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The U.S. / NATO on the Wrong Side Again: Iran / Serbian Contrast

At no time did the Serbs ever have a nuclear weapons program.

In fact, the only nuclear reactor Serbia ever had was built when Serbia was part of Yugoslavia. It was shut down in 1984 and dismantled in 2002.

That being the case, at no time did Serbs ever pose a dangerous nuclear weapons threat to another country.

At no time was Serbia ever an exporter of terrorism around the world.

Let alone call for the use of nuclear weapons to "wipe another country off the map".--as Iranian Ayatollah Rasfanjani has done. And also Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


In August of 1995 the Clinton U.S. government and NATO launched a massive bombing campaign against the Bosnian Serbs:

"After blaming the Bosnian Serbs "beyond reasonable doubt" for the "mortar shell" which caused the Market Street carnage, the Clinton Administration then used this incident to justify the massive bombing campaign which was launched against the Bosnian Serbs virtually immediately. On August 29, President Clinton called the still-escalating bombing campaign "an appropriate response to the shelling of Sarajevo".

["an appropriate response to the shelling of Sarajevo" that the Islamists, and not the Serbs were responsible for. In that regard, Islamists have been well documented in the perpetration of "self-inflicted" atrocities against their fellow Muslims, and then blaming on others to garner sympathy. Case in point, the motar shell explosion on a Gaza beach.]

[See also Staged-Managed Massacre-by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch ]

"Starting in the pre-dawn hours of August 30, wave after wave of NATO aircraft -- 80 to 85 percent of them US -- began pounding Bosnian Serb strategic and regular military objectives. Initial targets were around Sarajevo, giving credence to the fig-leaf claim of retaliation for the "mortar shell". But, within a few hours, bombing raids were taking place all over Bosnia-Herzegovina."

"Thus, rhetoric aside, the US became an active and dominant participant in the wars in the former Yugoslavia."

"It was only after the first waves of predominantly US NATO strike aircraft had already dropped their bombs over Bosnian Serb targets that the Clinton Administration grudgingly began to tell truth. By this time, wide cracks were beginning to appear in the claim that the "mortar shell" had been fired by the Bosnian Serbs."

British and French ammunition experts at the site determined that forensic evidence was counter to the claim that Serbs had fired the mortar shell. 

Contrast with the U.S. and NATO's actions towards the Islamic Iranian regime:

Iran has not one, but serveral nuclear sites.

Ayatollah Rasfanjani has stated publically that the Muslim nation should use nuclear weapons to destroy Israel.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has on more than one occasion remarked that Israel should be "wiped off the map".

The Iranian Islamist regime has most certainly been an exporter of terrorism around the world. And that is never any truer than their involvement in the Balkans. Bosnia as well as Kosovo. 

And in that conflict the Clinton led U.S. government and NATO were on the wrong side. They effectively took the side of the Jihadists against the Serbs, who had endured centurys of brutal Islamic repression and occupation.

Then there was the suicide truck bombing of a U.S. marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon in which nearly 300 U.S. marines lost their lives. Hizbullah, Iran's proxy in Lebanon was responsible.

Or how the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, has meddled in Iraq providing explosives for IED's that have maimed and injured scores of U.S. personel.

What has been the response and actions of the Obama led U.S. government and NATO in light of the above?


It is obviously apparent that neither the Obama Administration nor NATO will seriously consider  preemptive military strikes to destroy, or at the least, damage and set back Iran's nuclear weapons program.

In addition, the U.S. Administration has refused Israel's request for bunker-busters and long distance refueling aircraft.

What were the actions of the U.S. and NATO towards Serbia that was not an exporter of terrorism, did not have a nuclear program, and did not threaten the use of nuclear weapons to destroy another country"

They bombed the Serbs into "submission".

"Submission" where have we heard that term before?

Once again it appears our own U.S. government is going to be on the wrong side again. This time allowing the Iranian Islamist regime to acquire nuclear weapons. Reprehensible.

In the aftermath of the recent Iranian elections the true nature of this dangerous Islamic regime should be apparent to all objective unbiased observers.

The Iranian regime has ordered the brutal suppression and imprisionment of it's own people.

The beef is not with the Iranian people who lift up their voices in oppostion to a stolen election. They deserve the entire international communitys support for freedom from an oppressive authoritarian regime.

Thanks to Obama, financial support for Democratic protesters in Iran has been cut off.





To: Hoplite

Right, OK, I don’t know much (any thing) about Bill's directed action in Bosnia. I couldn't make a single shred of sense of it, as with most things Bill. Sotra figured he wanted to do for The Bos as Jimmy had done for the Shaw's Iran.

I know a bit about Serbs, however. They are, in aggregate a class act. Tough, savvy, and intellectually agile. Were it not for the advantage of finding Serb Park jus down (up) the river from TMI, I wouldn't even know that.

What do You know? Will you let the rest of us us know ?

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