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U.S. State Department Funding Hamas Terrorists Through UNRWA

Members of Congress and foreign policy experts alike have urged a defunding of UNRWA.

The lack of transparency, having members of terrorist organizations on its payroll, are a couple of the legitimate reasons for defunding of UNRWA.

Not to mention its leaders often serve as propaganda appologists for the Islamists. I speak here of of Mr. John Ging, a first-class international dhimmi dimwit.

So what does the Obama Administration do?

It orders the U.S. State Dept. to increase aid by $20 million to the Hamas terrorist population in Gaza. The money will go through UNRWA.

Which of course means Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the other terrorist factions in Gaza will benefit from the U.S. taxpayer.

Repugnant. Absolutely repugnant.

Romirowsky writes:

"As we look for ways to crack down on terrorism and terrorist activity, looking at UNRWA is a good start. American taxpayer dollars fund approximately one-third of UNRWA's operating budget. UNRWA provides food, medicine, economic aid, jobs, radical education, political opportunities, and even logistical assistance to Hamas and other extremist groups. UNRWA's budget, which exceeds $365 million, is funded by many nations, but the United States and other Western nations are the largest contributors."

Israel's fight with Hamas in Gaza is just one geographical theater in the overall global Islamist jihad against the West.

It is a crucial front in the so-called "war on terror."

Obama has shown a fondness for Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was a war time president. On one occasion he asked General Grant when he expected Lee and his soldiers to be starved out of the trenches around Petersburg, Va.

Grant replied,

"Never. So long as our army continues to supply their army with beefstake."

That in reference to a successful Confederate raid on a herd of yankee cattle behind Union lines.

When will Hamas and the other terrorists in Gaza and the Arab populated areas of Judea and Samaria be defeated, disarmed, and dismantled?

Never. So long as the U.S. and other nations continue to pump $ millions in aid to an Islamist society that supports the jihad against the West.

Money and other aid will never win any hearts and minds in the Muslim world. Instead, those things will be used against us.

Islamists need to be defeated, not appeased.

UNRWA must be dismantled:


Memo To George Mitchell: Not All Conflicts Started Or Ended By Humans

Obama has selected former Democratic senator George Mitchell to be his special "Middle East Envoy."

A clear assessment of Mitchell's views and mindset concerning the Middle East conflict are easily understood in light of his recent statements, as well as the "recomendations" proposed by the "Mitchell Report".

In a 2003 speech to a class of MIT graduates, Mitchell stated that he believed the conflict in the Middle East between Israel and the Arabs could be solved. He elaborated thus:

"There is no such thing as a conflict that can't be ended."

In and of itself that statement is absolutely true. But only with a further qualification. Often times conflicts are only resolved as a direct result of Divine intervention.

Mitchell further stated: 

"Conflicts are created and sustained by human beings; they can be ended by human beings."

Not true.

Not all conflicts are created by human beings; and not all conflicts are ended by human beings.

There are two types of conflict. Conflict between humans and God. And conflict among humans. In this regard there is much activity that occurs behind the scenes which many humans are unaware of. The Rabbi from Tarsus elaborates:

" For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but with principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

There are evil organized unseen supernatural forces involved in our human world.

The writer of Job bears this out as well.

The statements made above by George Mitchell do not acknowledge this.

The original source of all conflict between humans and God, and conflict among humans is the devil. Lucifer, Satan. The name Satan means "adversary", one who opposes or fights against another. 

Isaiah elaborates on how that conflict began. And also the prophet Ezekial. The conflict between humans and God, and conflict among humans was started as a direct result of the instigation of the devil.

In our physical world there is an unseen supernatural world that affects us. When it comes to the Middle East, this is where the root of the conflict is.

For most, it is impossible to hear the name Israel spoken or written without two other words automatically coming to mind. Those two words are "God" and the "Bible."

Depending on what a persons views, attitudes, and beliefs are with respect to "God" and the "Bible", determines to a large extent the filter through which attitudes and opinions are formed in regards to Israel.

In this regard, the conflict among humans, [ influenced by the devil], is observed by those who believe God's word in the Bible, and those who don't.

In Genesis the conflict between humans and God came about as a result of the devil attacking and undermining belief in that what God's word says is true. The devil continues in that deception today.

The Scriptural account of God's promise to bring about a return of the Jews and re-establish them as a nation again in their own land is well known.

"I will bring you back from the nations where I have scattered you, back to your own land. No longer will there be two kingdoms in your land. And no longer will your land be divided between two nations, and there shall be one king over you."-Ezekial 37:21,22.

The reference to "king" is a reference to the Jewish Messiah. On that both Jews and Christians are in absolute agreement. We also agree that the Messiah is also the "Redeemer" who comes to Zion as written in Isaiah 59:20. That is what the commentary on that verse in the Jewish Study Bible bears out.

"And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob..."-Isaiah 59:20.

The prophet Zechariah identifies the "king" as the Lord himself:

"And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day there shall be one Lord, and his name one."-Zechariah 14:9.

The Psalmist writes:

"The Lord is king for ever and ever..." 10:16

"Yet I have set my king upon upon my holy hill of Zion." 2:6

"I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my son; this day have I begotten thee." 2:7

God has provided an end to the conflict between himself and humans. For those willing to believe and avail themselves of it. Isaiah elaborates here and here.

In regards to conflict among humans, that will continue as long as there remains conflict between many humans and God.

Recently Fox News aired a program entitled "Escape From Hamas."

"Escape From Hamas" depicted how a former member of Hamas, over time, availed himself of the conflict resolution that God himself has provided. For that young man, both conflict with God, and conflict with Israel have been  resolved. 






Religious Left Helps Sponsor Pro-Terrorist Rally In Chicago

For those curious as to who constitutes the radical religious left in America, visit this link, and scroll down to see the various church groups that are board members of CMEP.

CMEP, [Churches For Middle East Peace], are more about promoting a pro-Palestinian Islamic anti-Israel agenda, than they are in promoting "peace."

Among the board members of CMEP are the American Friends Service Committee and the Antioch Orthodox Church.

Those same two church groups were "sponsors" along with the Muslim American Society, [which has ties to the recognized terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood], of a hate filled anti-Israel pro-terrorist rally in Chicago that was billed as "Mass Protest Against Israel's Attacks On Gaza."

Other "sponsors" included the International Socialist Organization and the Muslim Student Association. Visit the link above to see a list of all the other sponsors.

Daniel Pipes has a blog post  write up on it. As well as photos. Two of which I included below, in order to show just what the liberal church groups were helping to sponsor.   

The "American Friends Service Committee", along with the "Mennonite Central Committee", [also a CMEP member], hosted president Ahmadinejad of Iran for talks and a dinner back in September. A dinner invite that drew much consternation.

Other members of CMEP, such as the Presbyterian USA and the United Methodist Church, have encouraged anti-Israel business divestment campaigns.

The religious left in America has allied itself with Islamofascism.

The signs tell the story.



CMEP-Misrepresenting Christian Values-Ryan Jones 

Video Of Pro-Terrorist Demonstrations In America

From IPT:


New York, Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, Washington DC-

The same chants and slogans used by anti-Israel pro-terrorist supporters.

"Khaybar, Khaybar ya yahud-jaysh Muhammad sa-ya'ud!


"The Army of Muhammad will return oh Jews"

As counter-terrorism expert Steven Emerson explains in the video above, this chant by Islamist demonstrators is a reminder of the slaughter of the Jewish tribes in Arabia by Muhammed and his followers. And that "Muhammed's Army" will return to do the same. 

In watching the video produced by IPT, there are a couple things that are readily observed:

These are not demonstrations for peace, but rather demonstrations calling for the destruction of Israel. 

These were demonstrations in support of terrorist organizations.

Hamas, Hizbullah, and PLO flags abound.

Also, that the same chants and slogans are used in different demonstrations in different locations hundreds of miles apart from each other, is evidence of  skillful organizing in advance. Communication between the different event organizers.

These were not spontaneous demonstrations.

They were a well organized "verbal jihad."

Egypt Trying Hard To Save Hamas Terrorists

Egypt is trying it's best to save the Hamas terrorist organization:

"Egypt has been exerting fierce pressurre on Hamas over the past 24 hours to accept it's ceasefire proposal, Palestinian sources told Ynet Sunday night."

"According to the sources, Cairo warned Hamas that should it refuse to accept the proposal the IDF would continue to expand it's operation in Gaza, which in effect would mean an end to Hamas's rule over the coastal enclave it took over in June 2007."

Ther is another report over at Jpost that Hamas has agreed in principle with the Egyptian proposal.

If that report is true, it means that Israel's counter-terror operation against Hamas is defininently achieving some significant success.

It means that Hamas is scared. Really scared.

It only makes sense that when the bad guys know they're going to be crushed, that's when they will want another "hudna." So they can regroup, rearm, and restart the terror at another time.

Now is definently not the time for Israel to let up.

Important video on Hamas:


Shut Down Al-Jazzera - Not Gitmo!

At least 61 Islamists who have been released from Gitmo, have returned to their terrorist ways.

Gateway has details.

Obama Preparing To Close Gitmo-MSNBC

Memo to Obama:

Closing of Gitmo will be a victory for the Islamist propaganda jihad.

Terror Suspect Freed From Gitmo becomes Al-Qaeda leader-Jihad Watch 

Shut down Aljazeera instead.

Many reporters with Al-Jazeera came from terrorist organizations.

Stop Aljazeera

From Islam Watch:

The Media Jihad: Al-Jazeera And Islamic Terrorism

"Many of Aljazeera reporters were members of terrorist oranizations and were involved in terrorist activities. For example, Tayseer Alloni was it's reporter in Afghanistan and is now serving a jail sentence in Spain for complicity with Islamist terrorist organizations."

Accuracy In Media:

Enemy Propaganda On Aljazeera English

Charges Of Anti-American Bias At Aljazeera Vindicated

Gitmo And The Black Death - Lindsey





Put The PA Fatah Back In Gaza? One Terror Group For Another

According to a report, diplomats are working on a plan to put the Fatah PLO Palestinian Authority back in control in Gaza.

Swapping out one terror group for another.


The official Palestinian Authority representative in Lebanon, Abbas Zaki, gave an interview to NBN-TV last May. Here is one of his statements:

"The PLO is the sole legitimate representative [of the Palestinian people], and it has not changed its platform even one iota. In light of the weakness of the Arab nation and the lack of values, and in light of the American control over the world, the PLO proceeds through phases, without changing its strategy. Let me tell you, when the ideology of Israel collapses, and we take, at least, Jerusalem, the Israeli ideology will collapse in its entirety, and we will begin to progress with our own ideology, Allah willing, and drive them out of all of Palestine."

"...we will begin to progress with our own ideology, Allah willing, and drive them out of all of Palestine."-Zaki

Read the whole thing here.


Reject The UN: UNSC Resolution Reeks Of Appeasement And Hypocrisy

The double-standard hypocrisy in the so-called "war on terror" continues.

In a shameful act of embarrisng appeasement and hypocrisy, the U.S., led by Condi Rice at the UN, once again consented to another biased, worthless, dhimmi, anti-Israel cease-fire UN resolution.

A little over two years ago, Condi Rice headed the U.S. negotiating team, working with other UNSC members, to draft a cease-fire resolution pertaining to what has been called the "Second Lebanon War."

The original American position during those negotiations was for the strong Chapter 7 with an enforcement mandate to disarm Hizbullah. A position that the Arab League was not in favor of.

According to John Bolton, Condi Rice took charge of the negotiations for the U.S. and was quick to "cave in" and agree to the weaker 1701 Resolution with no teeth in it. The result has been disastous. Hizbullah has rearmed under the nose of UN monitors.

This current decision by the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, under orders from Rice and the Administration, to "abstain" , rather than veto the Gaza resolution is "deja-vu" all over again. 

The resolution does not even mention the terrorist organization Hamas, let alone denounce them for their persistent acts of terrorism against Israel.

The resolution calls for more donor contributions to UNRWA, which if one takes the time to read the previous post, will actually strenghthen the Hamas and other Islamist terrorists operating in Gaza.

Like the 1701 Lebanon resolution, it does not call for the dismantling of, or the disarming of the Hamas terrorist organization.

This is where the the double-standard hypocrisy comes in. 

In the so-called "war on terror" no one advoctates or calls for a cease-fire with Al-Qaeda. It is the stated goal of the U.S., U.K., and NATO,  to seek out, disarm, and destroy Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists.

And that is precisely what their position should be in regard to Hamas, Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, and the like.

Caroline Glick has hit the nail on the head:

"Israel is not fighting Hamas today because it agreed to a six-month cease-fire with the terrorist regime in Gaza last June. And it is not fighting today because Hamas decided that it wants control over Gaza's international borders.

Israel is fighting a war with Hamas today because Israel withdrew from Gaza three and a half years ago. If Israel had not withdrawn its military forces from Gaza and forcibly expelled 8,000 Israeli citizens from their homes and farms in September 2005, it would not be fighting this war today. If Israel had not withdrawn, if it had retained its forces in Gaza and retained its communities - on whose ruins the IDF now fights - in Gaza, Hamas would probably never have taken over. And even if Hamas had taken over, it would never have been able to threaten a million Israelis with missiles and rockets and mortars. "

And yet a "full withdrawl" from Gaza is another one of the demands made in the UNSC's dhimmi resolution it adapted.

Knowing full well that would enable Hamas to reconstitute itself.

UNRWA: A Safe Haven For Terrorists In Gaza

Last May, Awad al-Qiq, a science teacher, a paid employee and headmaster of an UNRWA school in Gaza, had more on his mind than teaching science to kids.

He also applied his knowledge of science, as it was, to the science of making rockets for Islamic Jihad, to be launched indiscriminently into civilian areas of Israel.

Take note that this man was highly educated. His terrorist mindset was not the product of poverty or a lack of education. But a result of Islamist indoctrination.

A "paid employee" of UNRWA. And also a terrorist.

That terrorists could be actual paid employees, work in, and have access to UNRWA school facilities, is understandable considering the attitude of that organization.

As Asaf Romirosky of the Middle East Forum writes:

It was under the leadership of former UNRWA Commissioner Peter Hansen that the organization's complicity with terror was openly exposed. In a statement to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Hansen admitted: "I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll " and I don't see that as a crime."

[ "I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll, and I don't see that as a crime."-Hansen]

John Ging, the head of UNRWA in Gaza, is upset that the terrorists and their supporters are feeling terrorized by the current counter-terror operation:

"There's no where safe in Gaza. Everyone here is terrorized and traumatized."

"I am appealing to political leaders here and in the region, and in the world, to get their act together and stop this."

What does he want stopped? He wants the counter-terrorism operation against Hamas stopped.

In other words Ging wants the Hamas terrorists to survive to launch more rockets into Israel and perpetrate more terror against innocent Israeli civilians.

Back to Romirosky:

"As Hamas' genocidal agenda has become impossible to cover up, UNRWA has now resorted to professions of shock and promises of "zero tolerance." For some UNRWA's affiliation with terrorism is not a detraction but an added value that shows "diversity."

"As Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said professor of Arab studies at Columbia University, notes, "humanitarian and charitable institutions throughout Palestine employ personnel regardless of sectarian or political affiliation and offer services on a similar basis.

"Thus, UNRWA, NGO-run institutions [and] public hospitals and clinics, for example, employ members of different political groups such as Fatah, the [Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine], Hamas and Islamic Jihad, without reference to their belonging to a specific group."

[No wonder there are reports that Hamas terrorists are hiding in, and even using hospitals and nurseries in Gaza to plan attacks from.]

"As we look for ways to crack down on terrorism and terrorist activity, looking at UNRWA is a good start. American taxpayer dollars fund approximately one-third of UNRWA's operating budget. UNRWA provides food, medicine, economic aid, jobs, radical education, political opportunities, and even logistical assistance to Hamas and other extremist groups. UNRWA's budget, which exceeds $365 million, is funded by many nations, but the United States and other Western nations are the largest contributors."

"Cutting off UNRWA's budget would be detrimental to Hamas in Gaza, which would be forced to either provide services to Palestinians or admit it has no intention of doing so. It would also send an important message to the United Nations, which perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem and lends legitimacy to groups like Hamas through UNRWA's continued existence."


Congress should withhold Funds From UNRWA-Heritage Foundation