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Moonbats of The Mediterranean

Note the Cresent Star flag drapped on the side of this fake "peace" boat.


The fake "peace-activists" came armed to the teeth for a pre-meditated attack with knives, clubs, firebombs, and other weapons.

From Chris Mitchell The Ambush At Sea:

"Expect to hear worldwide condemnation of Israel for this morning's raid on the "Freedom Flotilla." As you listen to the reports, here are some questions to keep in mind":

1. What were the motives of those on board the flotilla?

"Palestinian Media Watch just released this video. It's an al-Jazeera report before today's incident showing men on one of the ships chanting " Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!"

"As PMW explains, "Khaibar is the name of the last Jewish village defeated by Muhammad's army in 628. Many Jews were killed in that battle, which marked the end of Jewish presence in Arabia. There are Muslims who see that as a precursor for future wars against Jews. At gatherings and rallies of extremists, this chant is often heard as a threat to Jews to expect to be defeated and killed again by Muslims."

"The clip also shows an interview with a woman who said the goal of the participants on the flotilla had "one of two happy endings: either martyrdom or reaching Gaza."

"This story reveals a group girding themselves for battle and martyrdom, not simply on a humanitarian mission."

2. What happened to the soldiers during the battle?

"Here are two YouTube clips released by the IDF. This clip shows one member of the flotilla stabbing an IDF soldier from behind:   The other clip shows a number of incidents including thefirst IDF soldier deployed on the ship being attacked and thrown to the lower deck and attacks on the IDF soldiers using metal objects, a stun grenade and a firebomb." [ Read it all]

To it's credit Cyprus banned the Moonbat flotilla of fake "peace-activists" from it's waters.

Unfortunately, the government of Cyprus has no real control over it's northern coast since that is still under "illegal occupation" by Turkey.

Yes, that's right. Northern Cyprus has been under illegal Turkish occupation since 1974.

From an earlier post on this:

In 1974, the military junta of Greece staged a coup to overthrow the government of Cyprus. Turkey used this as a pretext for invasion and occupation. In the wake of the onslaught over one hundred thousand Cypriots were forcibly expelled from their homes and land in northern Cyprus.

The Turkish military remains in northern Cyprus to back up their puppet Islamist government there. 

When a "Right of Return" is legitimate: 

"The invasion and occupation has had disastrous consequences. About 142,000 Greek Cypriots living in the north – nearly one quarter of the population of Cyprus – were forcibly expelled from the occupied northern part of the island where they constituted 80% of the population. "

"These people are still deprived of the right to return to their homes and properties. A further 20,000 Greek Cypriots enslaved in the occupied area were gradually forced through intimidation and denial of their basic human rights to abandon their homes. Today there are fewer than 600 enslaved persons (Greek Cypriots and Maronites)."

[ Don't hear much from the Islamists or their Dhimmi allies demanding this "right of return".]

"Peace-Activists" Linked To Al-Qaeda, Carry Weapons for Pre-Meditated Attack

So-called peace-activists an "armada of hate and violence"-Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon. 

These Hamas supporting anti-Israel hatemongers evidently came with plans for a pre-meditated terror attack against Israelis as their "flotilla" was stocked with weapons.

The "flotilla-terrorists" made a surprise attack against Israelis enforcing a legal blockade of Hamas dominated Gaza.

Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister Ayalon addressed the incident in a press conference:

"I want to report this morning that the armada of hate and violence in support of the Hamas terror organization was a premeditated and outrageous provocation."

"The organizers are well known for their ties with global jihad, Al-Qaeda and Hamas."

"They have a history of arms smuggling and deadly terror."

"On board the ship we found weapons-prepared in advance and used against our forces."-DFM Ayalon

Video at A7. 

Watch the world blame Israel-Radarsite

Note the below video via Solomonia has already been "flagged" at Youtube. 

"Peace-Activist" Stabs Israeli soldier"- via Solomonia:


"Peace-Activists" attack with weapons"

Israelis Protest outside Turkish Embassy

Drudge Report Links To, - Promotes Anti-Israel AP and Reuters Media

Drudge Report has a bad habit of linking to and promoting articles written and contrived by anti-Israel AP and Reuters "stringers".

Unless Drudge changes it today sometime after this is posted, currently as of this writting there is not a single Israeli account of the interdiction of the so-called "peace-activist" Gaza flotilla on the Drudge Report.

No links to Jpost, Israel National News, or other Israeli media articles on the incident.

The current [ 9:47am EST 05/31/10] page of Drudge Report lists the following headlines on this matter:

Israeli commandos storm aid flotilla; 10 killed...
Israelis say self-defense; were attacked with knives, sticks, gunfire...
France: Profoundly shocked, Europe calls for inquiry...
Turkey warns of 'consequences'...
Details scant amid censorship, communications jamming...
Israel in eye of storm...

Drudge should exercise more responsibility than to promote articles written by anti-Israel "stringers". 

Lets take them one by one and compare:

The current Drudge headline that reads "Turkey Warns of Consequences" actually links to a Daily Mail/UK article with a completely different headline:

Israeli commandos gun down 19 peace activists in raid on Gaza ships with 28 Britons on board

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 2:50 PM on 31st May 2010 

Soldiers fire on civilians after being attacked as they boarded ships

  • Foreign Secretary William Hague 'deplores loss of life'

  • Turkey recalls its ambassador and warns of 'consequences for Israel'

  • Nobel Laureate, Wallander author and foreign MPs on board

The Foreign Secretary today 'deplored' the loss of life during the interception of a flotilla of ships carrying aid to Gaza.

Up to 19 people were killed after Israeli commandos boarded ships carrying 10,000 tonnes of aid en route from Cyprus.

William Hague said the British embassy was in 'urgent contact' with the Israeli government, asking for more information.

[ Article doesn't say who the author is. ]

[ 19 "peace-activists", Israeli soldiers fire on civilians?]

Bullhocky!- the so-called "peace-activists" were tied to Islamic terror groups, carried weapons including rifles with the obvious pre-meditated plan to attack Israelis.

Next: " Israeli Commandos Storm Aid Flotilla; 10 Killed"- [at first ]lead to the below article by Rami Amichai, an article with a completely different headline title: "Israeli commandos describe initial moments of raid"

By Rami Amichai

"ABOARD INS KIDON, Mediterranean Sea, May 31 (Reuters) - Israeli commandos who raided a Gaza aid ship on Monday were set upon by activists with knives and clubs and some troops jumped overboard to save themselves, according to an Israeli account.

[The Israeli Navy commandos didn't "raid" a Gaza aid ship. They "interdicted and stopped" a flotilla of anti-Israel haters and terrorists with weapons who refused orders to stop] 

Israel said commandos opened fire in self-defence and 10 activists were killed and seven troops wounded. With Israel jamming signals and censoring media, there was little independent reporting of the events at sea.

[ Israel "said" commandos...] 

An Israeli military spokesman said some of the commandos were equipped with paintball guns but the non-lethal weapons were not enough against activists who charged in with batons.

[ An Israeli military spokesman "said"...- in other words Rami Amichai wants to encourage "doubt" as to the Israeli account. ] 

"A Reuters cameraman on the Israeli navy ship Kidon close to the six-vessel aid convoy said commanders monitoring the operation were surprised by the strong resistance put up by the pro-Palestinian activists."

[... surprised by the "strong resistance" put up by the pro-Palestinian activists.-- How about this instead: surprised by "a premeditated and outrageous provocation, and its organizers had ties to global Jihad, al Qaida and Hamas-Daniel Ayalon]

That article linked by Drudge to "Optionetics" was written by Rami Amicai, a Reuters reporter.

Update: Drudge has just changed it! The link for the headline "Israeli Commandos Storm Aid Flotilla; 10 Killed",  no longer leads to the "Optionetics" article by Reuters reporter Rami Amichai, but now leads to a totally different article at Yahoo.

That is still wrong! Here is a link to the actual AP article "Israeli Commandos Storm Aid Flotilla; 10 Killed, written by Amy Teibel and Tia Goldenberg.

In other words Drudge is keeping the same headline but linking to different articles.

The media watchdog Camera has previously reported on Rami Amichai's twisted reporting in order to portray the motive of the Hamas terror group as legitimate. 

From Camera:

"*The infrequent articles that do include inaccurate terminology now often include qualification about the motives of terrorist groups. For example, a December 15 article using the phrase “uprising for independence” included as well the stated aim of the Hamas terrorist organization:

Hamas, sworn to Israel's destruction, has led a suicide bombing campaign during the three-year-old Palestinian uprising for independence. ("Israel remands Arab-Canadian in alleged bomb plot," Rami Amichai, December 15, 2003)

The net effect of this change is that Reuters' huge global audience is presented with a clearer, more accurate picture of Palestinian terrorist goals and violence. " read the full Camera report.

Read Camera's report on AP stringer Amy Teibel here, and Honest Reporting's here.


Is C.A.I.R. Infiltration Behind This?

The Dept. of Homeland Security [DHS] is trying to deport the son of a top Hamas leader who became a Christian and saved many lives by working undercover for Israeli inteligence. 

U.S. Trying To Deport "Son of Hamas"-WND.

With that in mind, from the Examiner:

"The investigation offers revelations about CAIR's infiltration of key US law enforcement agencies including local police departments, the FBI, the CIA and the State Department, as well as, their influence on operations against members of homeland security committees on Capitol Hill and their insertion of Islamic spies in congressional offices." Read it all.

This really needs to be investigated to the bottom. The Hamas Islamists, in fact all jihadists would like to get revenge against Mosab Hasan for the good he did in preventing jihad terror attacks and saving lives.

Interview with Pastor of "Son of Hamas":

End U.S. Military Aid To Egypt, and Other Oppressive Islamist Countries

[Egyptian Cleric Hisham Al-'Ashri: It Is the "Dream of My Life" to Wage War against Israel; There Is No Such Thing as a "Christian Religion"

--full transcript here.]

Non-military aid should be conditional and performance based.

An Obama-Mubarak Endowment Fund?[ Mubarak out now, MB in]

A new endowment fund officially called "The United States Egyptian Friendship Foundation". 

Something that will definitely be bad for U.S. taxpayers as well as Egyptians.

[Update: Now that Mubarak is out and the Muslim Brotherhood in, this is all the more urgent and important.

For the Obama Administration to continue the supplying of $ millions in U.S. taxpayer military aid to Egypt in light of the Muslim Brotherhood takeover would be absolutely insane.] 

 Now consider the following:


"My main driving force is I want to prove to people the amount of persecution that Muslim converts and Christians face here [Egypt], and that the persecution has been going on for 1,400 years."-El Gohary

And he should know. From the Persecution Blog:

"For nearly two years, El-Gohary and his teenage daughter have been living in hiding because he abandoned Islam and embraced Christianity. During this time he has been beaten and forcibly detained, and his daughter has been attacked. He has had to endure death threats, poverty and crushing boredom."

"Asked what gets him through the constant pressure of living on the run, El-Gohary said he wants to show the world how Christians are treated in Egypt."
read the rest here. 


The U.S. currently provides about 1.5 $ billion in military aid to Egypt. Approximately $50 billion since 1979.

Though Egypt and Israel signed a "peace" treaty, it is a cold-peace. When Egypt conducts military exercises, the exercises are conducted with the view of Israel as the enemy. 


In addition to over a $ billion in U.S. military aid to Egypt there is now a "United States Egypt Friendship Endowment" whereby the U.S. taxpayer pays for $ millions in non-military aid to Egypt.

Also referred to as the "Mubarak Trust Fund".

Egypt lobbied U.S. Congressmen with the idea of this "endowment fund". The purpose behind the creation of this "United States Egypt Friendship Endowment" fund is to provide Egypt with hundeds of $ millions in aid without any Congressional oversight. 

Senator Gregg Judd, [R] New Hampshire, who is not running for re-election this year, was very receptive.

In 2007 he introduced SA 2726 which established the "United States Egypt Friendship Endowment" and made provision for $ 500,000,000 in non-military aid to Egypt to "further economic, social, and political reforms".

And for the record that SA 2726 was adapted by "unanimous consent". Every Senator, both Republican and Democrat, voted for it.

Last year Senator Judd inserted language into the FY 2010 Omnibus Appropriations bill providing for $ 50,000,000 in non-military aid with no reference to political reforms or human rights abuses. 

The problem with this "Obama-Mubarak Trust/ Endowment Fund" is that over the scope of several years it would provide Egypt with hundreds of $ millions of U.S. taxpayer money without any oversight or conditions attached.  

Over the past decades some U.S. Congressmen have attempted to link financial aid to Egypt with democratic reform and abuse of human rights, such as religious persecution. Presidential Administrations and the U.S. State Dept. have fought against such attempts all along the way.

In 2007 Congress adapted legislation to reduce U.S. military aid to Egypt by a $100 million [ a drop in the bucket].

Even so Condi Rice "waived" the reduction. That's a major problem with "National Security Waivers" :

They are often included in Congressional legislation by the unscrupulous. They constitute a legal-loophole whereby the President and sometimes the Secretary of State can thwart the democratic process.

We go to the trouble to make our voice heard to our elected officials. To placate us they adapt legislation that sounds like what we want. But alas, the legislation includes the option of a "presidential waiver".

In other words, Congress adapts legislation that on the surface sounds good and helps to make the legislators look good as if they are doing something substantive in response to us their constituents. But is rendered useless by a built-in "waiver". How utterly un-democratic!

Case in point- the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act adapted by Congress in 1995. But with a built-in option of a presidential "waiver". 

Every year since it's adaption by Congress in 1995 every president, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama have slapped democracy in the face by an abuse of the "waiver" to prevent the implimentation of the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act.

Why go to the trouble to make our voice heard to our elected officials when these "waivers" render legislation that we want useless? 

In that regard a new bill introduced by U.S. Senator Sam Brownback entitled the "Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act of 2009" removes the "waiver". It is currently in Committee and deserves our full support. 

Back to Egypt:

The legal system in Egypt is based on Islamic law. Article Two of it's Constitution recognizes Islam as the "state religion".

Non-Muslim religious minorities in Egypt, mainly the Egyptian Christian Copts suffer horrendous abuse and discrimination under Islam's "dhimmitude" in Egypt.

Islam expert Robert Spencer writes the following:

"While the classic Islamic laws regarding dhimmis are not in force in Egypt today, they're still part of Islamic law, and as such Islamic clerics regard them as the proper status that Christians and other "People of the Book" should assume in the Islamic state." read all of it here.







That our own U.S. government sells or provides military arms, fighter-jets, and other military equipment to countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt that repress their own people, and do not allow for true freedom of religion and freedom speech is absolutely irresponsible.

Non-military aid to such countries should be conditional on real social and political reform. Such as strict government enforcement of genuine freedom of religion, speech. and expression. A complete end to religious persection and discrimination.



General Keith Dayton: An American "Glubb Pasha"

Keith-dayton_ramallah This is something Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity need to put a spot-light on.

How our tax money is spent is definitely both an American and conservative issue.

Not only have there been a few treasonous "American" Taliban and jihadists, there is also an American Glubb Pasha

The difference is that a treasonous American jihadist gets funding from other Islamists and sometimes also from illegal activities. 

However, U.S. General Keith Dayton, an American version of the British Glubb Pasha, is funded by U.S. tax dollars to train and equip Fatah Islamists of the Palestinian Authority.

Glubb Pasha was a British army officer who trained Arabs that fought against Israel.

These Fatah Islamists have and will use their American military training and U.S. M-16's against our Israeli friends and allys. And potentially against Americans as well. At our U.S. taxpayer expense unless this outrageous program is stopped.

The matter of U.S. General Keith Dayton was first written about on this blog a little over a year ago:

"The U.S. General in charge of providing "security" training for the Fatah PA , Keith Dayton, openly acknowledged what many have suspected all along.

Notably this:

The dangerous and unacceptable potential that U.S. supplied weapons and training will be turned against our ally Israel by the Fatah PA.

Our tax dollars and military training used to attack Israelis?! -

Call your Congressman, - end this U.S./Fatah training program now."

Caroline Glick also wrote:

"... Keith Dayton, who is responsible for training Palestinian military forces in Jordan, indicated that if Israel does not surrender Judea and Samaria within two years, the Palestinian forces he and his fellow American officers are now training at a cost of more than $300 million could begin killing Israelis..."

read the rest here."

INN reported the following from IDF Maj-General Avi Mizrahi during an Israeli military exercise last week:

"Mizrahi told soldiers that the PA security forces, trained in Jordan by United States Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, is a formidable potential enemy and that the IDF needs to know how to fight them if the need should arise."

"This is a trained, equipped, American-educated force," Mizrahi said. "This means that at the beginning of a battle, we will pay a higher price. A force like that can shut down an urban area with four snipers… It is a proper infantry force facing us and we need to take that into account. They have attack capabilities and we do not expect them to give up easily."

"Keith Dayton himself has expressed belief that his PA army would likely attack the Jewish state in the event that Israel does not give in to the demands of the Middle East Quartet, comprising America, Russia, the United Nations and European Union. At a May 2009 lecture in Washington, Dayton indicated that if Israel does not surrender Judea and Samaria to the PA within two years, the Fatah forces he and his fellow American officers are currently training could easily turn their guns on the Israelis."



A Manchurian President, State Dept, Justice Dept, and Homeland Un-Security

Today the Obama Administration lifted sanctions against three Russian companies that have assisted Iran in it's nuclear program.

In addition, John Morton, a top official with Homeland Security for ICE has said his agency may not process illegal aliens referred to them by Arizona authorities.What?!

Morton was also very critical of Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law. A law that almost 70% of Americans support and agree with.

Eric Holder who heads the Justice Dept. as Attorney General is not even willing to publically identify the jihad terror enemy that wages war against the non-Muslim free-world. 

Many are making a big thing about his refusal to say "radical Islam". However, it isn't radical Islam, it is "Islam itself" that is the problem.

As Pamela Geller told Huckabee last Saturday night when he said, "to be fair a perversion of Islam", when discussing a proposed mosque at the Ground Zero NY site of the jihad terror attacks of 9/11, Geller correctly stated "it's in the Koran".

Jihad against non-Muslims is in the Koran as well as the Islamic hadiths.

We also have the spectacle of Obama bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, the worlds worst abuser of human rights and freedom of religion right behind North Korea. 

Making a speech to the Muslim world from Al-Ahzar school in Egypt, the Alma-Mater of many jihadists. Including the founder of Islamic jihad terror groups in the Phillipines and the master-mind of the '93 World Trade Center terror attack, the blind sheik Omar Abdul Rahmen.

Can America survive till 2012?

Too Horrible to Contemplate-Maggies Notebook

Condi's Lebanon Legacy: A More Dangerous Hizbullah Islamic Terror

Hezbollah_nazi_salute A little over two years ago I wrote the following:

"If Condi Rice displayed the same passionate zeal during UN negotiations over the terms of a cease-fire with Hizbullah in the 2nd Lebanon War, as she does in bullying Israel to make concessions, no doubt there would have been a strong Chapter 7 mandate, instead of the weak 1701 Resolution."

"As it was, Secretary Rice appeared eager to give in on the original American position and conceeded to the demands of the Arabs and the Europeans."

"With the result being a token UNIFIL force with observer status only. And that's exactly what they do, observe and watch Hizbullah re-arm and re-supply." 

"[John] Bolton related to [Dan] Gillerman, [Israel's ambassador to the UN at the time], that Condoleezza Rice had taken the task of negotiations upon herself and was personally involved in all of it's details."

"In regards to the final draft resolution cease-fire Bolton said:

'Rice is the one who agreed to the last two changes that were discussed...'

"Those last two changes were caving in to the Arabs and Europeans who wanted the weak 1701 toothless resolution with no enforcement mandate, as opposed to the much tougher Chapter 7 mandate. As well as a mention of Sheba Farms."

Since then Hizbullah has been very busy rearming and re-supplying for their next jihad war against Israel.

Both Iran and Syria have been eagerly complicit.

Recently Syria transfered Scud rockets with a range of over 400 miles to Hizbullah terrorists.

When will U.S. Administrations and the pinheads over at the State Dept. stop interfering with Israel's right to defend itself and go after and defeat the jihadists?

In 1982 the Israeli IDF had Arafat and his PLO jihad terrorist pals surrounded in western Beirut.

And what did our U.S. government do?

They pressured Israel into allowing safe passage for Arafat and his jihad pals out of Beirut to safety in Tunisa. And sad to say, it happened on President Reagan's watch.

That would be the equivilent of political pressure on the U.S. to allow safe passage for Usama Bin Laden and his jihad followers if they were ever actually cornered as Arafat was.

Unfortunately the U.S. adapted an appeasement approach to Islamic jihad terrorism with the dispicable and irresponsible legitimization of the PLO. 

That is in keeping with the unfounded belief held by the clueless that Islam can be negotiated with.

Instead of the U.S. and other governments engaging in appeasement and bestowing legitimacy on the PLO, they should have stayed out of Israel's way and not only allowed Israel to destroy Arafat and the PLO leaders holed up in western Beirut, they also should have done all they could have to support our ally Israel instead of pulling the rug out from under them with pressure to allow safe passage for the terrorists. 

The same with regard to the fight with Hizbullah in 2006.

Condi Rice should have never agreed to that weak toothless 1701 Resolution, but instead insisted on the Chapter 7 enforcement mandate for disarming Hizbullah.

The U.S. Administration and State Dept. today are even worse appeasers.

As the Iranian Islamist regime makes headway to acquire a nuclear weapon, the actions of the U.S. and the rest of the international community are impotent.

In fact the actions of Obama towards our allys are those consistent with a "manchurian" president.

State Dinner for Mexico's Calderon: Snubbs and Insults for PM Netanyahu

Untitled Mexico's President Philip Calderon, who has insulted every American with his total disrespect for U.S. sovereignty and the rule of law, was treated to a formal and lavish Whitehouse dinner by the Obamas.

By contrast, the Prime Minister of Israel, our closest friend and most dependable ally, was subjected to snubbs and insults during his visit to the Obama Whitehouse.

Obama "walked out" of a meeting with PM Netanyahu to have his own dinner.

Unlike the normal treatment a visiting head of state receives at the Whitehouse, there was no pomp and photo, and no dinner for visiting PM Netanyahu.  

Both Calderon and Obama have shown total disrespect for America's sovereignty and rule of law. 

Both have wasted no time in lashing out against a new and badly needed Arizona law that deals with the horrible problem of illegal immigration in that state.

As Michelle Malkin has pointed out, Mexico's laws in regards to illegal aliens and the trespassing of "their border" are far more harsh than our own.

A study has found that more than 2,000 Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens.

In addidtion, jihadists make their way to America by learning to speak spanish, trespass the border, and mimmick hispanics "just looking for work".

On that last note please watch this video clip you will never see on the MSM. U.S. Border patrol agents have been finding things like Muslim prayer rugs and Hizbullah insignia patches along the border.