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Biden Prediction True: Obama Invites Testing, International Crisis

Joe Biden's Oct. 2008 prediction that election of Obama would invite testing 6 months after election by dangerous dictator regimes has certainly been proven true.

The first major test came in June of 2009 with the Islamist regime's bloody crushing of their own citizens, protesting an election fraud and steal by Ahmadinejad. Obama failed to quickly speak out forcefully in support of election protesters.

In fact, even as Iranian election protesters were being beaten and killed on the streets of Iran, Obama was having hot dogs with representatives of the thug Islamist regime.

Flash forward not a year later a South Korean ship was sank by North Korea.

Muted response from the Obama Administration.

Just yesterday North Korean artlillery shelled a South Korean island resulting in the deaths of at least two and injury of others.

Some military experts have said that the recent contrail seen just 30 miles off Los Angeles, was from a missile fired by a submerged Chinese submarine just miles from the California coast.

In Joe Biden's Oct. 2008 remarks on how election of Obama would invite testing, Biden stated that he could think of at least four different senarios from where such testing would come.

No brainer:

Iran, China, North Korea, Islamists, -and to add to that least,- our southern border with Mexico. 

Obama's appeasement approach to foreign policy, his soft-weak responses to provocations thus far, only invite more of the same, undermine American security, and embolden enemies. 


Say No to Obama and No to "START"!

Even in light of the mid-term election clobbering Obama and the democrats received as a referendum on his policies, Obama is still stubbornly trying to fulfill the agenda of the "Obama Doctrine".

The Obama Doctrine:

  1. Embolden America's enemies.
  2. Undermine our allies.
  3. Diminish, make America weaker.

The Obama promoted "START" treaty would meet all of the criteria listed above.

"US President Barack Obama sternly proclaimed ratification of the US-Russia nuclear arms treaty "a national security imperative" Thursday, saying the Senate must act before Congress goes home for the year."

"Lobbying hard for votes from the White House, Obama he expressed confidence he would be able to get enough votes to get the treaty passed, saying that every president since Ronald Reagan has been able to get such pacts through. "

START-Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

At a time when the Islamist regime of Iran is acquiring longer range missiles. Still proceeding with its clandestine nuclear weapons program. Exporting their Hizbullah terrorist cells around the world. Especially Iran's inroads into our own southern hemosphere.

In regards to Iran's inroads into our southern hemosphere, their cozing up with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and the terror threat that holds for America, please watch the latest edition of Stakelbeck On Terror.

Not to mention how the Chinese military grows stronger by the day. China's continued menace and threats against our democratic ally of Taiwan.

And the continued threat from North Korea.

The "START" treaty would only result in making potential adversaries stronger and more dangerous, while America would be made weaker. 

Call your Senator, tell them to vote "no" on "START".

Below, National Defense and Foreign Policy expert Frank Gaffney discusses "START" and its negative ramifications for the U.S.


Key Congressional Democrats Unblock $100 mill for Hizbullah / LAF


Two liberal Jewish Democrats-

Nita Lowey, Howard Berman-lifted their hold on $100 mil placed on military aid and equipment for the Hizbullah infiltrated Lebanese Army.

Clueless, absolutely clueless!


Nita Lowey has done this same old dance before. And it is getting very old.

Hopefully when the new Congress takes over after the first of the year, the House Foreign Appropriations Committee will have a new Chairperson. 

A new Foreign Appropriations Committee that will be firm in blocking and not allowing anymore U.S. taxpayer funding of the PLO Fatah Authority, the Hizbullah infiltrated Lebanese Army, or any other jihadists.

Lowey has placed "holds" on requested funds before. Mostly on funds to be transfered to the PLO Fatah Abbas Authority after reports of incidents which reveal Abbas and the PA for the jihad terrorists they really are.

But in the end, Lowey always bellies up and lets loose with the taxpayer funding of PLO jihad Fatah Islamists anyway.

Flashback to March 2008,-

Congresswoman Nita Lowey had placed a hold on $150 million Bush and Rice wanted for the Fatah Palestinian Authority.

But Lowey bellied up to Condi Rice and let loose with the taxpayer funds anyway.

At the time, Right Wing News had this to say:

We're in a War with Terrorism, and We're actually Helping to Fund the Other Side-

"It's bad enough that we're giving these savages any money at all given that we can be sure that at least some of it will end up being used to fund terrorism against Israel, but George Bush is actually fighting Congress to give money to terrorists who are inciting violence against us."

"In other words, we're in a war against terrorism and we're actually helping to fund the other side. No wonder people have lost confidence in George Bush's ability to fight the war on terrorism."

Flash forward August 2010:

Lebanese Army Attacks Israelis trimming trees:




Missing President Bush? Bush Helped Pave the Way for Obama

After two years of Obama it is completely understandable that some are expressing what Michelle Malkin describes as "Bush Nostalgia".


In the same vein that in 2000, after eight years of Bill Clinton,  many were hopeful and enthusiastic about then candidate George W. Bush.

But Malkin is entirely correct when she writes:

"The problem, of course, is that Bush nostalgia is indelibly marred by his disastrous domestic policy legacy of big government, big spending, and betrayal of core fiscal principles — the very impetus for the Tea Party movement upon which he now heaps glowing praise."

She also makes mention of the "amnesty bill" for illegal aliens Bush endeavored to try and push through the U.S. Senate.

Speaking of "betrayal", one of the most lamentable and tragic matters of President Bush's time in office was left completely untouched by Malkin: 

President Bush's betrayal of our closest and most important ally, -Israel.

In 2000, then candidate George W. Bush, campaigned on a platform of being a strong supporter of our ally Israel. [Like Obama also claimed].

He promised that if elected president he would begin the process of moving our embassy to Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. Finally implimenting the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act adapted by Congress in 1995.

A move, that if President Bush had kept his word on, would have greatly bolstered and strengthened our ally Israel politically in a powerful way.

Unfortunately, President Bush failed to keep faith with his campaign pledge. He continued Bill Clinton's practice of exercising the "waiver" to not impliment the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act.

President Bush had things backwards. His failure to move the embassy was against America's national interest. It had the effect of emboldening the Islamist/Jihadist enemies of both America and Israel. 

Interpreted as "weakness", an appeasement concession. It also served to undermine our ally Israel in the face of the international community. Just like Obama does.

But the very worse matter of all is how President Bush completely broke away from longstanding previous U.S. policy, and called for the establishment of a "Palestinian" state in the heart of Israel's own land.

 That act of betrayal occurred in June of 2002 with the Bush launch of the infamous two-state non-solution "Roadmap".

The "Roadmap" could also be refered to as a Western "Phased Plan."

Without that, Obama would be in far less position to pressure Israel today.

In that regard, Bush helped pave the way for Obama.

And President Bush's support for an Islamist carving up of Serbia, his recognition of Kosovo as an independent state, apart from Serbia, also needs mention.


On the matter of fiscal conservatism, Malkin is entirely correct to point out the mamoth bank "bailout" President Bush pushed through Congress near the end of his presidency.

However, she failed to make mention of the $millions in PLO Fatah bailouts, [$billions since 1993] ,in taxpayer money lavished on Abu Mazen's PLO Fatah Authority by the Bush Administration.

Condi Rice conceeded in Congressional testimony that the U.S. was most likely funding terrorists through its funding of the Palestinian Authority.

And that a separate matter from how U.S. tax dollars have funded anti-America, anti-Israel hate through official PA media.

Condi Rice had the "audacity" to make an unfactual comparrison of the suffering of blacks in the Old South with the Hamas terrorist population in Gaza.

President Bush has had the "audacity" to incorrectly refer to Judea and Samaria as "occupied Arab land". It is not.

Judea, Samaria, and the eastern part of Jerusalem were under foreign occupation prior to June 1967.

After winning a war of self-defense, Judea, Samaria, and all of Jerusalem were restored to Israel after 2,000 years of foreign occupation.

Michelle Malkin wrote an excellent appropriate article dealing with "Bush Nostalgia". However, these other important items also need mention when it comes to those who are- "missing" Bush.






Saudi Arabia Wins Seat on UN Women's Rights Board

Due to much international opposition Iran was denied a position on the UN's new Women's Rights board because of it's treatment of women.

However, # 2 ranked world's Worst Abuser of Human Rights, Saudi Arabia, did win a seat on the board.

As well as China and Libya. 

According to a report last year from Open Doors, Saudi Arabia is # 2 on the list of most oppressive, repressive countries in the world in regards to persecution, discrimination, and rights abuses of Christians.

#1 on the list is North Korea.

#3 on the list is Iran.

Refer to the Open Doors graphic chart below:


"Rights Abuse in Saudi Arabia"-report from Hudson Inst:

"Nina Shea:


...Interior Minister Prince Nayef has ordered a full investigation and found that there was no one

in the mutawwa who could [inaudible] at fault. That is just one example of the problems in the

country from a human rights perspective. It's obvious what was the problem there. The human

rights violations are really part of the fabric of the society. It's based on Wahhabi ideology, a

religious totalitarianism. It's a basic law of the country – the very first article states that the

Qur'an and the sunna are the constitution. It goes on to say that the shari'a is the basis of laws."

 Read the full Hudson report here.



Obama / Clinton Pledge $150 million more Tax Dollars to Fatah PA

Obama and Clinton ready to throw $150 million more taxpayer dollars down that financial sink-hole called the "Palestinian Authority".

"Clinton also announced that the US will give $150 million in new aid to the Palestinian Authority."

"She said that new funding was designed to help the Palestinians close a huge budget gap."

Even while the Fatah Palestinian Authority continues to promote anti-America, anti-Israel hate in its official TV, radio, and print media.

Is Mahmoud Abbas and the PA leadership encouraging and preparing it's people for "peace"?

Just the opposite,-read the full PMW reports here.

This new U.S. taxpayer aid of $150 mil for the Fatah PA is in addition to the $900 mil they received last year.  

From the Terror Finance blog:

"A new study documents how the billions of dollars contributed to the Palestinian Authority since the Oslo Accords in September 1993, were used by successive Palestinian regimes to fund a terrorist entity in the Middle East, which threatens the region and destabilizes the world." Read the rest.

The U.S. governments view of the Fatah Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and Hizbullah, should be no different than it's view of AL-Qaeda.


P.J. Crowley Speaks For Obama and Clinton: Not America!

P.J. Crowley--another American dhimmi dimwit.


Hats off to PM Netanyahu for responding in a most appropriate manner to criticism from Obama, the EU dhimmi diplomats, and other anti-Israel moonbats in regards to Jerusalem: 

"Jerusalem is not a settlement, it is the capital of Israel."

[And to the moonbat MSM: Israelis who live in Judea and Samaria aren't "settlers", they're "citizens" of Israel.]

Israel's PM also forcefully stated that there was no link between the so-called "peace-process" and building in Israel's capital city of Jerusalem.

The State Dept.'s P.J. Crowley was quick to respond with a typical as expected dhimmi response.

The so-called "peace-process" is merely a tactic Islamists make use of to try and gain concessions from Israel, while the complete destruction of the State of Israel remains their desire. Which is driven by Islamic ideology.

According to a Gallup poll released earlier this year nearly 70% of Americans have a favorable view of Israel. With support for Israel continuing to grow.

It was this American support for Israel, making their voice heard, that convinced Congress to adapt the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act in 1995.

The particular legislation mandated that our embassy to Israel be relocated from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. That Jerusalem remain undivided. And acknowledged Israel's right to determine it's own capital city.

Unfortunately, certain unscrupulous legislators saw fit to include the option of a presidential "waiver" . Which undermined the intent of the legislation, as well as the democratic process.

Nevertheless, Americans have remained steadfast in their support regardless of the insane dhimmi attitudes of some of politicians.

 Sarah Palin ripped Obama over Israel.

The Fox News editors decided to go with an Associated Press article covering this subject.

The AP is notorious for it's anti-Israel bias and skewed reporting. As is the case in this AP article on the Fox News site-an excerpt:

"Netanyahu, who made his career as a settlement-backing hard-liner, last year for the first time endorsed the idea of a Palestinian state and said recently that drawing borders would solve the settlement problem -- implying that he would agree to removing settlements that fall within the territory of a Palestinian state."

[ Actually Netanyahu endorsed the idea of a "demilitarized" PA state with limitations and conditions.

 One of those conditions being recognition of the Jewish State of Israel, which the PA has refused to do.]

Netanyahu has never implied he would agree to another "expulsion" of Jews from their land.]

"Palestinians mistrust Netanyahu because of his past record and because his coalition government includes intransigent backers of the settlements and opponents of giving up control of the West Bank."

The AP writer has things totally backwards. It is the PA Fatah Islamist Authority that is guilty of "intransigence", and Israel that has sound reasons to doubt and mistrust the Arab Muslims after repeated attempts to "drive the Jews into the sea".

Real Americans Defend Israel




Closer Look at Clinton Appointed Judge Who Blocked OK Sharia Ban

Clinton appointed activist moonbat Judge Vicki Miles:

Miles-lagrange_vickie            WSJ

 Ban OK Judge Vicki Miles-Lagrange

Closer look via Winds of Jihad:

"Lets take a closer look: Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange the first African American woman to be sworn in as U.S. attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma. She was also the first African American female elected to the Oklahoma Senate.  Miles-LaGrange was nominated by President William J. Clinton

A native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Miles-LaGrange, received a certificate from the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana, West Africa in 1973, and graduated cum laude from Vassar College in 1974. She then received her J.D. from Howard University in Washington, DC in 1977. There, she was an editor of The Howard Law Journal. [...]"

Sodahead has this info:

"Vicki Miles-LaGrange IS ALSO A MEMBER OF....
The Links, Incorporated
Links, Incorporated consists primarily of professional African-American women. Membership is extended to candidates nominated and approved by currently active Link members. In addition, membership is also extended to daughters of active Link members, who are called "Heir-O-Links." For example, ninth National Link President, Regina Jollivette Frazier, was the first "Heir-O-Link" president in 1986.Currently, the Links, Incorporated, has over 10,000 members and 274 chapters internationally, including Germany, South Africa and the Bahamas"

From judgepedia:

"Miles-LaGrange was nominated by President Bill Clinton on September 22, 1994 to a seat vacated by Lee West who went on senior status. Miles-LaGrange was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on October 7, 1994 on a Senate vote and received commission on November 28, 1994. Miles-LaGrange began serving as Chief Judge of the court in 2008. [1]"

Anti-Antediluvian has a bit more:

"U.S. District Court Judge Vicki Miles-LeGrange was appointed by Billy “BJ” Clinton in 1994 and seems to have an unusual interest in “International Judicial Relations“.

Chief Judges Miles-LaGrange served as a member of the International Judicial Relations Committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States from 1999-2005 and chaired that Committee’s Africa Working Group. Her rule of law work has taken her to Rwanda, Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, Cape Verde, China, and Brazil. She has taught in China at Tianjin University of Finance and Economics and at Tsinghua University School of Law, at the Harvard University Law School Advocacy Workshop, and at the Attorney General’s National Advocacy Center for federal prosecutors.

Elections have consequences, elect a liberal to the presidency and his/her appointments can haunt us for a very long time."




Once Again Defense Sect. Robert Gates Reveals How Clueless He Is

Clueless Defense Secretary Robert Gates still doesn't get it.


No amount of diplomacy or sanctions will stop Iran's quest for nuclear weapons capability. This is clearly understood in light of Iran's motivation.

Their motivation by a particular Islamic ideology that wants to see the return of the 12th Imam. Or the "Hidden Mahdi" as he is also described. "Hidden" because he is alledged to be hiding down in a well in Iran.

Young Iranians are always looking down inside of the well to see if they can get a glimpse of the Mahdi!

In response to Netanyahu's warning that only a real credible threat of a military option could have any deterance to Iran's quest for nuclear weapons, Gates has responded just the opposite.

The man is utterly clueless!

Last year Gates said the only way to stop Iran's nuke program was to threaten them, not with a credible military option, but with a military build-up of other Islamist countries-

Gates is clueless on Iran:

According to U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the most effective way to stop the Iranian Islamist regime from acquiring nukes, is to threaten them with a military build-up of other Islamist regimes:

"US allies in the Middle East should strengthen their respective militaries to deter Iran from continuing its suspected nuclear weapons program..."

If by that, Gates meant supplying Israel with all the bunker busters, refueling aircraft, and F22's it has sought to purchase, that might cause the mullahs knees to knock.

But since the U.S. Administration has denied Israel purchase of bunker busters and refueling aircraft, certainly needed for a preemptive strike,

Gates must instead have been referring to those "other" Islamist dictatorship regimes in the Middle East besides Iran.

As far as "our allies" in the Middle East are concerned, America only has one real ally. Israel. And the Obama Administration, instead of helping to strenghthen Israel's capability against Iran, have sought to undermine Israel.

But that is in keeping with the Obama doctrine:

Embolden our enemies, diminish America in the face of our enemies, and undermine our allies. 

[Link to Secure Freedom radio here. Joel Rosenburg discusses with Frank Gaffney the particular dangerous Islamic ideology that is driving the Iranian regime.]