Congress Must Stop Obama From Aiding Hezbollah/Lebanese Army
Shana Tova All

U.S. Military Confiscated, Burned Bibles In Afghanistan

This comes to mind in light of General Petraeus's warning "against" the planned Koran burning protest by an independent fringe church in Florida. The wrong way to protest.

In Afghanistan, where General Petraeus is the new commander, Bibles were confiscated by U.S. military authorities from a soldier and burned last year. 

That was an absolutely repugnant action. One that every U.S. citizen in this country should have protested and denounced. 

And why did our U.S. military authorities in Afghanistan do that?

-because Al-jazerra reported it's "concern" that the Bibles could be given to Muslims and used to share with them the Good News of forgiveness of sins through Yeshua [ Jesus], the Messiah. 

The U.S. military authorities caved in and made "appeasement".

We are told that our troops are in Afghanistan to prevent it from becoming a safe haven for terrorists.

What about the safe haven for terrorists in Iran that is on the very brink of obtaining nuclear weapons and our military under Obama will do nothing to stop them.?

Or the safe haven for terrorists in Lebanon that Obama wants to go ahead and give $100 million in military aid and and equipment to the Hezbollah/Lebanese army?

Or the safe haven for terrorists in Gaza that our government has already given $millions in aid to?

Our government under Obama has done nothing but embolden the jihadist enemies of the free-West since he became president. 

Our U.S. military should not be supporting an Afghan government that will not accord true freedom of religion and speech for all it's citizens.

We remember the outrageous matter of an Afghan man who embraced Christianity and then faced the death penalty in the Afghan court system.

In this country we have freedom of religion. Freedom of speech, and expression guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Freedoms that Islamists are using against us in order to advance the Islamization of America,--

while our own U.S. government is complicit in helping to repress freedom of religion in Afghanistan by confiscating and burning Bibles, making appeasment to Islam.

When our U.S. military authorities in Afghanistan engage in that sort of action, they are in effect making appeasement and working against freedom of religion for Afghanistan.

See also "Big Mac" and "General Douglas MacArthur, Japan, and Bible Burning in Afghanistan"

Things sure have changed in terms of our own government becoming so politically correct and bowing the knee in appeasement:

Following the surrender of Japan in WWII, the U.S. occupation authorities understood a link between Shintoism and the aggressive Japanese militarism responsible for the war in the Pacific.

General MacArthur reached out to U.S. churches and Bible publishing companies for assistance. -"Send Bibles".




Freedom of religion works both ways, When did U.S. citizens loose the right (another one)to have freedom of religion, who has the right to confiscate our bibles, and burn them, think nothing of it and yet go into a rage because one Koran is threatened.
I don't know about anyone else, I want my freedom of choice, I was guaranteed back along with all the others we have given away.
That is what THIS country was built on freedom, and the blood that paid for it. Now you want to GIVE IT AWAY!!!! YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT. Ask the people that died in service of this country, if they want to give away what they gave their lives for, just to appease the enemies of this country.
You people should be ashamed of what you are doing, how do you call yourselves Americans? How do you sleep at night? How will you handle it when they come for you?

I never heard this until Son Life Broadcasting Jimmy Swaggert reported it yesterday and I researched it. Wow what a shame I'll bookmark this site somi can stay abreast of what's happening.

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