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PLO [Palestinian Authority] Assets Un-Frozen

PLO [Palestinian Authority] now able to move financial assets in and out of the U.S.

In 2005 a Federal judge issued an order freezing the financial assets after the PLO failed to respond to a law suit filed by family members of Americans who were victims of a terrorist attack.

From CBN:

"The Palestinian Authority has settled a federal lawsuit in Rhode Island over the shooting deaths 15 years ago of a couple driving home from a wedding in Israel, according to court papers filed Monday."

"The documents don't reveal the terms of the settlement, and it's unclear how much, if any, money the Palestinian Authority offered to resolve the case."

"The settlement erases a $116 million default judgment entered against the Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization for refusing to respond to the lawsuit. It also lifts a judge's 2005 order that had barred the Palestinian Authority from transferring or withdrawing assets in the United States."

The PLO's financial assets should already have been frozen because of its role as a terrorist organization.

In 2002 official PA documents were captured during Israel's counter-terror operation Defensive Shield, which proved that the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, [a U.S. recognized terrorist organization], and the Fatah which runs the Palestinian Authority, were both the same organization.

Things have not changed:

New Fatah Central Committee has ties to Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades-Camera 

"The Most Outrageous Financial Scandal in U.S. History"

"Palestinian Terrorism: Your Tax Dollars at Work"-Daled Amos

It is absolutely absurd how our own U.S. government actively funds jihad terrorism and propaganda with our tax dollars.

Equally unbelievable is how our own Defense Intelligence head, James Clapper, can be so utterly clueless with respect to the Muslim Brotherhood.








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