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How About Including Gross Graphic Images on Alcoholic Beverages?

How about forcing the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages to include graphic images of victims of alcohol-related fatal auto accidents on every purchase of a six-pack of beer, bottle of wine, or liquor? 

Or horrible graphic images of alcohol-related diseased kidneys or livers?

Graphic images of victims of alcohol-related violence, disease, and auto accidents included along with every television advertisement?

Including such horrible graphic images would tell the "other side" of the effects of the consumption of alcoholic beverages that Budweiser, and other well known sponsors of sporting events, deliberately do not address in their advertising. 

But that would sure make the booze lobby upset.

The federal anti-smoking campaign wants to impose that very thing on the purchase of cigarettes:

["A U.S. district judge today blocked federal requirements for tobacco companies to include graphic images on cigarette packages such as a sewn up corpse and the diseased lungs of a smoker."

The Judge, Richard Leon, stopped the requirement until a lawsuit brought by four of the five biggest tobacco companies in the U.S. over the graphic images is resolved, the Associated Press reports. In his ruling, however, Leon wrote that it was likely the tobacco companies would win their lawsuit to block the requirements."]

Now the federal government would not dare desire or attempt such a thing with alcoholic beverages. Booze enjoys more social acceptance than tobacco.

Even though both are killers.




"Crime and Alcohol"

[According to reports 40% of violent crime in America is alcohol-related. But unless there are changes made don't look for that fact to be included in the advertisments of wine, beer, or liquor makers.]

"The problem of drinking"

"Drinks Industry and Sports Sponsorship"


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