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Attention Joe Farah: Time for "None of the Above" Campaign!

Many will remember the None of the Above campaign for the GOP presidential nomination four years ago initiated by Joseph Farah from his website WorldNetdaily. 

That because of deep disatisfaction with the crop of GOP candidates seeking the nomination. For sure WND must have made some money off of it's None of the Above bumper stickers sold by the WND on-line store. 

Eventually Farah did get behind a GOP candidate for president:

Sarah Palin

He could not bring himself to support the GOP nominee John McCain for president.

Sarah Palin injected excitement and enthusiasm that had been obviously missing.

If it had not been for Sarah Palin, McCain would have been trounced by Obama ten times worse. 

Farah never did endorse any of the GOP candidates for the nomination.

Flash forward four years:

Attention Joe Farah, - time for another None of the Above campaign.

We have seen one GOP candidate after another implode.

Pamela Geller has pointed out Rick Perry's questionable bonifides to fight and resist the Islamization of America.

Herman Cain has been self-destructing during interviews and debates with regards to foreign policy.

Whether or not any of the harrasment charges made against him have any merit, Cain has demonstrated he is not ready for the presidency.

Forget Romney, Huntsman, and Paul. Two rinos and a foreign policy lunatick.

Santorum and Bachman are not electable.

Common sense says if you can't win re-election to the Senate in your home state, how can you win the presidency?

Newt Gingrich, while sounding better in the debates, is an establishment candidate who favors amnesty for illegal aliens.

Gingrich does not inspire enthusiasm.

In other words, if there is not to be anyone else seeking the GOP nomination that folks can get excited about, then Obama wins again.

Is it really too late for anyone else to enter the GOP nomination process?

Since Sarah Palin will not run, IMHO Frank Gaffney Jr. would make an excellent president.

He is a conservative and clearly understands the threats against America from within and externally. Threats like Islamic Shariah law.

When the question was put to Herman Cain during one of the last debates,- "Pakistan-friend or foe"?, that initiated a whole segment of questions dealing with Pakistan.

Unfortunately, not a single one of the GOP candidates pointed out that Pakistan is governed according to Islamic Sharia law, [an enemy and "foe" of true democracy, freedom of speech and religion].

Both Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum defended aid to Pakistan from a need to stay engaged with Pakistan because of it's nukes.

But any aid should be linked to, and conditioned, on true democratic reform in Pakistan.

 That means an utter abolishment of Islamic Shariah law as the basis of governing.

 Team Obama would like nothing better than for Mitt Romney to be the GOP nominee.

They know millions of Christian conservative evangelicals will never vote for Romney because he is a flip-flopper, not a true conservative, and is a member of what is viewed as a counterfiet Christian cult religion.

Which would mean a less than enthusiastic GOP turn out on election day.

While publically the democratic MSM machine likes to portray Romney as the GOP's best candidate to take on Obama, he's the one they really want to run against.

Frank Gaffney Jr. for president!










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