By Ilan Weinglass

As many readers may know, The Free Speech Protection Act, is currently being considered by the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.  The Act is essentially a federal version of New York State's "Libel Terrorism Protection Act," aka "Rachel's Law," designed to protect U.S. authors from superfluous, though legally enforceable, lawsuits in foreign jurisdictions.   For those wishing to make a difference, a sample letter for a Congressman or Senator may be found here.

It is vitally important that this law pass, as Khalid bin Mahfouz and others have been using the rather absurd British libel laws to chill research into Saudi funding of terrorism and extremism.

Obama Flunks Saddleback

This was the big night in which John McCain and Barack Obama appeared at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church.

In a conservative Christian Evangelical setting, it wasn't long before Obama flunked out:

Warren: "When does a baby have human rights?"

Obama: "Thats above my pay grade."

Same question to McCain by Warren:

McCain: "At conception."

McCain's answer hit a home run. Obama obviously flunked that most important question for these value voters.

Concerning Warren's question about evil in the world, Obama referenced the genocide in Darfur, a father abusing his children, and a vague general answer about evil in the streets of America.

McCain's answer was to put a name on evil: Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. There were certainly a lot more names that could have been added. For example Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic jihad, Fatah, Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollahs of Iran.

What is interesting about Obama's answer is that in referencing Darfur, he didn't put a name on it . He didn't say the genocide was the result of Islamofascist jihad.

The President of Sudan was indicted not too long ago. And of course the Organization of the Islamic Conference came to his defense and denounced the indictment.

Atlas Shrugs weighs in on Obama's take on Supreme Court judges. How he would not have voted for the confirmation of Clarence Thomas.

Thomas I think is one of the best, as well as Scalia.

American Thinker has a detailed analysis of the Saddleback forum here.

Important! Please take a moment to sign this Petition to John McCain for a townhall meeting to discuss a new U.S./Israel policy. John McCain should formally embrace the Israeli Initative as a more viable and realistic alternative to the current "Roadmap." Thanks.


Mexico Soldiers Commiting Acts of War Against U.S.!

Mexican soldiers trespassed the border into the U.S. and held a U.S. border patrol agent at gunpoint.

The Mexican soldiers returned across the border back into Mexico when other U.S. border patrol agents came to assist.

According to the Washington Times report:

"Unfortunately, this sort of behavior by Mexican military personnel has been going on for years," union Local 2544 of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) said on its Web page. "They are never held accountable, and the United States government will undoubtedly brush this off as another case of 'Oh well, they didn't know they were in the United States."

President Bush has said the Administration will not militarize the border in an effort to secure the border and stop illegal entry.

In fact, just recently National Guard troops on duty at the border to assist border patrol agents were withdrawn.

However, it would seem that Mexico has militarized their side of the border, to some extent. Or else Mexican soldiers would not be there.

Unfortunately, there purpose there seems to be other than actual border enforcement on their side. There are reports that they have been involved with drug smuggling.

Lou Dobbs weighs in:


British MP Crispin Blunt: "Dhimmi" Dimwit Of The Month

GRAPHIC%5CPORTRAIT%5Cportrait-crispinblunt-2005 At left, a photo of British MP Crispin Blunt. Who earns the award for "Dhimmi Dimwit" of the month.

Crispin is a British parliament member who co-chairs CAABU:

CAABU is the "Council For The Advancement of Arab-British Understanding."

It should rather be called " Council For The Advancement of British Dhimmitude."

The best way to describe this group is to say that it disseminates Islamist propaganda on a variety of issues. Is anti-America, anti-West, and anti-Israel.

A commenter on Robert Spencer's blog Jihad Watch described CAABU this way:

"In reality, it's a pro-Palestinian, pro-Islam lobby group, very well-connected in media and political circles, with particularly strong ties to anti-Israel elements on the British Left. It has helped organise boycotts of Israeli goods, and is a regular and virulent defender of Hamas and other Pally terror groups in the UK press." -Matamoros, Feb. 2008

The particular post on Jihad Watch in which the above comment appeared is here.

Harry Cummings lost his job as a civil servant with the British Council due to complaints about his articles in the Telegraph on confronting the dangers posed by the increasing Islamazation of Britain. Here is a link to one of those articles:

The Tories Must Confront Islam Instead Of Kowtowing To It-Cummings

A CAABU director posted a statement on it's website attacking Cummings for speaking out. As well as criticising Rod Liddle for writing a defense of Cummings.

Back to Crispin:

Crispin wrote the British Foriegn Office minister Kim Howells complaining about the invitation of three members of the Israeli Yesha Council to a celebration of the Queen's birthday held at the British Ambassador's residence.

For those not familiar, the Yesha Council represents Israelis who live in areas in Judea and Samaria beyond the '67 borders.

Crispin's complaint was that inviting the Yesha members to official events sent the wrong signal:

"Entertaining the pioneers of this colonization movement has certainly given the strong impression that Britain tacitly endorses it or no longer objects to it."-Crispin

What a dimwit!

It was the Arab Muslims who invaded, "occupied", and "colonized" Israeli land as well as North Africa, Spain, and the broader Middle East in the 7th century.

Islam Spread By The Sword? You Bet-Spencer