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EU's Javier Solana: International "Dhimmi" of the Year

Satellite When Robert Spencer starts asking for nominations for the "International Dhimmi of the Year" award, the EU's Solana will certainly be among the top nominees.

The EU's Solana has got to be the worse roll-over lay down appeaser to Islamists that Eurabia has.

According to this report from Jpost, Solana has said he will seek to have the UNSC recognize a "Palestinian" state even if there is no agreement between Israel and the PA Fatah islamists.

Also that the UN should impose it's own solution.

Clearly this is one individual that is in such willful ignorant denial of the facts. A "Palestinian" state won't bring peace to Israel or the Arabs, or Europe either for that matter.

What it would do is worsen the conflict and further embolden jihadists the world over. The only reason the Fatah PLO signed on to the "Roadmap" was because they saw how conviently the Roadmap accomodated their own "Phased Plan" strategy to destroy Israel in "stages" or "phases".

In the words of one Fatah PA leader: 

"...At this stage we'll prevail in our struggle [towards] the goals of the stages [plan]. The goal of this stage is the establishment of the independent Palestinian state, with it's capital in Jerusalem. "

"When we achieve this, it will be a positive [step] and it will advance us to the next stage via other ways and means..."

"Every Palestinian must know clearly and unequivocably that the independent Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as it's capital is not the end of the road".

"The rise of the Palestinian  state is a stage after which there will be another stage and that is the democratic state in all of Palestine [ i.e., in place of Israel]." 

-Othnan Abu Arbiah, from  Palestinian Media Watch

Did you get that ?

Just this past May, Abbas Zaki, official Palestinian Authority representative in Lebanon, gave an interview in which he reaffirmed the Fatah PLO's committment to the "Phased Plan" strategy of detroying Israel in phases or stages. See the report from Memri.

The only difference between Fatah and Hamas is that Hamas is more honest and openly states it's true intentions, while Mahmoud Abbas, Salam Fayad, Saab Erekat, engage in deception with Western audiences. They prefer the "Phased Plan" of utilizing international pressure to gain concessions from Israel, while their ultimate goal of destroying Israel remains unchanged.

Kosovo And The Third Islamic Invasion of Europe via Gates of Vienna:

"Palestine and Kosovo must be seen in the context of the third invasion of Islam into Europe."

"The first invasion in the 8th century had taken Europe by assault from the southwest, colonized the Iberian Peninsula and attempted to take over Gallic France until it was arrested by Charles Martel in 732. The Spanish reconquista which took centuries to reclaim that land, was not completed before the end of the 15th century, at the very same time that the second invasion of the Ottomans, this time from the south-east, swept through the Balkans and eventually made headway to the gates of Vienna. But that invasion, too, was finally repulsed. The retrieval of the lands once ruled by Islam (Andalusia, Palestine, the Balkans and Kashmir) is a matter of the highest priority from the Islamic point of view. Attacking India or the European Union by Islam outright is too risky. Therefore attention is centered on the easier targets of Palestine and the Balkans, with Andalusia, Sicily and Kashmir in the second stage. For the rest of Europe a new tactic of soft invasion, by immigration and demographic explosion, has already yielded impressive results: within one generation, 30 million Muslims have taken a foothold in Europe. The active help the disciples of the Prophet receive from the West in the Balkans is an Allah-sent bonus that they had never dreamt of. The declaration Kosovo’s ‘independence’ in early 2008, which was recognized by the United States and most West Europeans, has been the most dramatic manifestation of this Western capitulation in the face of Islamic aggression in the heart of Europe."

Read and heed Solana.


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