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Islamic Terrorists Trained by General Dayton Shoot Israelis

In response to the shooting of Israeli worshippers by Palestinian Authority police this Sunday, Israeli MK Danny Danon has called on the U.S. to reconsider it's funding and training of the Fatah Palestinian security services.

And passed this request on to Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chairman of U.S. House Foreign Affairs Commitee.

Danon remarked, --

"As a true friend of Israel, we expect that the objective of this training would be to ensure Israeli security and not to kill it's citizens".

U.S. General Keith Dayton has been training Fatah Palestinian Islamists with American weapons at base camps both in Jordan and Jericho.

Fatah Palestinian Security Services officers were also involved in the terrorist stabbing murders of the Fogel family in Itamar last month:

From Eyes on Washinton:--

["Palestinian terrorists stabbed five family members to death in the settlemrent of Itama early Saturday morning; three children, including a baby girl, were among the victims. The killers slashed the baby’s throat. Later that day Palestinians handed out candy to celebrate the mass murder."

"This past week two Palestinian officers were charged with planning the attack."

"Palestinian cousins Ahmed Awad, an officer in Abbas’ Preventative Security Services in the northern West Bank city of Nablis, and Iyad Awad, an officer in Abbas’ General Intelligence services in Ramallah, have been charged with planning the attack."

" Informed security sources said the two did not personally carry out the murders but assisted in the planning and logistics, including aiding in the escape. The actual killers were sleeper cells from Hamas. These men were armed, trained and funded by the U.S."

"Yes. That is correct. The Palestinian officers were US-trained.
World Net Daily reported:

"Both the Preventative and General Intelligence services of Fatah are armed, trained and funded by the U.S."]--read the rest here.

From May 2010-

"General Keith Dayton: An American Glubb Pasha":

[This is something Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity need to put a spot-light on.

How our tax money is spent is definitely both an American and conservative issue.

Not only have there been a few treasonous "American" Taliban and jihadists, there is also an American Glubb Pasha

The difference is that a treasonous American jihadist gets funding from other Islamists and sometimes also from illegal activities. 

However, U.S. General Keith Dayton, an American version of the British Glubb Pasha, is funded by U.S. tax dollars to train and equip Fatah Islamists of the Palestinian Authority.

Glubb Pasha was a British army officer who trained Arabs that fought against Israel.

These Fatah Islamists have and will use their American military training and U.S. M-16's against our Israeli friends and allys. And potentially against Americans as well. At our U.S. taxpayer expense unless this outrageous program is stopped.]

From June 2009-

"U.S. General Dayton Training Islamists Who May Attack Israelis": 

The U.S. General in charge of providing "security" training for the Fatah PA , Keith Dayton, openly acknowledged what many have suspected all along.

Notably this:

The dangerous and unacceptable potential that U.S. supplied weapons and training will be turned against our ally Israel by the Fatah PA.

Our tax dollars and military training used to attack Israelis?! -

Call your Congressman, - end this U.S./Fatah training program now.

End U.S. funding of the Fatah in the PA, and no funding for Gaza Islamists either.

Caroline Glick writes the following:

"Beyond Obama's timeline, over the past week, two other developments made it apparent that regardless of what Iran does, the Obama administration will not revise its policy of placing its Middle East emphasis on weakening Israel rather than on stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. First, last Friday, Yediot Aharonot reported that at a recent lecture in Washington, US Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton, who is responsible for training Palestinian military forces in Jordan, indicated that if Israel does not surrender Judea and Samaria within two years, the Palestinian forces he and his fellow American officers are now training at a cost of more than $300 million could begin killing Israelis."

Did you get that? Here it is again:

"... Keith Dayton, who is responsible for training Palestinian military forces in Jordan, indicated that if Israel does not surrender Judea and Samaria within two years, the Palestinian forces he and his fellow American officers are now training at a cost of more than $300 million could begin killing Israelis..."

read the rest here.

See also this post by Voz is Neas? for more on today's attack.

Surrender Judea and Samaria?

That would embolden and encourage more acts of jihad terrorism against Israel,-- just as every irresponsible act of appeasement on the part of Israeli governments has done in the past.






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