Who Didn't Walk Out on Iranian President Ahmadinejad's Idiot UN Speech?
New Leader of Free World Addresses UN

Everyone Knows Bill Clinton Lies: A Lot!

Committing perjury lying in civil court.

Committing perjury lying to Federal Grand jury.

All that lying led to his impeachment by the U.S. House.

As well as lying about Israel and Netanyahu here and here.

Palestinian UN statehood bid is an act of "jihad", not frustration. Part and parcel of the Islamic quest for global domination and Islamic supremacism.

If anyone has a right to be "frustrated" it is Israel:

Frustrated by clueless world leaders and dhimmi diplomats who pressure Israel to engage in reckless appeasement for "peace",-but no peace.

An utter failure, [willfull failure], by the international community to grasp or acknowledge the real cause of the conflict:

Islamic ideology straight out of the Koran.

As Eric Stakelbeck correctly sums it up- "it's the ideology stupid".


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