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September 13, 2010


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Islam is the antithesis of Christianity. Salvation in Islam comes through good works. Salvation in Christianity comes through God's grace. The god of Islam hates those that do not follow him. The God of Christianity loves the entire world, even taking the form of a man and dying to pay for the sins of the world. Good works are important in Christianity, but only as indicators of the Christian's following after Jesus. The equation is: God's grace + Faith = Salvation + Good Works. Note that good works is not a condition of salvation, but a sign of it.

But the good works of the Moslem are not a guarantee of paradise because no one can second guess Allah as to how many good works are sufficient to achieve paradise. Even Mohammed said he did not know what Allah would do with him. (That is, whether Allah would admit him to paradise.) Only dying in jihad guarantees paradise; hence jihadists that die in "suicide" missions believe they are not dying, but achieving eternal life in paradise.

Jesus is the central character in Christianity; he is God in human form, the author of salvation. The Holy Spirit is the guide sent to assist humans toward God and Jesus.

In Islamic theology Allah is one entity, not a trinity as in Christianity. Jesus is revered as a prophet, born of the virgin Mary but is not the son of God. According to Islam, Jesus was not crucified. He did not die for anyone's sins. In fact he did not even die. The Qur'an teaches that Christians believe the Holy Trinity is God the father, Jesus the Son, and Mary the mother.

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