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Egypt: Worst Case Scenario

From Ron Cantor's blog:

An Israeli Messianic Jew Weighs in on the Egyptian Uprising

Worst Case Scenario:

"Here is a riddle for you: What is black and white and read all over. A news paper of course. The joke works much better when you can’t read the word read. And just as this joke will soon be obsolete as the next generation may ask, “What’s a newspaper?” while they check their phones and tablets for the latest news, revolutions are simply not what they used to be."

"Here is another riddle: What is worse than a Dictatorship? An Islamic Extremist Theocracy."

"As I have listened intently to the news for the past few days, you cannot ignore the excitement in many that Egypt, a dictatorship since 1952, is on the verge of embracing western-style democracy. I have also listened to the voices of caution. The extremists will try to highjack this revolution. This thing could go in two different directions, and Israelis would prefer the status quo."

-read the rest here.

[note: you may have to "scroll down" to see the article]

Stakelbeck on Terror: The Muslim Brotherhood


Clinton Warns Lebanon Against Hizbullah?--We Warned Obama, Clinton First!

In light of a Hizbullah allied Islamist becoming Lebanon's new Prime Minister, headlines in the media read "Clinton, Whitehouse Warn Lebanon Against Hizbullah".

Well, we warned the Obama Whitehouse against anymore U.S. taxpayer money, or military aid, to the Hizbullah infiltrated Lebanese Army. 

See below articles:

"No U.S. Money, and No U.S. Military Equipment For Lebanese Army!"-August 2010

"Congress Must Stop Obama From Aiding Hezbollah/Lebanese Army"-Sept. 2010

The warning did no good:

"Key Congressional Democrats Unblock $100 mill for Hizbullah / LAF"-Nov. 2010

 "U.S. Military Aid To Lebanon: Even While Hizbullah Has Veto Power"-March 2009

To be fair, how our government has dealt with this horrible Hizbullah/Lebanon problem did not begin with the Obama Administration. See article below: 

"Condi's Lebanon Legacy: A More Dangerous Hizbullah Islamic Terror"-May 2010

And this in 2006 from the wonderful Alexandra at All Things Beautiful:

'Hezbollah Runs Lebanon' And 'Hamas Ready To Cut A Deal'-July 2006

In light of where things stand now, a former U.S. envoy, Elliott Abrams, has very astutely noted:

“The last straw may have been the decision to send an ambassador to Syria by recess appointment despite the Senate's unwillingness to confirm the Administration's candidate".

 “That foolish gesture must have indicated to the Syrians and to Hizbullah that the Administration had learned nothing from two years of insults and rebuffs by Damascus."

A last straw coming on top of a decade of appeasement policies and wrong decisions by both Bush and Obama Administrations.


UNSC Draft Resolution Condemns Israelis : Heaven Laughs!

A UNSC draft resolution that condemns Israelis for living and working in their own land , as well as their capital Jerusalem, is set to be voted on next month.

The dhimmi resolution has the support of 120 member countries of the UN.

"It has nearly 120 co-sponsors, exclusively Arab and other non-aligned nations."

 They conspire together:

4They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.

 5For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:

Heaven laughs.

MSM Ignores Persecution of Christians


First, from Dry Bones:

"The murder of Christians in Egypt goes largely unreported in the Main Stream Media. Here's some info from the folks at CAMERA: here

Why the West won't hear about this persecution:

"Hundreds of millions of Christians have suffered discrimination or even persecution in lands as diverse as China and India, but mostly in countries where Islam is the top religion."

"Despite this, persecution of Christians is one topic the American public doesn't hear much about. One possible reason: an anti-Christian bias among Western elites."

"These Western elites often control the media and educational institutions that spread information to the general public."-more

"Whitehouse and Congress Ignoring Persecution of Christians in Muslim Countries?

[When it comes to lavishing $ billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars and even military aid to these oppressive Islamist countries, the State Dept. and American presidents have always ignored the plight of persecuted non-muslims in these countries]

"The New York Times this week ran a front-page article on Christian persecution in Iraq, noting, "A new wave of Iraqi Christians has fled to northern Iraq or abroad amid a campaign of violence against them and growing fear that the country's security forces are unable or, more ominously, unwilling to protect them."

 "The Times goes on to inform us that "more than half of Iraq's Christian community, estimated to number 800,000 to 1.4 million before the American-led invasion in 2003, have already left the country."

"What is the Obama administration doing to put pressure on the al-Maliki government in Baghdad to stop these murders of Christians? We have heard endlessly of this administration's "outreach to the Muslim world."
"That term--"Muslim world"--may itself be part of the problem. By telling Shia and Sunni Muslims that the Middle East is their world, are we not saying that Middle Eastern Christians and Jews don't belong there?"
"The Christian community in Iraq has been there since the beginnings of the Church. Bible readers will recognize Nineveh Province, one of the regions in modern-day Iraq. Didn't some biblical character named Jonah have a rendezvous with destiny there?"
 "The Chaldean Assyrian Christians--note their Bible name--speak Aramaic, which is the language scholars tell us Jesus spoke. Yet these people, too, are being driven away."- read the rest here.
"Vatican Blames Israel for Persecution of Christians"
"A Vatican document released yesterday, [Jan. 2010]], blamed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israel's 'occupying' of lands for driving Christians out and making life difficult for those who remain."
"However, Christians here who fled their homes in Palestinian [Arab] controlled territory largely blamed Muslim intimidation for their plight."-more

Egypt: So this is a 'Moderate' Muslim Majority Country?

Christians have suffered persecution and discrimination as a 'dhimmi' non-muslim minority in Egypt ever since the Islamic miilitary conquest and invasion in the 7th century.

Egypt's minority Christian community is still mourning the loss of loved ones murdered two weeks ago in a dispicable act of unprovoked Islamic terrorism. Twenty one Christians lost their lives. 

Yesterday, Tuesday, --an off duty Egyptian Muslim policeman boarded a train to Cairo and opened fire:

"Christians in Egypt took to the streets on Tuesday, protesting an attack that left an elderly Christian man dead and five others wounded."

"An off-duty policeman boarded a Cairo-bound train at the town of Samalout in Minya province and opened fire on passengers with a handgun, killing a 71-year-old Christian man and injuring his wife and four others."

"Hundreds of Coptic Christians clashed with police outside a hospital in the central Egyptian province of Minya where fellow believers were being treated for gunshot wounds. All of the casualties in the latest attack were Christians - four of them women."

"An Egyptian ministry statement identified the gunman as Amer Ashour Abdel-Zaher, a 23-year-old Muslim police officer."

When the Vatican requested the Egyptian goverment do more to protect the minority Christians, they became angry and withdrew their ambassador from the Vatican.

What kind of a response such as that from the Egyptian government say about how they view freedom of religion in Egypt?

Stackelbeck on Terror: Muslims Persecuting non-muslims.

See this article concerning U.S. taxpayer aid, [especially military] , to Egypt:

End U.S. Military Aid to Egypt and other Oppressive Islamist Countries

Christians in Egypt: "They Try to Kill Us"


Pray, Intercede for the Persecuted

Thinking about a New Years' resolution to make?

Here's an idea for a good one:

Resolve to intercede, write, and pray on behalf of the persecuted and imprisoned Christians around the world.

The VOM website can help with listings of persecuted and imprisoned Christians.

In certain Muslim majority countries such as Pakistan, "blasphemy laws" have been used to persecute and imprison Christians just for practicing their faith.

Such is the case for Asia Bibi: