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Uri Brodsky Should Be Given A Medal

2008_12_27t112719_450x315_us_palestinians_israel_violence And so should the "Son of Hamas", Mosab Hassan, for the good work he did with Shin Bet that thwarted jihad terror attacks and helped save lives.

But instead, the DHS wants to deport him as a terrorist. What?!!!

DHS either has a severe problem with enemy identification, or they have been infiltrated by Islamists who would like to see Mosab Hassan deported out of revenge for his leaving Islam, and helping to stop terror attacks by Hamas. 

In any case DHS is treating the bad guys as the good guys and the good guys as the bad guys. Not to mention how a top official with DHS said they may not process illegal aliens turned over to them by Arizona.

And now an Israeli Mossad agent has been "arrested" in Poland for involvement in the elimination of a top Hamas terrorist in Dubai.

This from A7 News:

"A report said that Polish authorities have arrested an Israeli man, Uri Brodsky, on suspicion of involvement in the death of top Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh last January in Dubai. According to the German Der Spiegel weekly, Brodsky was arrested on June 4, when he arrived in Warsaw. Brodsky was arrested based on an international arrest warrant issued in Germany, the report said."

"According to the report, Brodsky assisted one of the 30-odd members of the team that Dubai authorities say killed Mabhouh to obtain a foreign passport."

"Israel's Foreign Ministry confirmed that an Israeli had been arrested in connection with the case. The Der Spiegel report said that Israel had asked Poland not to extradite Brodsky to Germany, where he would be tried for being a member of a spy organization, not for the Mabhouh killing itself."

"The arrest is the first one in the case, following complaints by Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and Australia that the operatives that killed the terrorist had used passports issued in their countries to enter Dubai in order to set up the elimination of Mabhouh. "

Whose side are Poland, France, Germany, and Britain on in the global jihad against the free-world?

They are upset that operatives used passports issued in their countries for a mission to eliminate a top bloodthirsty Hamas terrorist?

The governments of these countries should be thanking the counter-terror team that completed that mission.

Each member of that counter-terror team, as well as Uri Brodsky, should be given a medal for valuable service rendered to the free-world.

But like Bibi said, Israel faces an attack of international hypocrisy.



"Whose side are Poland, France, Germany, and Britain on in the global jihad against the free-world?"

Eee, none? There is an international arrest warrant for making and using false passports, not for assasinating a person.

Besides, it is war, why Hamas actions are bad and Israeli are good?

To Melon:

Falsifying passports or other identification for "criminal pursuit" is certainly wrong and should be illegal.

The case with Uri Brodsky is totally different.

Like you say,"it is war", and in war special top secret covert operations are often conducted which require the use of "supplied" identification.

In this case a top secret operation to eliminate a bloodthirsty Hamas terrorist.

Like was said, " Uri Brodsky should be given a medal for valuable service rendered on behalf of the free-world, which Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and all the other jihadists would like to vanquish.

"why Hamas actions are bad and Israeli are good?"--

you are either totally clueless or you yourself are on the side of the bad guys.

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