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The First 100 Years: A Resounding Success, Tel-Aviv-Yafo


Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


Yafo, or Joppa: An Israeli Hebrew city mentioned serveral times in the Bible. Huram, the King of Tyre, had trees cut down and sent to Jerusalem via the port at Jaffa, [Yafo], for Solomon's use in building the Temple.

Note, the centennial celebrations are to celebrate Tel Aviv-Yafo as the first "modern" Hebrew city, not the first "Hebrew city" in Israel.

In that regard, Jerusalem has been Hebrew and Israeli since David established Israel's capital city there around 1000bc.

From the Israeli site:

"As the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo prepares to mark its 100th anniversary in early April 2009, a wide array of events are being planned for the centennial celebrations, including outdoor festivals, art shows, sporting events, historic exhibitions and numerous community projects, among others. Celebrations will kick-off in early April, marking the date of the city's founding 100 years ago, and continue through 2009."

"Tel Aviv, the first modern Hebrew city, was founded on April 11, 1909. On that day, several dozen families gathered on the sand dunes on the beach outside Yafo to allocate plots of land for a new neighborhood they called Ahuzat Bayit, later known as Tel Aviv. The city expanded rapidly with massive waves of immigration in the 1920s and 30s, also bringing about a boon in Bauhaus-style architecture. Tel Aviv's status as the region's most creative, liberal and tolerant city received was furthered when Yafo joined the municipality in 1949. Throughout the decades, the city has flourished to become Israel’s business and cultural center and has developed a unique atmosphere fusing Mediterranean and urban elements. "

"One hundred years later, the vision of our city's founders - who looked at the sand dunes and saw the potential for a vibrant city - has been realized," says Mayor Ron Huldai. "Tel Aviv-Yafo is a thriving global city that 400,000 residents are proud to call home."


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