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Judea And Samaria Business Investment Campaign

Announcing the official launch of the "Judea and Samaria Business Investment Campaign".

What is the Judea and Samaria Business Investment Campaign?

Islamists and their "dhimmi" supporters are always pushing for "business divestment campaigns" against Israel. As well as boycotts.

This will be a campaign to counter those tactics.

Hence-the name "Judea and Samaria Business Investment Campaign. 

A campaign to counter the Islamist "divestment campaign" against Israel.

The Judea and Samaria Business Investment Campaign was concieved of and founded by this blogger in direct response to the politically motivated unfair and un-ethical "economic bias" against our Israeli friends and allies.

The idea is to directly combat against calls for anti-Israel boycotts of companies that do business in Israel. Especially Judea and Samaria which have experienced unfair and un-ethical discrimination by the European Union and other anti-Israel groups and organizations.

Just recently a Swedish company based in Samaria announced that it was relocating outside Judea and Samaria for political reasons. Due directly to pressure on the company by outside anti-Israel groups. The Church of Sweden among those groups.

Israel is an important ally who stands along side of us in the so-called "war on terror." This war did not begin on 9/11, but rather in the 7th century as a result of the Islamic military invasion, conquest, and "occupation" of the broader Middle East and North Africa.

In this regard Judea and Samaria, the heart of Israel's historic homeland and nation, stands as an important central front in the so-called "war on terror."

At the heart of the "economic jihad" against Israel stand two important elements that overlap each other:

  1. The increasing rise of antisemitism.
  2. The ongoing quest by Islamists to vanquish Israel and replace it with "Palestine."

The Islamist propaganda machine is always in full gear. Islamists have been successful in convincing much of the world that the victim, [Israel], is the villain. And the villain, [the Islamists], are the victims.

Islamists are very active on college campuses seeking, and to some extent, succeeding in indoctrinating the young with distorted views. This is one reason why Daniel Pipes founded Campus Watch

The false doctrine of Supercessionist / Replacement Theology has been at the root of much historic antisemitism and Israel bias.

This dangerous and false doctrine continues to be embraced by many in Europe and America. Giving rise to antisemitism and Israel bias. The influence of this doctrine can have a bearing on decisions of policy makers.

The Presbyterian U.S.A. denomination and the United Methodist Church have both entertained a "business divestment campaign" against Israel. To be sure an influence of Replacement Theology can be seen in this.

The Judea and Samaria Business Investment Campaign will encourage and promote activism to counter these tactics whether perpetrated by Islamists or misguided Christians.

Dubai's "Boycott Israel Shiek" Funded Bill Clinton-Newsmax

Antisemitism - Anti-Israel On Campuses-Isranet

Another key objective of the Judea and Samaria Business Investment Campaign will be to stand in full solidarity with our Israeli friends and allies living and working in Judea and Samaria.

One of the often used terms of propaganda as it relates to Judea and Samaria is the word "settlements." This gives the false notion of Israelis living in "thatched huts." That is hardly the case. The biased MSM uses the word "settlements" for cities and towns.

Read about the Ariel Deleopment Fund here:

"The Ariel Development Fund serves multiple purposes for the city of Ariel. It is first and foremost the fund-raising arm of the City of Ariel, which makes the organization aware of community needs and humanitarian projects.  ADF then finds financial support for these projects from abroad.  The organization focuses a great deal on immigrant absorption programs since the population of Ariel is 54%   immigrants.

Ariel is a growing city of 18,000.  Along with its sister organization, American Friends of Ariel located in Florida, ADF has been very successful in its efforts.  That stems from the fact that since its inception the Fund has developed personal relationships with people who care about Israel and focus on the City of Ariel." 

Be a part of the "Judea and Samaria Business Investment Campaign" by encouraging companies and businesses to stand fast with our Israeli friends and allies in Judea and Samaria in the face of the vicious "economic jihad" to pressure these companies to abandon Israel.

Israel's Newest Investment Market: Judea and Samaria-from the Judea and Samaria Chamber of Commerce

A Night To Honor Those Who Honor Israel-from Ariel

Join The Fight Against The "Economic" Jihad



Steamed! : Can't Find A Coffee Maker Made In America

Misc%20Coffee%20CupNothing is more upsetting than when the coffee maker stops working. Almost.

And nothing is more upsetting than that, - than not being able to find a reasonably priced coffee maker that is made in the U.S.A.

We are the most powerfull nation on the face of the earth. We have sent men to the moon and back. Hopefully we can still send some men to the moon, [ Harry Reid, Bill Maher, to name a few], without providing a return trip.

However, we can't buy a coffee maker not made-in-China that is reasonably priced!

As one might guess this has been my experience:

A visit to Walmart and other local stores in search of a "made-in-the-U.S.A." coffee maker proved very disappointing. Of the many different styles and brand names, only one was found that did not say "made-in-China" on the box. That particular coffee maker brand was Bunn.

Bunn is touted as being made in America. But on the box it merely said "assembled in the U.S." With a retail price of $ 99.00. Of course all the made-in-China coffee makers were around $20.00.

Were some of them assembled in slave-labor camps?

Crystal McMorris of Made In USA news had a similar experience. She decided to make the splurge and forked out $119.00 for one of those Bunn coffee makers. On the box of her Bunn coffee maker it read "assembled in Canada." She e-mailed Bunn as to where the parts were made. At the time of her writing Bunn had not responded.

At the time of this writing it's after hours so they can't be phoned. Have to wait till Monday.

The same level of frustration can also be experienced in trying to find a regular made-in-the-U.S.A wind up alarm clock.

A visit to stores in search of one only found battery-operated immitation alarm clocks - made in China.

A company called Westclox was well known for it's American made wind-up "Big Ben" alarm clocks. But in 2001 the owner declared bankruptcy and sold the Westclox name:

"In 2001, General Time [ owner of Westclox] declared bankruptcy and sold the name to Salton, Inc. Since then, the name "Big Ben" has been used on several reproduction models of clocks that were not Big Ben in the past. These reproductions may be identified by being battery operated and made in China."

All this is really infuriating!

I consider it patriotic to buy American whenever possible. When we buy products made in America, by American owned companys, we strenghthen our own economy and help keep Americans employed and making a living.

It has been said that every time we "fill-up" at the gas pump we transfer wealth to foreign Islamist countries that harbor deep anti-American, anti-Judeo/Christian sentiment. And provide money that the Saudis use to spread the doctrine of Wahabbist Islam in America and around the world. Not to mention how some of that oil-wealth has helped fund terrorism.

It could also be said that every time we buy products made-in-China we transfer wealth to that Communist nation and help make their military and economy more powerfull.

Our Congress [ Democrats and Republicans] have been guilty of the most irresponsible legislation with respect to trade with China.

What did China do to merit permanent "Most Favored Nation" status?

Or entry into the World Trade Organization?

This is what China is doing:

With the ominous threat of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon, China is blocking new sanctions.

They have aided and abetted the Islamist government of Sudan while genocide was being perpetrated by the Arab Islamist militias against southern Sudanese Christians.

They have engaged in cyber warfare against the U.S., hacking into Congressmen's computers:

"Mr. Wolf said the FBI had told him that computers of other House members and at least one House committee had been accessed by sources working from inside China. The Virginia Republican suggested that Senate computers could have been attacked as well.

He said the hacking of computers in his Capital Hill office began in August 2006, that he had known about it for a long time and that he had been discouraged from disclosing it by people in the U.S. government he refused to identify."

Persecution of Christians by the atheist communist government continues unabated.

Who can forget the Tiananmen massacre?

Time for serious overhaul of U.S. / China trade relations.

Made In America Products


Black Christians Set Aside Biblical Convictions To Support Obama

The Reverend Pat Robertson sent shockwaves through the media with his endorsement of Rudy Giuliani for president.

Shock and bewilderment due to the fact that for decades Robertson had long been known for his strong Biblical convictions on the issue of abortion and other social moral issues.

Rudy Giuliani holds views that are the antithesis of Robertson's on these issues.

That shockwave of bewilderment was felt the strongest among Robertson's fellow Christians.

No doubt due to reaction from 700 Club supporters and other Christians, The Christian Broadcasting Network felt the need to put up this statement:

CBN.com- "Pat Robertson as a private citizen has recently endorsed a candidate for public office. As a private citizen he has the right to participate in the political process, and is entitled to express his personal views. CBN, as a public charity, does not support or oppose any candidate for public office, and as a result will not address or comment further on this matter."

Randal Terry, the head of Operation Rescue, staged a protest at CBN.

Robertson made his endorsement of Giuliani in light of the dangerous threat from terrorism and his belief that Giuliani was best equipped to deal with this matter.

However, Robertson's endorsement of Guiliani on that one important issue came at the expense of a betrayal of his own personal Biblical convictions on a host of other issues of equal importance.

In fact, when it comes to American lives lost to terrorism, over 40 million American lives have been lost, [murdered], in the abortion clinics of America.

An overwhelming majority of Black Christians in America commit the same error as that of Pat Robertson "every" election:

Support for a candidate on some issues deemed important, at the expense of a betrayal of Biblical convictions on important issues such as abortion.

I can certainly understand the deep emotion and desire among Black Americans to see the election of the very first Black president of the U.S.

But given Obama's un-Biblical positions on Abortion and other social moral issues, he is not the candidate any Christian, white or black, should support.

When does a baby have human rights?

McCain's answer: "At conception."

God's answer: "Before I formed you in the belly of your mother, I knew you..."-Jeremiah 1:5

Our Declaration of Independence declares that we are endowed with "inalienable rights" from our Creator.

Obama's answer to that question was "That's above my pay grade."

Obama voted against legislation to outlaw partial-birth abortion. 

He also voted against the "Born Alive Infant's Protection Act."  

See also-:

Mainstreme Media Ignores Obama's Radical Abortion Record.

Why Black Christians Are Pro-Obama


How Much More "Change" Can America Handle?

How much more "change" can you stomach?

Recieved the following by E-mail, pass it on.

7 1/2 Years of George Bush


George Bush has been in office for 7 1/2 years.  The first six the economy was fine.

A little over one year ago
    1) Consumer confidence stood at a 2 1/2 year high; 
    2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon; 
    3) the unemployment rate was 4.5%. 
    4) the DOW JONES hit a record high--14,000 +  
    5) American's were buying new cars,taking cruises,vacations overseas,living         large!... 
But American's wanted 'CHANGE'!  So, in 2006 they voted in a Democratic Congress and yes--we got 'CHANGE' all right. In the PAST YEAR:  

    1) Consumer confidence has plummeted ; 
    2) Gasoline is now over $4 a gallon & climbing!;
    3) Unemployment is up to 5.5% (a 10% increase); < /SPAN>

    4) Americans have seen their home equity drop by

        $12 TRILLION  DOLLARS and prices still dropping;
    5) 1% of American homes are in foreclosure.
    6) as I write, THE DOW is probing another low~~


YES, IN 2006










Vote wisely my friends, vote wisely...


That Does Not Compute: Lifting Sanctions On Syria

2006-8-8-hzzz51391586 Having talks with Syria without preconditions is "appeasement."

Lifting sanctions on Syria without fulfilled preconditions is worse than appeasement, it is aiding and abetting a state sponsor of terror.

And yet that is just what President Bush and Condi Rice may be up to if this report is correct.

Nevermind that Islamist terrorist organizations operate within Syria's borders with that dictatorship's blessing.

Both Syria and Iran have been helping the Hezbollah terrorists to rearm and supply.

This week a top Israeli general issued a stern warning to both Hezbollah and Syria if Israel should be attacked.

Now this can have implications for the U.S. presidential campaign.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have hammered Obama for his statement that he would be willing to sit down and talk with Ahmadinejad without preconditions, and rightly so.

If the report is true, that that the Administration is considering lifting sanctions on Syria, then in the words of Will Robinson's robot:

"That does not compute."



Nightmare On Obama Street


"We like Mr. Obama and we hope that he will win the election."-Hamas


Hatem El Hady, former fundraiser for Kindhearts Charity which was shut down for raising funds for Hamas, supports Obama.


Obama "paling around" with Edward Said, notorious PLO propagandizer.


Esam Omeish, president of Muslim American Society which has historical ties to Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist organization, supports, and has been a financial contributor to the Obama campaign.

Please see an earlier post for more detail: 

Why Do These Islamists Want Obama To Be President?



Palin Disappoints With Two-State Solution Support

Sarah Palin did a great job in Thursday night's Vice presidential debate.

However, her statement of support for the two-state non-solution "Roadmap" appeasement policy is deeply troubling and disturbing.

It is also deeply troubling and disturbing that President Bush would make a speech in Jerusalem warning of the dangers of the "false delusion of appeasement policies", while at the same time pressuring Israel to do just that:

Engage in the false delusion of the two-state non-solution "Roadmap" appeasement policy. A more viable and realistic peace plan would be the "Israeli Initative."

Up to now Sarah Palin has seemed to be a true Washington "outsider." But unless her statement of support for the two-state solution is the same as Mike Huckabee's, then she has signed on to the false delusion of the "Roadmap" appeasement policy that the current Washington establishment, along with the Quartet, is ramming down the throat of the Israeli people.

The folks in Israel are reacting very angry about this. Read the comments made by Israelis in the "talkback" section in an article at JPost.

Her statements have also come as a major disappointment to Christian supporters of Israel as well. See here and here.

This is serious. It could cost McCain valuable votes! And that would be tragic.

Many Republican Christian voters, also big supporters of Israel, who were'nt to thrilled about voting for McCain anyway, could be disillusioned and vote "none of the above." The same way Joe Farah of WorldNetdaily is voting.

Remember, many of these voters vote according to conviction, not according to the "lesser of two evils."

Many would rather vote "none of the above" than elect an Administration that will continue the current Administration's policy of pushing for a Palestinian Muslim state on Israel's own land of Judea and Samaria.

See Palin's statements from the debate below:

PALIN: "A two-state solution is the solution. And Secretary Rice, having recently met with leaders on one side or the other there, also, still in these waning days of the Bush administration, trying to forge that peace, and that needs to be done, and that will be top of an agenda item, also, under a McCain-Palin administration."

Memo to McCain/Palin: Support the Israeli Initative as a more viable and realistic peace plan.

"The only Palestinian state that can come from Condoleezza Rice's zealotry will be a dagger pointed at the heart of Israel, a safe haven for terrorists, and a threat to the United States and other Western nations."-Frank Gaffney Jr.- from his article " Staticidal Zealotry.

"The establishment of a Palestinian state would be a catastrophic mistake."- widely respected and former U.S. ambassador to the UN, the late Jeane Kirkpatrick. From her article "How The PLO Was Legitimized."

The Myth of Palestine-All Things Beautiful 

The Treachery of The Two-State Solution-American Thinker








Update: Sarah Palin Hammered Obama/Biden On Iran


Sarah Palin did indeed hammer Obama/Biden on Iran in last nights debate.

The previous post detailed much info that Palin could have used to make "fodder" out of Biden. Maybe we will see that in a future debate. As it was Sarah Palin rocked.

She successfully drew attention to the "appeasement factor" in Obama's foreign policy. Which has energized Islamists here and abroad to support and endorse the Obama/Biden ticket.

That part of the debate transcript is below:

IFILL: Governor, nuclear Pakistan, unstable Pakistan, nuclear Iran? Which is the greater threat?

PALIN: Both are extremely dangerous, of course. And as for who coined that central war on terror being in Iraq, it was the Genearal and Al Qaeda, both leaders there and it's probably the only thing that they're ever going to agree on, but that it was a central war on terror is in Iraq. You don't have to believe me or John McCain on that. I would believe Petraeus and the leader of Al Qaeda. 

And an issue like that taken up by a presidential candidate goes beyond naivete and goes beyond poor judgement. A statement that he made like that is downright dangerous because leaders like Ahmadinejad who would seek to acquire nuclear weapons and wipe off the face of the earth an ally like we have in Israel should not be met without preconditions and diplomatic efforts being taken first.

IFILL: Governor and Senator, I want you both to respond to this. Secretaries of State Baker, Kissenger, Powell, they have all advocated some level of engagement with enemies. Do you think these former scretaries of state are wrong on that?

PALIN: No and Dr. Henry Kissenger especially. I had a good conversation with him recently. And he shared with me his passion for diplomacy. And that's what John McCain and I would engage in also. But again, with some of these dictators who hate America and hate what we stand for, with our freedoms, our domocracy, our tolerance, our respect for women's rights, those who would try to destroy what we stand for cannot be met with just sitting down on a presidential level as Barack Obama had said he would be willing to do. That is beyond bad judgement. That is dangerous.

No, diplomacy is very important. First and foremost, that is what we engage in. But diplomacy is hard work by serious people. It's lining out clear objectives and having your friends and your allies ready to back you up there and have sanctions lined up before any kind of presidential summit would take place.

IFILL: Senator?

BIDEN: Can I clarify this? This is simply not true about Barack Obama. He did not say sit down with Ahmadinejad.

Yes he did.

Palin Should Hammer Biden On Iran

Senator Joesph Biden's expressed views concerning a nuclear Iran and the overall global Islamist jihad against the West, reveal both inconsistency and dangerous denial.

In tonights debate Sarah Palin should hammer Biden on Iran.

In the Democratic presidential debate in Des Moines, Iowa last December the following question was posed in regards to Iran:

"Do you agree with the president's assessment that Iran still poses a threat."?

Biden responded:

"[The NIE concludes that] in 2003, they stopped their nuclear program. The president is not trustworthy."

In other words, Biden dissagreed that Iran was a threat.

What was also missing in Biden's answer was that if the NIE report was accurate, and there was a temporary halt in Iran's nuke program in 2003, then it coincided with the U.S. military's quick takedown of Sadam's forces in Iraq. Just next door to Iran, as nervous Ayatollahs watched the worldwide coverage.

Not to mention Libya making the decision to abandon it's own weapons program also coincided the same year.

Biden continued with his answer:

" [President Bush] has undermined our security in the region. He has undermined our credibility in the world. He has made it more difficult to get cooperation from the rest of the world. He has caused oil prices to go up roughly $25 a barrel--a security premium-because of his threat of war. It is outrageous, intolerable, and it must stop."

It is outrageous, intolerable, that liberal democrats like Joe Biden undermine America's credibility in the world, and make it more difficult to get cooperation with them in promoting a unified front against the war that is being waged against America by the global jihad.

In the same debate this question was posed:

" Would you speculate on the reasons for Muslim's hatred of us"?

To this Biden replied:

" The reason why we are disliked so much is because we are trusted so little. I'm talking about the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world who look at us and, when we say and do things as we're talking about now with Iran, conclude that this is a war on Islam."

The first part of Biden's answer about 'trust' is similar to an age old Islamic myth: Muslims and non-Muslims lived in peacefull co-existence for centurys until the Crusades, which brought about 'mistrust'.

In fact it was the spread of Islam by the sword that brought about the Crusades as a defensive action.

With respect to Iran, they have called for Israel to be wiped off the map. Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah's regime have yearly 'Holocaust Denial' conferences. And their 'World Without Zionism' spectacles.

The Iranian regime has been reponsible for attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq via their Shia proxys inside Iraq, and the supply of weapons smuggled to terrorists. Not to mention Iranian support of both Hezbollah and Hamas. 

The United States is not at war with Islam. But Islam has been at war with the non-Muslim world since Muhammed, the first Islamic terrorist.

Palin should hammer Biden for voting against an amendment that would have designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization. The amendment called for the following:

  • that it is a vital US national interest to prevent the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran from turning Shi'a militia extremists in Iraq into a Hezbollah-like force;
  • that it should be US policy to combat, contain, and roll back the violent activities and destabilizing influence inside Iraq of the Government of Iran;
  • to support the prudent and calibrated use of all instruments of power in Iraq, including diplomatic, economic, intelligence, and military instruments, in support of the policy;
  • that the US should designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a foreign terrorist organization.

Biden's reason for voting against the amendment was that he didn't 'trust' the President. But his 'trust' of the President has nothing to do with the subject matter of the above amendment. The amendment came about because of the reports of U.S. forces in the field and overwhelming evidence.

In regards to Iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon Joe Biden had this to say at a democratic debate in June of last year:

"They are not a year or two years away [from getting a nuke]. They're a decade away from being able to weaponize exactly what the question was, if they put a nuclear weapon on top of a missile that can strike."

Wrong! Muhammed El-Baradei of the IAEA said three months ago that Iran could have a nuclear weapon in 6 months to a year. If accurate, Iran may have a nuke weapon only 3 months from now.

Caroline Glick is right. It is time to act.

Much of the information in this post was obtained here.