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Salam Salam Fayad, a top leader in the Fatah Palestinian Authority, is openly calling for a unity government with Hamas. 

Hamas is a U.S. and Internationally recognized Islamic terrorist organization.

This should pull the mask off of the false narrative of "moderate" Fatah.

Israel has never had a true "partner for peace".

The so-called "peace-process" has always been used as a tactic:,--

 first by Arafat, and then later by the Abbas led PA, in an effort to gain territorial concessions from Israel ,while their true agenda of the destruction of Israel remains unchanged.

And each Israeli concession resulted in more terrorism.

That tactic coincides with the PLO "Phased Plan", whereby Fatah has played the peace-process game for financial aid, while never abandoning terrorism and its desire to destroy Israel.

In 2002 official Palestinian Authority documents were captured that revealed Fatah and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, another U.S. recognized terrorist organization, were the same.

That information should have immediately resulted in the U.S. freezing Fatah Palestinian Authority assets, cut off of funding, and a redesignation of the PLO as a recognized terrorist organization. 

[See "How the PLO was Legitimized,"- by former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Jeane Kirkpatrick.]

Nevertheless, U.S. politicians and the State Dept. turned a willfull blind eye, and continued its political and financial support of the Fatah PLO Authority.

Clueless in Washington. Absolutely clueless.





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