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Real Clear Politics [RCP] Takes A Turn For The Worse

In addition to Free Republic and Red State, Real Clear Politics also used to be a favorite hang-out for politically minded bloggers. Especially conservatives.

And that for obvious reasons.

For example, side by side comparison polling data during both the primary and general election.

Transcripts of major political speeches and interviews.

And besides the featured articles chosen by the Real Clear editors, readers and visitors to RCP had one other great opportunity:

And that was to browse and read any of the many articles written and composed by readers themselves.

This feature was called the "Reader Articles Section."

Quite often the articles written and posted by the readers,[ or bloggers],  would offer a better perspective, with more accurate facts, than articles on the same topic selected by the RCP editors themselves.

For example, consider these articles selected by RCP this week after Israeli PM Netanyahu's foreign policy speech Sunday:

First, on Monday was this article by Jeff Barak entitled, "Netanyahu's Lost Opportunity". This article was posted at RCP from Jpost. 

Just glancing at the title it would be easy to surmise the writer had in mind Netanyahu's failure to clearly articulate why the establishment of a "Palestinian" state needed to be firmly rejected. That such a state, aside from being a dangerous threat to Israel, would not end the conflict but make it worse. And never bring peace.

But that's not what Jeff Barak had in mind. In fact, Barak thinks Bibi lost an opportunity to bow down further in appeasement fashion. And according to Barak one of Israel's better Prime Ministers, Yitzhak Shamir, was actually the worse. But that's because Shamir was not the roll-over-lie-down appeaser that Barak thinks he should have been. 

On Tuesday at RCP there was this article the editors had selected:

"Obama Must Pressure Bibi For Peace", written by Jacob Weisberg. Posted at RCP from Newsweek. In actuallity, the correct title for that article as it appears at Newsweek is " A Friend In Need".

It goes without saying, but with friends like Weisberg, neither Israel nor Netanyahu need enemies. What Weisberg does in his article is call good "evil", and evil "good". One example:

"those presidents regarded as the least friendly to the Jewish state have done it the most good. "

"Its strong allies have proved much less helpful."-Weisberg.

Let's go with Weisberg's logic for an insane moment:

Suppose Mike Huckabee were president instead of Obama. Huck, who has been to Israel 10 different times. And only one of those times while a presidential candidate doing politicking.

Huckabee has stated on numerous occasions the extreme danger to Israel of giving up the Golan. Or Judea and Samaria. He has also stated time and again that Jerusalem remain the undivided capital of Israel.

With that in mind, how different might Netanyahu's speech this past Sunday have been?

How different the relationship between the two governments. It is a given that there would be more mutual understanding and a seeing of eye to eye on the most important matters. For example, Iran.

And Weisberg would have us believe that would be less "helpfull" for Israel than the "help" from the current Administration?

These types of folks have a real twisted up understanding as to what "help" and "good" really are. Folks like Weisberg have reallity turned upside down.

Come Wednesday at RCP, was this featured article, " The Arabs Turn To Respond To Netanyahu", written by Rami G. Kouri. And selected by RCP from the Daily Star.

Thus far at RCP this week, in regards to Israel and Netanyahu, there have only been articles featured by the RCP editors that promote the Arab/Islamic narative against Bibi and Israel. 

Articles that offer a better and more realistic perspective that would counter the anti-Israel Arab/Islamic narrative against Israel have not showed up on Real Clear Politics this week. As of yet. And the week is almost done.

There are those who will suggest that RCP is just trying to be diverse.  And that this week  just happens to be " attack Netanyahu and Israel week" at RCP.

Not so. 

Have been monitoring for serveral months now the articles featured at RCP having anything to do with the Middle East "conflict". Those articles are usually posted by RCP in their "Real Clear World" section.

And there is most definently a trend in more articles being featured that are less supportive of our ally Israel. For example, here is one from a couple months ago not long after Bibi became Prime Minister:

"Netanyahu's Second Chance", written by Alon Ben Meir.

At first glance the title would suggest the writer has in mind a second chance for Netanyahu not to repeat another horrible mistake such as the Wye River appeasement folly. But that's not what they have in mind:

"those who know him well suggest that Netanyahu has matured considerably since he was first Prime Minister [1996-1999]. He is well aware that he may never be given another opportunuity as prime minister and that he now stands before an historic crossroad."-Meir

As Meir tells it, their idea of the "maturing" of Bibi, means learning to become an even bigger appeaser than that of Wye River. To literally fall down prostrate before the very folks who seek your destruction. 

Now, here is where RCP has definently taken a turn for the worse:

Late last year around November, when attempting to log in to my "Reader Article" account at RCP, a notice was displayed stating that the "Reader Articles" section was in the process of being "re-tooled" , and would be back after the first of the year.

The first of the year has come and gone by serveral months. But the "Reader Articles" section has not yet been restored.

My guess is that RCP is not going to bring it back either. And on that note RCP loses, as well as the reading public.

The has been e-mailed more than once as to when the Reader Articles section would be back. As of yet, no response.

The same with regard to the letters@realclearpolitics .com












I wasn't aware of RCP's fall, but Free Republic has gotten as bad as Huffington Post or DailyKO's... right wing radicals have taken over banning any that disagree with their point of view... name calling that make me feel like a troll on DU. I don't waste time anymore and have found much better information at Michelle Malkin and HotAir... and they don't BITE on those sites!

Free Republic as bad as Huffington Post or the Daily Cus? Don't agree.

Sarah's observation is becoming blogworld-wide, alas. We're eating our own.

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