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Religious Left Attacks Palin: Invites Ahmadinejad To Dinner

The liberal religious left is attacking and smearing Sarah Palin.

CMEP promoted a misleading website, christianzionism.org, with a false smear article against Mike Huckabee.

The site is misleading because instead of it being a Christian Zionist website, it is rather a site that attacks Christian support of Israel.

An authentic site on Christian zionism is here.

John Hubers, of the Reformed Church in America, a board member with CMEP [Churches For Middle East Peace], has also been heavily involved with the liberal misleading christianzionism.org website.

A bio for John Hubers obtained from a Huffington Post article states " He is the webmaster for christianzionism.org..." 

CMEP used to have a link to christianzionism.org on it's site. It is no longer there. My guess is that since CMEP is non-profit and has tax-exempt status, they are not supposed to have anything political in terms of preference of one candidate or another. So they removed the link to be on the safe side. Again, that's my speculation.

CMEP, promoted that misleading website, christianzionism.org, which engages in attacks against Republican conservative candidates they don't like. In the past they have attacked both John McCain and Mike Huckabee. Currently, at the time of this writing, they are attacking Sarah Palin.

Among those liberal church organizations that CMEP has in it's membership are the United Church of Christ. Obama's former church. The Episcopal Church,the Mennonite Central Committee,and the Reformed Church in America.

Guess who is inviting Ahmadinejad of Iran for talks and a dinner?

The Mennonite Central Committee and the World Council of Churches. 

Among other liberal church organizations who plan to attend is the Episcopal Church

Here is a link to an earlier write up on CMEP:

CMEP Promotes Website Making False Smear Against Huckabee


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