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Religious Left Helps Sponsor Pro-Terrorist Rally In Chicago

For those curious as to who constitutes the radical religious left in America, visit this link, and scroll down to see the various church groups that are board members of CMEP.

CMEP, [Churches For Middle East Peace], are more about promoting a pro-Palestinian Islamic anti-Israel agenda, than they are in promoting "peace."

Among the board members of CMEP are the American Friends Service Committee and the Antioch Orthodox Church.

Those same two church groups were "sponsors" along with the Muslim American Society, [which has ties to the recognized terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood], of a hate filled anti-Israel pro-terrorist rally in Chicago that was billed as "Mass Protest Against Israel's Attacks On Gaza."

Other "sponsors" included the International Socialist Organization and the Muslim Student Association. Visit the link above to see a list of all the other sponsors.

Daniel Pipes has a blog post  write up on it. As well as photos. Two of which I included below, in order to show just what the liberal church groups were helping to sponsor.   

The "American Friends Service Committee", along with the "Mennonite Central Committee", [also a CMEP member], hosted president Ahmadinejad of Iran for talks and a dinner back in September. A dinner invite that drew much consternation.

Other members of CMEP, such as the Presbyterian USA and the United Methodist Church, have encouraged anti-Israel business divestment campaigns.

The religious left in America has allied itself with Islamofascism.

The signs tell the story.



CMEP-Misrepresenting Christian Values-Ryan Jones 


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