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More Obama Doctrine in Action: Attempt To Undermine Tourism To Israel

The Obama State Dept. wants to discourage American citizens from traveling to Jerusalem, Israel this week during "Sukkot", also known as the "Feast of Tabernacles."

This is the largest tourism event in Israel. According to this report in Jpost:

"In an unusual move, the US State Department on Friday called on American citizens to avoid Jerusalem's Old City during the week of Sukkot, warning citizens of increased violence, crime and heavy traffic."

Jews and Christians from all over the world have come to Jerusalem for decades to join in the Biblical celebrations without a problem.

It is an occasion in which many thousands of Jews and Christians also show their solidarity and support for Israel. Certainly this is well known by the Obama State Dept.

In this context the State Dept.'s "warning"  to Americans to stay away from Jerusalem must be seen as an underhanded "snub".

The Obama Doctrine: Embolden America's enemies, diminish America, and undermine our allies.

A deliberate attempt by the Obama State Dept. to undermine tourism to Israel by scores of American citizens during Israel's largest tourism event.

2008 Feast of Tabernacles Event:


I can't find any State Department travel advisories for Palestine. This is one mean-spirited and evil administration.

Enjoyed the videos.

Guess the Obamites didn't put much thought into the announcement. BTW, they don't normally issue warnings when there are only mild disturbances of peace fully controlled by police.

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