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Pakistan Friend or Foe? We Do Know the Answer to that Mr. Cain

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That question was put to Herman Cain by Major Garrett. The question and Cain's unsatisfactory response began a whole segment on foreign policy touching Pakistan.

Here is Cain's response:

[Major Garrett: Related to that, Mr. Cain, I'd like to pick up on a point that Speaker Gingrich just made. You have said about foreign policy, "America needs to be clear about who its friends are and who its foes are." So this evening, sir, Pakistan, friend or foe?

Herman Cain: We don't know. Because Pakistan-- it's not clear, because Pakistan is where Osama bin Laden was found and eliminated. Secondly, Pakistanis have a conversation with President Karzai from Afghanistan and they-- and President Karzai has said that if the United States gets into a dispute with Pakistan, then Afghanistan's gonna side with Pakistan. There is a lot of clarity missing, like Speaker Gingrich says, in this whole region. And they are all interrelated. So there isn't a clear answer as to whether or not Pakistan is a friend or foe. That relationship must be reevaluated.

Major Garrett: If you were president, sir, and your national security council asked you what questions you would want answered to find out a better answer to this very question, what would you tell 'em?

Herman Cain: I would ask them what commitment is Pakistan willing to make to assure the United States of America that they are a friend or of-- or a foe. And be specific about that. Will they make commitments relative to the commitment of their military, if we have to make commitments? Are they willing to come to some regional-- agreement about what we need to do? We need a regional strategy in that area of the world, such that all of our allies, wor-- we work together in order to come up with those things that would be mutually beneficial to everyone. Those are the questions that need to be asked."]

The entire CBS GOP debate transcript.

Surprisingly Newt Gingrich made the most sense. Here is his response:

[Newt Gingrich: I'm absolute-- I mean, what he said made absolutely perfect sense. Why would you start every year-- and consider the alternative. You're giving some country $7 billion a year. So you start off-- or-- or in the case of Egypt, $3 billion a year. So you start off every year and say, "Here's your $3 billion, now I'll start thinking"? You ought to start off at zero and say, "Explain to me why I should give you a penny."

And let me tell you, the fact that the Pakistanis-- he didn't think about this. The Pakistanis hid Bin Laden for at least six years in a military city within a mile of their national defense university? And then they got mad at the people who turned him over to us? And we think those are the acts of allies? I think that's a pretty good idea to start at zero and sometimes stay there.

Major Garrett: Just a quick follow up, Mr. Speaker. Since you've entered-- since you mentioned Egypt, Mr. Speaker, I just want to know, if you were president, if the aid that we currently provide on an annualized basis to Egypt would be completely rethought and possibly eliminated, if you were president?

Newt Gingrich: It would certain-- it would certainly be completely rethought. And candidly, the degree to which the Arab Spring may become an anti-Christian spring is something which bothers me a great deal. And I would certainly have the State Department intervening on behalf of the (UNINTEL) Christians, who are being persecuted under the new system, having their churches burned, having people killed. And I'd be pretty insistent that we are not gonna be supportive of a regime, which is explicitly hostile to-- to religions other than Islam."]

While Gingrich's remarks concerning how to handle financial aid and policy towards Pakistan was the best among the candidates, he along with all the other GOP candidates failed to point out that Pakistan is governed according to anti-democratic Islamic Shariah law.

That being the case it is already a "failed state", and is quickly becoming a "pariah state".

During that portion of the debate segment which began with the question posed to Herman Cain as to whether or not Pakistan is friend or foe, this blogger had high hopes that all or at least some of the candidates would make mention of the ill treatment and imprisionment of Asia Bibi, and how other Pakistani Christians are routinely discriminated against under Islamic Shariah law and persecuted because they are a non-muslim minority.

In the case of Asia Bibi she was imprisoned on a bogus trumped up charge of "blasphemy" under Islamic Shariah law. 

Asia Bibi update.

The reader can learn about Pakistan's rediculous insane "blasphemy laws" here.

America is a democratic country where freedom of speech and true freedom of religion serve as the cornerstones of the foundation of real democracy.

Islamic Shariah law, under which Pakistan is governed, is an ardent "foe" and enemy of freedom and real democracy. 

Not to mention, which Gingrich did, that Bin Laden had safe sanctuary in a "military town" within Pakistan for several years.

Does that bring to mind anything in particular?

["You are either with us or you are with the terrorists."

"If you harbor terrorists--you are a terrorist".]

There is your answer Mr. Cain.

Update 02/21/12--

Pakistan: Thousands chant "death to America"--Jihad Watch 


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