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Fox News, MSM Call Terrorists "Militants"

This pathetic AP article is currently featured at Fox. 

Brief excerpt. Words in brackets and italics mine:

"An Israeli aircraft struck a pair of Palestinian militants [terrorists] on Sunday, killing one man [terrorist] and wounding a second in a new eruption of violence.

The airstrike cast doubts on efforts to forge a cease-fire after the deadliest round of fighting in months. In all, 10 Palestinian militants  [Islamic terrorists] and an Israeli civilian have been killed in a weekend of Palestinian [Jihadist] rocket attacks and Israeli [counter-terror] airstrikes.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine , a small militant [jihad terrorist] group,..."

On another occasion watching Fox with Martha McCallum and Trace Gallagher hosting, both continually referred to Hamas as "militants" but never as terrorists or jihadists.

It is not forgotten how the wealthy Saudi prince who owns a percentage of the parent company of Fox, once boasted how he was able to make a call to Rupert Murdock and influence coverage. 

Now this:

Another wealthy Saudi prince, brother to the same Saudi co-owner of Fox, is offering  $900,000 for the abduction of Israeli soldiers. 


I have watched in the last 6 months or so as FoxNews has moved decidedly away from it's "Fair and Balanced" approach to the news, and much more toward the old CNN model of the mainstream and biased. I think it's a combination of factors.

First, the scandal that Rupert Murdoch and his son were caught up in over in England and then spread to the United States regarding the wiretapping of sources or people they were doing stories on. In order NOT to be hung out to dry by the rest of the media and by Government prosecutors in the US and UK, I imagine FoxNews has been effectively muzzled as part of the price they have had to pay. What's "free Speech" and "principle" when a few billion dollars are in question, right?

Second, the fact that Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal owns a chunk of "News Corp," Murdoch's conglomerate, which oversees FoxNews, explains the change in reference to Muslim and Palestinian terrorists as "militants," and an evident growing bias against Israel in their reporting. It could also explain one of the unspoken reasons why a very pro-Israel Glenn Beck departed FNC earlier this year. Note that they wouldn't carry his program live from Jerusalem, Israel, and that was announced before Glenn announced his departure from FoxNews.

Third, the division of the Republican Party has also played into this -- and FoxNews has sided with the money and power of the "establishment" rather than with the ideologically Conservative grassroots represented by the Tea Party. Roger Ailes deplorable comments about one of his own commentators, Sarah Palin, gives evidence of this. Never thought I'd see the day that Ailes would desert Conservatism. Every man has his price I suppose, at some point in his life.

The departure of FoxNews from their clearly different journalistic standards and philosophy will inevitably lead to the departure of millions of viewers. I don't watch FoxNews like I once did. I mean, "The Five," REALLY?! If it weren't for Megan Kelly, Cavuto, and catching Sarah Palin on Hannity or Greta sometimes, what is the point of FoxNews anymore?

I guess it's all a question now of how much Murdoch wants to please his Muslim investors and how bad he, his son and Roger AIles want to stay out of jail and on the cocktail circuit.

To J. Dale Weaver:

Well said!

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