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Who Poses the Most Imminent Dangerous Threat to America?

Libya's Qadaffi, or the Syria-Hezbollah-Iran alliance?


Common sense insists that the most urgent and dangerous threat be dealt with and nullified first in terms of priority.

A hypothetical example simplified and made easy to understand:

"Suppose you are standing at the end of a 100 yard field. At the opposite end of the field you notice two evil monsters that want to harm you. One of these monsters is holding a knife, the other monster has a loaded gun pointed directly at you."

The evil monster with the knife has to take time to cross a field 100 yards long to do you harm. The monster with the loaded gun poses a clear and immediate threat to your existence without having to cross the field.

Common sense insists that the evil monster with the loaded gun is a much more serious threat that requires the most urgent and immediate response. 

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and NATO are not exercising common sense.

Back to our example:  

Libya's Qadaffi is a evil monster whose malice towards America is historic fact.  

It is also fact that Qadaffi gave up Libya's nuclear-weapons program concurrent with the U.S. take-down of Saddam Hussein.

Qadaffi is like the evil monster holding only a knife a 100 yards away.

The Syria-Hezbollah-Iranian alliance is like the evil monster with the loaded gun. Clearly the most dangerous and imminent threat to America and Europe's security.

A threat that in terms of priority requires the most urgent response. 

Talking, sanctions, and diplomacy has not-will not stop Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The Syria-Hezbollah-Iranian alliance is a evil snake monster. And the head of the evil snake monster is the Iranian Islamist regime.

The U.S. and international leaders have seriously bungled their response to this horrendous threat. And the bungling goes all the way back to the Reagan Administration. 

In 1983 the Iranian backed Hezbollah was responsible for perpetrating the Marine Barracks truck-bomb attack in Beirut, Lebanon that killed over 200 U.S. marines.

The U.S. response was to retreat. 

Interpreted as weakness it further emboldened the Iranian-Hezbollah Islamists and other jihadists around the world. 

The other most serious bungle occurred a year prior in 1982, when the Reagan Administration sent State Dept. diplomat Phillip Habib to pressure Israel into allowing safe passage for Yasser Arafat and his PLO jihad terror buddies out of western Beirut.

The U.S. Must Stop Undermining Israel's War on Terror:

["For years the U.S. government has pressured Israel into suicidal negotiations with Palestinian terrorists.

Israel had Arafat and the PLO surrounded south of Beirut in 1982, and was ready to eradicate them, but was restrained by President Reagan, who pressured the Israelis to allow Arafat and his organization safe passage to Tunisa"]--read the rest here.

This was the same as if the U.S. would have been pressured to allow safe-passage for Bin Laden. Outrageous.  

But the Reagan Administration had embraced a foolish agenda:

They wanted to "moderate" Arafat and the PLO. Find a way to make them a legitimate "political" peace-partner for Israel.

Does this sound familiar as the current Obama Administration and European leaders are now engaged in talking with the Taliban in Afghanistan? 

Talking with the Enemy:

["Should the United States negotiate directly with the Taliban in order to bring about an end to the war in Afghanistan?

More to the point: is it even possible to do so and be successful?

The answer to the first question was given by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates when he confirmed that the US had already established “preliminary contacts” with the Taliban in order to facilitate negotiations. The talks, thought to have been initiated at the beginning of this year, parallel the ongoing talks with the Taliban that are being conducted by the Karzai government."]--read the rest.

All this sounds so deja-vu.

The right response of the Reagan Administration at that time in regards to our ally Israel should have been--

"What can we do to assist you in totally destroying Arafat and this PLO jihad terror organization?

The Reagan Administration and succeeding U.S. Administration's view towards Arafat and the PLO should have been, and still ought to be, no different than their view of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

These earlier diplomatic blunders by past U.S. Administrations, as well as the dhimmitude of NATO leaders, has served to embolden the Syria-Hezbollah-Iranian alliance.

The evil snake monster alliance. 

The head of this snake monster, the Iranian Islamist regime, needs to be cut-off. 

Unfortunately, our government, as well as NATO, have their threat priorities out of wack.

Choosing instead to focus on Qadaffi, -a low-level evil monster.

Has time run out?


Fox News' Chris Wallace: Useful Dhimmi and Inept Interviewer

Most everyone has now heard about or watched FNS host Chris Wallace' insulting question to Rep. Michelle Bachman:

"Are you a flake?"

Wallace has since offered a sort-of apology. But the damage was done and lefties, GOP elitists, no doubt took delight.

The fact of the matter is that some in Congress and the Administration do embrace views that are "anti-American". We are fortunate to have those members of Congress who acknowldege and understand this threat.

This is not the first time Wallace has served the role of a useful dhimmi interviewer:

Just a few weeks ago during his FNS interview with Herman Cain, Wallace regurgitated the false Islamic propaganda pertaining to the so-called "right of return".

As long as Wallace has been a journalist he should know better. But apparently he is even more clueless. 

The so-called "right to return",or "right of return", has become a phrase used to mean Arabs who became refugees after abandoning their homes and property in Israel at the urging of their Arab Muslim leaders in 1948.

They did not leave because they were-"...kicked out...",- as Chris Wallace asserted. Rather, they left at the urging of their own Arab leaders. 

During the eight years of the Bush Administration, Condi Rice was a frequent guest on FNS with Chris Wallace. In each case the interview amounted to nothing more than a extra soft, soft, softball interview.

Among the questions that Wallace should have put to Rice were:

How is it remotely possible that you can equate the suffering of blacks in the "Old South" with Islamists who want to destroy Israel?

[In January of 2006 candidates representing Hamas won a clear majority of legislative seats in the PA.  Bush tried to whitewash this by saying Hamas campaigned on a platform to "fight corruption" and render better "social services".

Such an explanation is willful denial of reality.  It was not as though the "Palestinian people" were cluesless of the terrorist ideology of Hamas. And it was not an impediment as to how they voted.]

The reason for the security barrier in Israel and the road checkpoints is due directly to terrorism against Israel, not "apartheid".

Next question for Rice:

How can the U.S. government continue to spend $millions of taxpayer dollars to fund the Palestinian Authority in violation of the U.S. laws against funding terrorist organizations?

[The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade is a recognized terrorist organization. It is also the official military wing of Fatah which runs the Palestinian Authority. Members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade openly serve in PA security services.]

On different occasions watching FNS there has often been the frustration of Wallace not asking the questions he should be asking. And then asking,- stupid questions.

A few years back Caroline Glick wrote an article entitled "How Olmert Defies Gravity".

In that article Glick referenced an Israeli journalist who made the statement-

"...it is scandalous for the government to trade access to policymakers for positive coverage. But the fact is that such arrangements are the stock in trade of politics."

Such most likely is the case in America media and politics as well.

One thing is for sure, - if Chris Wallace had ever put Condi Rice on the hot seat, and asked questions like the ones above, there most likely never would have been anymore access to Sect.of State Condi Rice for his FNS show.

U.S. Warns Young Israelis on Visa "Work" Violation

[Still looking for that scary youtube video of State Dept. official warning illegal aliens from south of the border seeking "work", that they could be banned from the U.S. for life if caught working here illegally.]

[So far, not having any luck finding that video. Mabye they just made one for the benefit of young Israelis thinking about coming here to work illegally.]

From INN:

"The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv released a video warning young Israelis not to be tempted by illegal offers of work in the United States. The YouTube video features testimony by young Israelis who were nabbed when trying to enter the U.S. on a tourist visa, with the intention of working there."

Ignoring the Slave Trade

A must read:

["Friends of Israel have long fumed over what they felt was the human rights community’s disproportionate and unfair criticism of the Jewish state: Major rights organizations typically portray Israel as among the cruelest of nations, while this planet’s actual dictatorships and tyrannies get wrist slaps."]

-read it all here

Sudan's Genocide-Indicted Regime on Another Killing Spree

NATO has been indirectly arming and helping Al-Qaeda linked jihad terrorists in Libya, in an effort to topple Muamar Qadaffi. 

Meanwhile, the Sudanese Islamist regime is launching another genocidal jihad assault.

The NYT reports: 

["The Sudanese Army and its allied militias have gone on an unsparing rampage to crush rebel fighters in the Nuba Mountains of central Sudan, bombing thatch-roofed villages, executing elders, burning churches and pitching another region of the country into crisis, according to United Nations officials and villagers who have escaped."]

What about military intervention to prevent more genocidal crimes of the Islamist Arab regime of Omar al-Bashir?

["Non-Arab people in the Nuba Mountains, Darfur, Blue Nile State, Kasala — and all the way down the Nile to Egypt — have long been chafing against an increasingly isolated government dominated by a small group of Arabs and led by President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, a war crimes suspect indicted by the International Criminal Court."]--read the rest

Please watch:


More on Sudan here










Palestinian Authority Continues to Deny Israel's Right to Exist

But Obama and European leaders don't care. They keep pushing for Israel to engage in the appeasement-Roadmap Phased Plan.

From Palestinian Media Watch: 

["The Palestinian Authority's ideology is to refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist. The media it owns and controls regularly publish articles that demonize the modern State of Israel and its establishment as a "colonialist plan".

Recently, the official PA daily went even further, not just maligning the modern State of Israel but also labeling the Jewish/Israelite presence in the land of Judea/Israel 2000 years ago as a "crude form of colonialism".

Whereas Hamas openly denies Israel's right to exist in both English and Arabic, the PA professes in English before the international community to have recognized Israel's right to exist.

As documented by Palestinian Media Watch, when addressing its own people in Arabic, the PA - like Hamas - completely denies Israel's right to exist. "]---read the rest.

Clueless Clinton and Obama:

Update- 06/18/11

Still cluelesss:

American, EU Diplomats still trying to Revive Talks



Turkey Election Sparks Fears of Islamic Caliphate

From CBN:

"Something Important to Watch....the Turkish Elections"--Joshuapundit

["This Sunday, Turks go to the polls in what is likely going to be a definitive election to decide whether the nation with the largest conventional military in Europe goes fully Islamist or stays tenuously connected to the West.

For the past nine years, the ruling party has been Tayipp Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP), which has steadily instituted an Islamist agenda, undermined Turkey's democracy, packed the courts with judges of its own choosing and strengthened Turkey's relationship with Iran and Syria."]--read the rest.

"On the Eve of Turkey's Elections..."-Daniel Pipes

Hillary sending the wrong message.

Below, Hillary high-fives Turkish Foreign Minister:

1490 YoureDispicable

Update 06/14/11- Bad news:

Erdogan, hardline Islamists win.

Leftists Using Ayn Rand to Smear Republicans, Conservatives

Don't let the name "American Values Network" hoodwink you. 

This organization is run by a bunch of dhimmicratic leftists like Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.

Recently they put together a video that contains a small segment of Mike Wallace's interview with Ayn Rand. The segment showcases Ayn Rand's hatred for religion, God and Christianity.

Then the video features a photo of Rush Limbaugh and quotes him as saying that Ayn Rand was "brilliant". Completely removed from the context of course.

What the AVN makers of this video did was to feature a brief segment of Rand bashing God--and then--a photo of Rush Limbaugh quoted as saying "brilliant".

As if to imply that Limbaugh believes Ayn Rand to be brilliant because of her rejection of God.

If you can't win an argument with facts, then distort the facts. The method used most vigorously by the leftist/islamist alliance in America. 

There is also a brief spot of Rand Paul likewise giving praise to Ayn Rand. 

Just because Limbaugh, and other conservatives, may agree with some take of Ayn Rand on fiscal matters pertaining to free-market capitalism, that does not equate with an endorsement of her rejection of God and hatred for Christianity.  

Unbelievably, that is exactly the smear this video wants to imply.

Seen first at roshpina.