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Evil Obama Govt. Pushing To Legitimize Islamic Terror Group

Last November, before the election, this blog predicted that if Obama was elected president, he would push for the legitimization of the Hamas Islamic terrorist organization.

That particular post has been continually updated as relevant moves by Team Obama have taken place.

Here is the most shocking, but not surprising, move by Team Obama yet. From Jpost:

"The Obama administration has asked Congress for minor changes in US law that would allow the continued provision of funds to the Palestinian Authority even if Hamas officials become part of a Palestinian unity government, the LA Times reported Monday. "

[There should be outrage by taxpayers over this, and not only over the certain benefit to Hamas, but Fatah Islamists as well. The mighty Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and your other favorite talk show hosts need to beat the drum against this. Will they? They haven't yet.]

Before this latest move by Team Obama, George Mitchell, no doubt under direction from Mr. Obama himself, became the first Administration / State Dept. diplomat to publically , in official capacity, support a Fatah/Hamas unity.

There is a reason for that. It would be a major step toward legitimizing Hamas.

Hillary Clinton, Obama's Sect. of State, just last week made an outrageous statement of support for funding governments that included terrorist organizations. 

"Last week, speaking to the House Appropriations Committee, Clinton indicated that the US would not necessarily cut funding to the Palestinians even if Hamas joins the unity government and fails to meet the three above conditions, noting that the US continues to provide funds to Lebanon, whose government includes Hizbullah. "

Clueless Clinton also had the audacity to assert that funding governments such as Lebanon, which includes the recognized Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah, is in the U.S. national interest! [No it isn't!]

By doing so the U.S. bestows legitimacy to Hezbollah. Intentionally or not.

This is history repeating itself, in light of the wrongful, misguided, and deplorable legitimization of the Fatah PLO. Which still to this day has never genuinely recognized the right of Israel to exist.

A senior bigshot with Fatah, Mohammad Dahlan, acknowledged on a taped interview that Fatah still does not recognize Israel.

Politicians and diplomats all demand, [disingenuously], that Hamas must recognize Israel. What ? Fatah does not recognize Israel.

What is the most dispicable thing here is that those in the U.S. State Dept. and the Obama Administration are of course well aware of this.

Yet they continue to bully and pressure Israel to make appeasement to Islamists who want nothing but there destruction.

That is evil.


Shepard Smith: The Voice of CNN on Fox News

In the video clip below, aside from using an expletive on the air, Shepard Smith reveals that he is clueless. via Gateway pundit.

Who can forget Shepard Smith's grilling of Joe-the-Plumber over the statement that the "election of Obama would mean the death of Israel"?


That statement was made by an individual during a campaign rally. Joe agreed with the sentiment expressed by the statement and that is what prompted Smith to pummel Wurzelbacher to explain why he agreed. And essentially, Smith became an inpromptu campaign spokesman for Obama's propaganda.

Here is my response:

No, I do not agree that the election of Mr. Obama means the death of Israel.

Certainly not because I agree with Smith that Obama is a friend to Israel. He is not. And all his actions as president thus far have showed Mr. Obama to be an enemy to the people of Israel.

But rather because there is One who is mightier and greater in power than all presidents, kings, and dictators alike. The One who has said that Israel is the "apple of His eye."

"He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps." Psalm 121:4

But what I would assert is that the election of Mr. Obama could very well hasten the demise of America. How so?

" ...for he that touches you, [Israel], touches the apple of his eye." Zechariah 2:8

As team Obama continues to bully and press Israel to engage in appeasement policies with Islamists who desire Israel's destruction, Obama is leading America into conflict with God over Israel. 

When it comes to national security,--

 "...except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain."-Psalm 127:1

From John Mcternan's blog, via A Very Heavy Stone:

"Obama has made his plans for Israel clear.
He will pursue the two state plan which has brought so much judgment on America. I linked together articles about what Obama is doing with Israel while at the same time the drug cartels are spilling over the border into the US. What Obama is attempting to force on Israel, will happen to the US.
Gaza is a terrorist state that Obama wants Israel to cooperate with, while the US will have along its southern border the terrorist drug cartels.
Mexico and Southern US Border: America's Gaza Update (6)"

"Obadiah 1:15 For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head."





Islamist Will Kick Off Campaign In "Vienna"--Virginia

Omeish Esam Omeish, former president of the Muslim American Society,[ which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group], is kicking off his campaign for a seat in the Virginia General Assembly. The 35th district.

note the "Arafat" like scarf in this photo.

The kick off for his campaign will take place in "Vienna" , Va.--

the following is from his website,[omeish for delegate]:

[ Meet and Greet with Esam Omeish!

Meet and greet with Esam Omeish, and talk to Esam about the issues most important to you. Light refreshments will be served. See you there!

Campaign Kickoff

When: Saturday, April 18, 2009, 1:00-3:00pm

Where: Vienna Firehouse

400 Center Street South Vienna, Va, 22180

Viva Vienna!  ]

It was not that long ago that Omeish tendered his resignation from the Virginia Commission on Immigration after being caught on tape telling a crowd of Muslim activists in DC that "...jihad is the way..."

The Investigative Project on Terrorism has that report here. Also be sure to read the IPT's full report on the Muslim American Society.

Readers should also check out the post entitled "Why Do These Islamists Want Obama To Be President", which is linked in the sidebar at left.

Wake up northern Virginia!


Islamists Have Veto Power Over NATO

040209-consensus "A little leaven, leavens the whole lump".

Islamists can now "veto" any action by NATO.

This is most clearly seen by the blocking of the nomination of Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen as the new Secretary General of NATO.

One member country,Turkey, in carrying out the collective will voiced by the "Dar al Islam", objected to Rasmussen's nomination.

All decisions by NATO must be made by consent of all NATO's member countries:

"A decision reached by consensus is an agreement reached by common consent, a decision that is accepted by each member country. This means that when a "NATO decision" is announced, it is the expression of the collective will of all the sovereign states that are members of the Alliance."

"This principle is applied at every committee level, and demonstrates clearly that NATO decisions are collective decisions made by its member countries."

This of course means that if one member country, such as Turkey, objects to any proposed action or decision by NATO, there can be no action.

The Islamist PM of Turkey, Erdogan, used his country's membership in NATO to carry out the expressed collective will of Islamists throughout the world who urged Turkey to block the nomination of Rasmussen.

This must be seen in the context of Islamists imposing their political will on NATO in regards to any action proposed or advocated. This certainly does not bode well for the future of NATO.

As the Islamist regime of Iran gets ever closer to their goal of obtaining a nuclear weapon, the window of opportunity to prevent that gets shorter every day.

Diplomacy and sanctions will not disuade Iran. 

This constitues a serious and dangerous threat to Europe as well as the Middle East.

Will NATO take preemptive military action to destroy the Iranian nuke sites?

Not likely. For that to happen there would have to be "consensus" of all NATO's member countries.

This past January, a meeting was held between the Turkish Ambassador to Iran and a deputy assistant to Iranian president Ahmadinejad who discussed their countries deepening ties:

"The government in Ankara is willing to broaden its relations with Tehran in all areas, and to the maximal extent."-Turkish Ambassador to Iran.

 Read this report at Memri.

On April 1st, and this is no April fools joke, two new countries were accepted into the NATO alliance. Albania and Croatia. NATO now has a membership of 30 countries.

Albania is the second Muslim majority country to have membership in NATO.

Update 04/05/09-

Obama wants Turkey in EU--via Jihad Watch

No surprise.

Update 04/06/09-

It appears that Rasmussen, under pressure, and to secure a job as the new head of NATO, is kowtowing somewhat with an "apology" in light of his earlier defense of freedom of speech over those Mohammed cartoons:

"I was deeply distressed that the cartoons were seen by many Muslims as an attempt by Denmark to mark and insult or behave disrespectfully toward Islam or the Prophet Mohammad. Nothing could be further from my mind."-Rasmussen

The Baron makes very much the same observation with regards to the future of NATO:

"So what’s next for Fogh? And whither NATO?"

"One thing is for certain: from now on the primary mission of NATO will not be the collective defense of its member-states. Its mission will be to reassure Turkey and the rest of the Muslim world that we are good guys and love Islam and would never harm a single hair on any Muslim’s head."

"We are forgetting that Islam will be appeased by nothing short of our full submission — or death."




Obama "Bows" To Leader Of One Of World's Worst Abusers Of Human Rights

Bowing%20to%20Saudi%20King Saudi Arabia is still one of the world's worst violators of human rights.

The birthplace of one of the world's most intolerant, repressive, and abusive political/religious ideologies ever concieved: Islam.

The cradle and beginning of the militant global Islamist jihad.

The home of 15 of the 19 Islamic terrorists who attacked America on 9/11.

According to the Open Doors Watch List, Saudi Arabia is ranked at # 2, right behind the communist country of North Korea, for the worse persecution of Christians. Iran is in third place.

And Obama "bowed" to the King of Saudi Arabia. He bowed to the leader of one of the world's worse violators of human rights. 

What is the U.S. State Dept. up to? Is international religious freedom on the radar screen?--Intl Religious Freedom blog.





Arab Israeli MK Wants Iran To Have Nukes: About That "Loyalty" Pledge ?

An Arab MK in the Israeli government wants Iran to get a Nuke.

"New Balad party MK Haneen Zuabi, the first woman to be elected to the Knesset as a representative of an Arab party, has welcomed Iran's growing influence on Palestinian affairs and praised Iran's quest for a nuclear weapon as a means of offsetting Israel's regional military edge. "

"Having Israel as the region's sole nuclear power, she said, was "dangerous to the world."

Now, about that "citizenship loyalty pledge", advocated by the Israel Beytenu Party?

Contrary to how it is being spun in the MSM, it is not racist for Avigdor Lieberman, or other Israelis, to want their citizens, especially those in government, to be patriotic and loyal to their country.