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Pakistan in Danger of Becoming a "Pariah" State

If the government of Pakistan does not radically reform it's Constitution and civil law to respect and protect human rights for all it's citizens, it will become a "pariah" state in the eyes of the entire international community and indeed the whole world.

It will also be in danger of not only having aid withheld, but economic , other sanctions levied, and financial assets frozen.

Those are some of the punitive measures that could be employed should the government of Pakistan not be willing to reform.   

Currently, certain laws of Pakistan are used to promote discrimination and grevious human rights abuses. Mostly against non-Muslims.

Such as that against Asia Bibi.

She continues to languish unjustly in a Pakistan prison cell on the trumped-up charge of "blasphemy".

The "blasphemy" laws are used to unfairly discriminate and violate the human rights of both Muslims and non-Muslims.

It is an insane law that is opposite of what a democratic "civilized" society and government is supposed to be.


Women should have the same and equal rights as men. But under the current Pakistan legal system women are routinely discriminated against.

Non-Muslims should have the same rights and equal protection under the law as Muslims.

There should be no discrimination.

Currently, that is not the case. The U.S. State Dept. has released it's report on human rights and religious freedom for the year 2010.

The report for Pakistan is here. Below is a key excerpt:

["Despite the government's steps to protect religious minorities, the number and severity of reported high-profile cases against minorities increased during the reporting period.

Organized violence against minorities increased; for example, there was violence against Christians in Gojra, Punjab, and a terrorist attack on Ahmadis in Lahore, Punjab.

There were instances in which law enforcement personnel abused religious minorities in custody. Security forces and other government agencies did not adequately prevent or address societal abuse against minorities.

Discriminatory legislation and the government's failure or delay in addressing religious hostility by societal actors fostered religious intolerance, acts of violence, and intimidation against religious minorities.

Specific laws that discriminated against religious minorities included the anti-Ahmadi provisions of the penal code and the blasphemy laws which provided the death penalty for defiling Islam or its prophets.

The Ahmadiyya community continued to face governmental and societal discrimination and legal bars to the practice of its religious beliefs.

Members of other Islamic sects, Christians, Sikhs, and Hindus also reported governmental and societal discrimination."]

True democracy is about more than just having elections.

The foundations on which a true democracy rest include protected freedom of speech, expression, and freedom of religion. 

If a group of radical Islamists have their way, the Bible may end up being banned and against the law in Pakistan.

The leaders and government of Pakistan need to decide if it wants to listen to the voice of radical Islamist clerics, or bring Pakistan into the community of "civilized" nations safeguarding and according true democratic human rights for all it's citizens.

Failure to do so will make Pakistan a "pariah" state in the international community.

With severe sanctions undoubtedly to follow.


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