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Voting For "Hope"

In this election I'm voting for "hope."

And the following is an itemized list of "hope" :

  1. First, that McCain wins.
  2. That my 1st district Congressman, Rob Wittman, who listened to his constituents and voted against the 'bail out' both times, who has done a very good job, will also win and return to Congress.
  3. That former governor Jim Gilmore defeats democrat Mark Warner for Senator John Warner's senate seat in Va.
  4. That should McCain win, he will listen to our concerns over the need to secure our borders and not allow amnesty for illegal aliens. What we need is immigration enforcement, not immigration reform.
  5. That McCain will read Mark Krikorian's book: "The New Case Against Immigration." And learn from it.
  6. That McCain will take a good look at what is happening in England and Europe today because of lax and irresponsible immigration policies.
  7. That Va. Congressman Virgil Goode, who understands the importance of all of the above, will win re-election and return to Congress.
  8. That McCain will address our irresponsible trade policy with China. China will still not allow reciprocal access to it's markets. They hit American exports to their country with unfair tarrifs. We average about a $200 + billion dollar deficit with them every year. Our current trade policy is helping to strenghthen the athiest communist dictatorship and it's military.
  9. That McCain will be true to his word and put a top priority on achieving energy independence for America.
  10. That McCain can be convinced to support the Fair Tax and abolish the IRS altogether. That way everyone will have to pay their fair share in a "consumption" tax at time of purchase, even the illegal aliens. But we will have our entire paycheck.
  11. That McCain will formally dissavow support for the false delusion of the two-state non-solution "Roadmap" appeasement policy. That McCain will come to understand that the real central front in the so-called "war on terror", is on the borders of Israel. Afghanistan is an important front, so is Iraq, but the real central front is on the borders of Israel.
  12. That a John McCain Administration will formally embrace the "Israeli Initative" as a more viable and realistic Middle East "peace" plan.

Update: 11/05/08-

We must now move from hope to higher ground in 2012.




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