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Five Years Later: Remembering The Gaza-Katrina Expulsions

Five years ago August 16th-22nd of 2005, television screens all across America and the world, were filled with the horrible images of thousands of Israelis forcibly uprooted and expelled from their homes and land in Gaza and northern Samaria.

In part because of Ariel Sharon's betrayal of the principles of his own Likud Party, but mainly due to American pressure on Israel under the infamous "Roadmap".

Seven days to the day later, on August 29th 2005, tens of thousands of Americans were forcibly uprooted and expelled from their homes and land by an act of God called "Katrina".

"Mother nature" does not exist.

God is boss over the powerfull forces of nature that He created.

See also Weather and the Bible, an excellent resource site.

Much of the American MSM has been focused the past week on the devestations of Katrina, while the devestations wrought against thousands of Israelis that preceeded Katrina are being ignored.

Some may ask, " what did the folks along the gulf have to due with Gaza?"


But God who is boss over nature has the ability to accomplish a variety of different purposes in folk's lives with the same event.

As well as send a message of warning at the same time.

The everyday folks in Israel suffered greatly when their "head of state", King David sinned.

The consequences the Israeli government responsible for:

Increased terrorism and rockets, misslies from Gaza.

The consequeces the U.S. government responsible for:

Tens of thousands of uprooted and expelled U.S. citizens, environmental and economic woes that affected the entire country.






Michael Bloomberg Nominated for American "Dhimmi of the Year"

The fight to prevent a Mosque at Ground Zero is not an attempt to restrict freedom of religion. 

Rather, it is a fight to prevent Islamists from using our cherished freedoms against us to construct a symbol of Islamic "supremacism" in the very local where Islamists shouting "Allahu Akbar" crashed planes into the WTC murdering 3,000 Americans.  

Sending my nomination of Michael Bloomberg for American "Dhimmi of the Year" award in advance to Robert Spencer.

Islam is not just another religion, it also doubles as a dangerous imperialistic political ideology that seeks to "use" our laws and freedoms against us to gain power and "Islamacize" our country.

Their ultimate objective being to "replace" those same current laws and freedoms they are now using against us with "Sharia" or Koranic law.

Yes, our cherished American laws and freedoms they now use against us in their attempt to construct a Mosque,a symbol of Islamic supremacism, do not exist in Muslim countries.

Not even in Afghanistan, where our U.S. troops lay their lives on the line, and over 1,000 have now made the ultimate sacrifice.

An Afghan man faced the death penalty for leaving Islam and embracing Christianity. Here and here.

No, it wasn't a matter involving the Taliban, but rather the new Afghan government we helped put in place. It took much diplomatic pressure to finally obtain the man's freedom. 

And then there is the matter of Bibles that were confiscated and destroyed, from a U.S. soldier after an Al-jazeera report that the Bibles were going to be used for sharing the Gospel with Muslims.

Whether that claim of Al-jazeera was true or not concerning the soldiers use of the Bibles, even so, that is all apart of true freedom of religion and democracy. 

Islamists will not countenance real democracy and true freedom of religion in their countries where they are the majority, but here in America they have no problem "making use" of those same laws and freedoms against us.

Nomination for American "Anti-Dhimmi of the Year" award: Franklin Graham.

For A Real American President, - This Should Be Easy!

Following a Hizbullah/Lebanese Army ambush attack on the IDF, in which an officer was killed and another wounded, members of the U.S. Congress want a freeze placed on the $100 million in U.S. military aid for Lebanon.

The Lebanese response to the freeze in aid:

"Lebanon has told the United States to keep its money if America insists that it cannot be used on weapons with which to fight Israel."

Hmmm...., for any real American president, this should be easy.

My prediction:

 Obama will want to give U.S. military equipment to the LAF regardless.

Video via sacred 1976:

In the video clip below from 1981, a much younger Geraldo Revera interviews the late Bachir Gemayel , commander of the Lebanese Christian Forces fighting the PLO jihadists.

At about 1:20 minutes into the video you will hear Gemayel plainly state that the battle and foe the Lebanese Christians are fighting is the same as our own. Also, the refusal of U.S. officials to even listen and return his calls. 

At about 8:00 minutes into the video a much younger Peter Jennings files a report from Beirut. You will hear Jennings plainly say how it wasn't Arab countries or the Soviet Union that came to the aid of the PLO and helped them survive. No, it was the U.S.

At about the 8:40 minute point, the "rules of engagement" for U.S. marines going to assist in the "withdrawl" [escape] of Arafat and the PLO from West Beirut is mentioned:

#1-if fighting breaks out the Marines are to withdraw.

#2- if the PLO won't cooperate, they are to withdraw.

Once again the U.S. intervened and would not allow Israel, nor the Lebanese Christians fighting the jihadists to win.

Bachir Gemayel Interview:

One Real Good Reason To Have Primary Election "Run-Offs" for Congress

It is worth the investment of time and money in order to have a candidate that a clear majority of voters want and will support.

[Run-offs in presidential and gubenatorial primaries as well] 

Otherwise you often have a situation where the candidate with the least support can actually win because the other candidates "split the vote".

Such was the case in yesterday's Connecticut 2nd congressional district Republican primary:

U.S. House District 2 [GOP Primary]  map  140 of 141 precincts 99%
Janet Peckinpaugh X 11,284 (43%)
Daria Novak 9,846 (38%)
Doug Dubitsky 5,087 (19%)

Because there will be no run-off vote between the top two vote getters, Janet Peckinpaugh [rino], will be the 2nd district GOP nominee with only a "minority" of the vote.

The clear majority of voters were split between two good conservatives.

Free Norwich is right that both Daria Novak and Doug Dubitsky are good folks who would represent and serve their 2nd district well in Washington.

Unfortunately, that will not happen because a "rino" will be the nominee with only a "minority" of support.

It is clear from the vote totals that Janet Peckinpaugh was not the choice of the majority.

She recieved 43% of the vote. A clear majority of 57% did not vote for her.

A run-off election between the top two vote getters could resolve this problem.

Fair Vote echos this concern in their article "Primary Run-Offs Show Need For Reform". A brief excerpt:

"FairVote prefers runoffs to plurality voting.  Single-winner races can produce undemocratic outcomes when more than two candidates run - issues of "spoilers," "split votes" and illegitimate victories follow."

[This is precisely how Peckinpaugh "won" the primary].

 "The desire of the parties in states with runoff laws to make sure that the nominee actually has substantial support within the party is commendable, given that primary elections often effectively determine who will win the general election."

 "Unfortunately, far too many voters fail to return for most runoffs, making alternatives like instant runoff voting more attractive.  At least two states already recognize this fact, and have implemented instant runoff voting for their overseas voters."

"In an effort to ensure that every voter is counted, including our troops fighting overseas, Arkansas and South Carolina allow overseas and military voters to vote using a ranked ballot.  They need to return their ballot before the first round of the primary as usual, but do not need to resubmit a ballot for the runoff." 

"If a voter's first choice fails to qualify for the runoff, the runoff vote will go to the higher-ranked of the remaining candidates."

[Now if something like that were in place yesterday, because Dubitsky was not one of the top two vote getters, his votes would have gone to Novak as an "instant run-off".]

Both Novak and Dubitsky have pledged to support Peckinpaugh in the general election in November. Unfortunately Peckinpaugh does not have the sound conservative credentials of either Novak or Dubitsky.

This means that 57% of voters in that 2nd district who prefered a candidate other than Peckinpaugh, will now be disenfranchised of their votes and have a GOP nominee who does not have solid conservative credentials. 

U.S. To Sell F-15 Fighters To One of World's Most Oppressive Countries


The U.S. has approved the sale of a $30 billion F-15 deal to Saudi Arabia.

We need to elect sane people to  Congress that will put a stop to this kind of stupidity.

No more military aid to oppressive non-democratic regimes,  who are utterly opposed to our democratic, Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. 

And also wish the destruction of our allies.

There is only one country in the world that is more repressive and oppressive than North Korea. And that country is Saudi Arabia:

And very much related to the Saudi government's suppression of freedom of religion and violation of inalienable rights, is their Wahabbist Islamic ideology.

The Saudi government spends $ billions to advance Islamist Wahabbi doctrine around the world.

About 80% of U.S. mosques were established with Saudi funding and ideological Wahabbi indoctrination.

They are not our allies.

When it comes to advancing Islam and wanting to see the entire world made subject and submissive to Islam, there is no difference between the ruling house of Saud and Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda jihadists.

But the royal "house of Saud" doesn't want to lose it's position and power. That puts the Saudi government at odds with Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda who want the monarchial regimes replaced with a new "caliphate".

Otherwise, they both embrace the same global objective of wanting to see the non-Muslim world [house of war], made subject and in submission to Islam.

Islam is not just another religion, it also doubles as a dangerous imperialistic political ideology as well.

See also an article by Daniel Pipes: The Scandal of U.S. / Saudi Relations



No U.S. Money, and No U.S. Military Equipment For Lebanese Army!

Obama wants $100,000,000 of your tax money to fund the Lebanese Army which just this week made an unprovoked attack against our ally Israel, killing at least one officer.

Instead of funding the LAF it would be much more beneficial to the U.S. to fund and support the anti-Islamist forces in Lebanon.

How did Lebanon come to be so saturated with Islamic terrorist groups and jihadists?

Our own U.S. government has made at least three critical mistakes with regard to Lebanon.

First, when Israeli General Ariel Sharon had Arafat and his top PLO jihadist friends surrounded in West Beirut in 1982, the position of our government at that time should have been to assist Israel to completely destroy Arafat and the PLO terrorists. 

The attitude of our U.S. government towards the PLO then, and now, should be no different than our attitude toward Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

How did our U.S. government deal with it?

They sent U.S. State Dept. envoy Philip Habib to pressure Israel into allowing safe passage of Arafat and his terror pals out of their "surrounded" predicament from West Beirut to Tunisia.

In Tunisia Arafat and his ilk were able to regroup.

It was also due to pressure fom the U.S. that Arafat was allowed to return to Ramalla. Whereby the Fatah PLO began the plotting and carrying out of new terror attacks against Israeli civilians.

IMHO this will forever be a dark stain against the legacy of Ronald Reagan's administration.

For the most part Ronald Reagan was one of the best presidents this country ever had. At least with respect to dealing with the Soviets.

But in dealing with the Middle East and the PLO, Reagan and the State Dept. were just as clueless as "jihadi" Condi Rice and her misguided arm-twisting pressure on Israel. Not to mention that G.W. Bush did a u-turn on previous policy and called for the establishment of yet another Arab Muslim state. On Israel's land.

Of course President Bush's decision to recognize the Islamist grab of Kosovo should also be mentioned.

Our government's handling of the Arafat/PLO - Lebanon fiasco most definitely had the awful consequence of emboldening Islamic terrorists everywhere. Whether Fatah or Hizbullah. As well as being the catalyst for an increase in Muslim jihadist influx to Lebanon.

These jihadists move about from place to place in their "global jihad" against the infidel West. There have been Al-qaeda as well as "Palestinian" jihadists training with Moro Islamist groups in the Philippines.

This whole situation is not unlike how for many years law enforcement in this country were handicapped in dealing with the "Mafia", because they would not acknowledge or didn't know of it's existence.

They operated on the basis of "individual crimes" as opposed to dealing with a large-scale criminal organization.

The Obama Administration is deliberately choosing not to acknowledge a "global jihad" against the West.

The Bush Administration also was guilty of a "double-minded" foreign policy on Islamic terrorism. Wanting to pursue and go after jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan, but funding to the tune of $ millions of dollars the Fatah "Palestinian Authority", even while terror attacks were carried out against innocent Israeli civilians by the same.

World leaders have embraced this utterly false narrative that the global "war against Islamic terror" is somehow not connected to or "separate" from the so-called "Arab/Israeli" conflict.

No, they are not different. They are the same. The Islamists demand for "Palestine" is merely a tactic they use to oppose Israel and perpetrate "jihad against the infidel".

Just as the Islamists demand for a chunk of the Philippines, which they refer to as "Bangsamoro", [meaning the "Muslim State"], is also part of the same global conflict with militant imperialistic Islam.

Secondly, we did not do all we could have done years ago to bolster and support the anti-jihad forces in Lebanon. Most notably the Lebanese Christian militia as a counter to the jihad groups.

After a Hizbullah suicide truck bomb killed over 200 U.S. Marines in 1983 , we pulled out. This sent and the wrong message and no doubt further emboldened the jihadists.

"The Marines were in Lebanon as part of an international peacekeeping force trying to stabilize the country, which had been torn by a civil war between Christians — with their ally Israel — and Muslims. "

Instead of being "peace keepers" we should have been fighting alongside of Israel and the Lebanese Christian forces.


Christian minorities disappearing in ME.

Islam's Global War Against Christianity-American Thinker

Why didn't we? Believe the answer has to do with oil.

Third, in 2006 during what has been refered to as the 2nd Lebanon War, our own U.S. Secretary of State, Condi Rice, was eager to agree to a premature UN-imposed cease-fire.

The consequences of that: Hizbullah now rearmed with 60,000 rockets and missiles.

The position of our government at that time, as well as in 1982, should have been to assist Israel in thoroughly destroying Hizbullah. Including joint military campaigns.

Need we discuss the Obama regime's appeasement overtures to Syria, a facilitator of both Hizbullah and Hamas in the region?

All that our U.S. government has done with regards to Lebanon over the past 30-40 years, has only resulted in the Islamic jihad terror groups getting stronger, and the anti-Islamist groups getting weaker. 

Not to mention the funding with our tax dollars a current Lebanese government and army in which Hizbullah has thoroughly infiltrated.

Stupid. Absolutely stupid!







Leftist Hypocrisy On ILLegal Immigration

Ehud Barak, Israel's current Defense Minister, has stated that "expulsion is anti-Jewish".

However, in August 2005 Barak and his liberal Labor Party were applauding the forced uprooting and expulsion of thousands of "legal" Israeli citizens from their homes and land in Gaza and northern Samaria.

The Leftists in America champion the agenda of illegal aliens in this country as they think of the increase of votes for liberal democrats they calculate it will bring. 

Especially liberal religious groups, incuding some evangelicals,. 

Often engaging in a flagrant misinterpretation of the Bible to promote amnesty and illegal immigration. 

ILLegal immigration from a [right] Biblical Point of View-La Shawn Barber.

Those same leftists are outspoken in their hatred for our ally Israel and advocate for the "ethnic cleansing" expulsion of our Israeli friends and allies in Judea and Samaria.

Case in point:

The liberal Presbyterian USA held it's general assembly meeting in early July.

Their delegates voted overwhelmingly to oppose Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law.

A key provision of the new Arizona anti-illegal immigration law is that it will authorize police to inquire as to the legal status of persons committing crimes. 

Pro-amnesty and other champions of illegal immigration have falsely charged that provision of the law would lead to "racial profiling". However, they ignore the fact that the new law requires "probable cause". In other words there must be "other" illegal activity taking place. 

At this very same general assembly meeting PCUSA delegates voted for a measure calling on the U.S. government to end aid to Israel over construction in Judea and Samaria. 

They want to see Israel pressured into giving up Judea and Samaria for the establishment of yet another Arab Islamic state, and hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews "ethnically cleansed" from their own land.

Hypocrisy, absolute hypocrisy.

Hizbullah using Mexican drug routes into U.S.-video


Time To Flush This False Anti-Israel Propaganda Down The Toilet

This constantly regurgitated false narrative goes just like this recent e-mail that was received:

"But If Israel wants to keep the West bank it has to extend citizenship to all its legal residents."

 "Remember what the US did to Milosevic for trying to put people on buses and ship them out?"

[ Now that is the usual 'ethnic-cleansing' false charge propaganda]

[In actuallity it is the Fatah Palestinian Authority leadership that wants the ethnic-cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Israelis from their own land of Judea and Samaria.]  

"Conquered land comes with its subjects.  Land comes with people.  If you want to keep the land, you have to accept the people.  It's a package deal. "

False narrative.

First, Israel is not an "occupying" conquerer. Israel does not occupy one inch of Arab land.

In June of 1967 Israel fought a war of self-defense. In the process recovered land that historically belongs to Israel that had been under "foreign occupation" for 2,000 years. Including Islamist occupation.

It was Imperialist Muslim armies that invaded, occupied, and colonized the Middle East and northern Africa in the 7th century.

Not to mention the Ottoman Muslim and British occupations.

The Arab residents are free to have full citizenship and govern themselves in their own "autonomy" within Judea and Samaria. They do not need to become citizens of Israel.

But the truth is that no viable "peace plan' will ever be acceptable with the Arabs. This is because they are driven by the Koranic "jihad against the infidels" Islamic ideology.

Even though there are viable plans. One is the Israeli Initative.

The very best "peace plan" I've seen is the one that was proposed by Jerusalem Connection U.S. 

It is not just a Middle East conflict. That is but one geographic region of the global jihad against the non-Muslim free-world.

In Islam that part of the world already under the rule and authority of Islam is called the "House of Islam".

The other non-Muslim part of the world is called the "House of War". Muslims must wage "jihad" to bring the non-Muslim part of the world into subjection and made "submissive" to Islam.

Islam means- to "submit".