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Islamic Halal [Sharia] Meats in Fredericksburg

This is something new and regrettable for America's most historic city:

The first, and hopefully not long lasting, Halal [Sharia] market.


The Nile Market

Freight yard 030 

Also for sale were a Muslim prayer rug with built-in compass seen hanging on the wall.

So what's the big deal about Halal meats?

You owe it to yourself and everyone you know to watch this important video:

Some basic info on "Halal" meats via 4freedoms:

"It must be handled only by Muslims. Handling by any non-Muslim means the food has been "desecrated", as Muslims refer to non-Muslims as "kuffar", an insulting word to designate those who are inferior to Muslims."

"Proceeds of Halal food are being sent to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood - who are behind most terrorist attacks not only in the West but also against Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Copts, and others, in their own countries."

"Muslims must chant "In the name of Allah; Allah is the Greatest," before slitting the throat of a fully conscious animal with a knife, and while facing the direction of Mecca."

"Halal meat is not approved by most of the top chefs in the world, as the meat is dry and does not absorb much flavour. In fact most Chef Schools warn you against using Halal meat in preparation of dishes."

"Most British and European supermarkets are selling labelled and unlabelled Halal meat to their customers without their knowledge."

"When you buy Halal food you are paying a fee to Halal Islamic experts."

 "Some of those experts are certified by the UOIF, the Union of the Islamic Organizations in France, which has strong and intimate ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a transnational political organization that supports terrorism."

"Nearly 60 percent of halal food is controlled by organizations belonging to the Muslim brotherhood."

 From CBN:

"Halal food, food prepared according to Islamic sharia law, is becoming an increasing part of the Western diet and has become a multi-billion dollar global industry."

"But CBN News has discovered that some of that money is funneled to groups tied to terrorism."

"Muslim halal food is creeping into the food chain not only in France, but worldwide, including the United States."


"So what's the big deal about halal food? To some Frenchmen who are seeing the growing Islamization of their country, it's a very big deal."

"Islam is introducing sharia into our society and that's not clear for people," Alain Wagner, a French activist with the Alliance Against Sharia, said. "When you see halal food in shops you think, 'Oh, it's just a kind of food.' No. it's sharia."

"According to some experts, a portion of the proceeds from halal food sales in France go to groups tied to terrorism."

"When a French consumer buys Halal food, part of the price paid goes as a fee to Halal Islamic experts. Some of those experts are certified by the UOIF, the Union of the Islamic Organizations in France, which the Simon Wiesenthal Center reports has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a transnational political organization that supports terrorism."-be sure to read the entire report. 

One of the Muslim organizations that provides a "certification" service for the sale of Halal meats in America is the ISNA [Islamic Society of North America].

The ISNA has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Until recently, Al Safa, a major supplier of Halal meats in America, had certification for it's Halal meats provided by the ISNA.

A customer review of the Nile Market stated that frozen food meat from Al Safa could be ordered. 

The introduction of "Halal", or Sharia compliant foods in America, is part of the Islamization agenda Islamists have for this country. 

"Some say halal food is no different than Kosher, but Wagner disagrees."

"No, it's not like kosher food. Kosher-eating people are not preaching for the destruction of democracy. Halal is sharia. And we need to ban any sharia-related thing in our society," he said."

Also hat-tip BareNaked Islam

"Sharia Meat for All, Whether You Like or Not"-Atlas Shrugs



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