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Palestinian Authority Negotiator Tells Whopper Lie

"The negotiations with Israel have been ongoing for more than 19 years since the Madrid peace conference in 1991 and until now have not achieved anything," -said Mohammad Ashtayeh,-- a member of the Palestinian negotiating team.- [from WND]

What an absolute falsehood!

The facts since 1991:

A bloodthirsty jihad terror organization, the PLO, achieved undeserved worldwide political and diplomatic legitimization through propaganda and the willful blindness of world leaders and their governments.-

See former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Jeane Kirkpatrick's paper, "How The PLO Was Legitimized". 

That same willfull blindness and political pressure on Israel led to the establishment of the PLO Fatah "Palestinian Authority" and self-autonomy!

A bloodthirsty Arafat jihad terror faction of the PLO, the Fatah, achieved international recognition as the governing authority to oversee that self-autonomy. 

In 2002 during a major Israeli counter-terrorism operation, Defensive Shield, official Palestinian Authority documents captured  with Arafat's handwritting, disclosed financial compensation paid to those who had carried out jihad terror attacks against Israeli civilians.

Even so, the Fatah PA  has continued to achieve success in obtaining enormous sums of international funding from the U.S. and European Union. As well as funding through the U.N.

Financial corruption among PA officials has long been acknowledged. As well as the misuse of funds for anti-America and anti-Israel incitement in official PA media. And the re-directing of funds for terror.

Abbas has acknowledged that terrorism has been carried out by those who "...did what we ordered them to".

This international legitimization and self-autonomy to govern themselves was achieved even though the PLO, nor Fatah, has never recognized Israel's right to exist. 

In fact, a top leader in the Palestinian Authority, Mohammad Dahlan, acknowledged in a television interview that Fatah has never recognized Israel, and that the Palestinian Authority's "recognition" of Israel was only for the purpose of obtaining funding from foreign governments.

This non-recognition of Israel is now fully acknowledged by Mahmoud Abbas, Salam Fayad, and all of the current Fatah PA leadership. They publically acknowledge it even in Western news press.

Abbas falsely claimed that the PLO had recognized Israel in 1993, but as Mohammad Dahlan admitted, that "recognition" was only for duping Western nations to obtain funding. 

Last year Fatah officially endorsed a U.S State Dept. recognized terrorist organization, the Al-aqsa Martyrs Brigades, as the "military wing" of Fatah which runs the Palestinian Authority.

Fatah and the Al-aqsa Martyrs Brigades are the same organization. Therefore any further taxpayer funding of the Fatah Palestinian Authority will be against U.S. law. Even though prior U.S. funding of the PA has never met the criteria put forth in the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006, S2370, signed into law by President Bush Dec. 21st 2006.

The truth is that the so-called "peace-process" is now, and has always been, a tactic used by the Islamists to pressure concessions of appeasement from Israel, while their utimate objective remains the total destruction of Israel.

But until the U.S. and other Western governments understand that the Arab Islamist demand for a "Palestinian State" in the heart of Israel's Judea and Samaria,-

the Islamic demand for "Bangsamoro" in the Phillipines,-

the Islamic grab of Serbia's Kosovo, -

that they are not un-related regional conflicts, but part of Islam's global jihad against the non-Muslim world, [house of war],

- the Fatah and the other jihadists will continue to achieve success.

At the very least,- success in milking the international governments for more $ billions in foreign aid.  





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