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Fox News, MSM Call Terrorists "Militants"

This pathetic AP article is currently featured at Fox. 

Brief excerpt. Words in brackets and italics mine:

"An Israeli aircraft struck a pair of Palestinian militants [terrorists] on Sunday, killing one man [terrorist] and wounding a second in a new eruption of violence.

The airstrike cast doubts on efforts to forge a cease-fire after the deadliest round of fighting in months. In all, 10 Palestinian militants  [Islamic terrorists] and an Israeli civilian have been killed in a weekend of Palestinian [Jihadist] rocket attacks and Israeli [counter-terror] airstrikes.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine , a small militant [jihad terrorist] group,..."

On another occasion watching Fox with Martha McCallum and Trace Gallagher hosting, both continually referred to Hamas as "militants" but never as terrorists or jihadists.

It is not forgotten how the wealthy Saudi prince who owns a percentage of the parent company of Fox, once boasted how he was able to make a call to Rupert Murdock and influence coverage. 

Now this:

Another wealthy Saudi prince, brother to the same Saudi co-owner of Fox, is offering  $900,000 for the abduction of Israeli soldiers. 

Love This Herman Cain Ad!



We don't want a "nanny state".

That being said, --for all those who support or did support legislation to ban cigarette smoking in all bars and restaurants, but would not support legislation to ban consumption of alcoholic beverages in all bars and restaurants,-- there is only one word for you:


Cigarette smoking was/is evidently not "your" favorite unhealthy habit unh?

But maybe beer or wine is? 

Hypoctitical political correctness run amok!

Democracy in Egypt after Mubarak? Not Hardly!

Egyptian citizen sentenced to 3 years in prison for "insulting Islam". 

The massive uprising protests in Egypt that led to the ouster of Hosni Mubarak have not resulted in the freedom and democracy much touted by media pundits and outside political observers.

Islam and real democracy are at odds with each other.

"Do the protestors want democracy?"-Andy McCarthy from Feb. 2011.

A key excerpt:

"...many Egyptians are not terribly upset about Mubarak’s police-state tactics. That doesn’t mean they approve of these practices in the abstract. It means they have a better memory than we apparently do of the jihadist atrocities that provoked and sustained the state of emergency."

" Moreover, because they are forced to grapple with the Islamist ideology that is all around them, they don’t buy the Western psychobabble about how Mubarak’s iron fist is the principal cause of Islamist rage."

 "They remember that the Islamists were raging long before there was a Mubarak — and know that Islamist ideology will have them raging long after he’s gone."-McCarthy

["...and know that Islamist ideology will have them raging long after he's gone".]

Islamist ideology is the cause of Middle East dictorships as well as imperialistic Islam's global jihad.

The problem is Islam regardless of who the leaders are.

The "secular leaders" when in control find themselves having to impose restrictions on the public contrary to democratic principles in order to keep the Islamists in check.

The way Sadam Hussein did in Iraq to keep the Shia Islamists at bay. In the aftermath of the Hussein regime's removal from power, the Islamists have become much more assertive and emboldened.

More minority Christians have been persecuted and forced to leave Iraq than at anytime before the downfall of Hussein. 

Islam's Holy War on Christians-Abbey Roads

"Is all the unrest we are witnessing in Islamic countries the beginning of WWIII?  After all, it isn't just happening in one little country.  Perhaps I come off rather alarmist, but it is very disturbing considering how Christians are inevitably attacked after every Middle Eastern regime falls."

["Christians are inevitably attacked after every Middle Eastern regime falls"-a very astute observation.]

"It actually began in Iraq after Saddam.  This onslaught against Christians reminds me of the Nazi harrassment of Jews before the WWII."

"Yet so many contemporary religious and political leaders in the West appear to be in some sort of denial, constantly trying to persuade us that Islam is a religion of peace."

"They claim it is only Islamic extremists and terrorists causing all of the problems.  Oddly enough - that is exactly what Gadhafi has been telling his people, hoping to explain away the rebellion happening in Lybia." 
"What follows are a few recent news stories otherwise ignored by mainstream media: 

Ethiopia: Muslims shouting "Allahu akbar" burn five churches... 

read the rest at Abbey Roads.


Stop the Islamization Jihad

21163337M4Bjgz1jHalf expect to wake up and read headlines on Drudge or Fox one day that a Muslim baseball player has filed a protest with Major League Baseball to force them to allow an Islamic turban instead of a baseball hat!

What? Don't laugh.

It was not that long ago that a Muslim women in Florida filed a lawsuit in an attempt to force the state of Florida to allow her to have her driver license photo taken with only her eyes showing! 

Fortunately Florida won that case.

But other cases in which Muslims take advantage of our laws to safeguard freedom of religion in order to advance the Islamization of America are happening all over.

Now there is this:

A lawsuit has been filed by attorneys with C.A.I.R. on behalf of a young female Muslim student who quit the ROTC after she was not allowed to wear the Islamic hijab instead of the regulation ROTC headwear.

So far the ROTC is standing firm.

In another incident involving the ROTC there was this:

A 16 year old junior ROTC student was suspended from school for telling a female Muslim student that she should stand for the Pledge of Allegiance,  and "take that thing off your head and act like your a proud American".

And what of the MLB?

Are there any Muslim players in the MLB?

According to info on this site so far there has only been one player in the MLB who was Muslim. He is not involved with pro baseball anymore.

There have been serveral Muslim pro-football players.

This past July, Logan's Warning reported on two NFL players who participated in a conference on behalf of the ISNA and the Muslim Student Association [MSA]:

["Over the years Islamic apologists have pointed to Muslim celebrities in their effort to try and downplay the threat of Islam. One of them was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who has recently spoken out against “Islamophobia”. Today we learn that two NFL players have shown us where their loyalty lies, as they have joined forces with two of the country’s largest Islamic organizations. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Muslim Student Association (MSA). Just because a Muslim is a sports figure, does not mean they stand with America over Islam."]-Logan
Read the Investigative Project on Terrorism's reports on the ISNA and the Muslim Student Association [MSA]