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Palestinian Arab Christmas Propaganda

Another anti-semitic invention to exploit the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem to propagate a lie:

["More than a billion Christians around the world are about to celebrate Christmas, commemorating the birth of Jesus, the promised Messiah. There is one thing the Palestinian Arabs hope you all remember during those celebrations - that Jesus was, in fact, a Palestinian (Arab).

It is nothing new for the Palestinians to claim that Jesus was a Palestinian. The Palestinian leadership gets in on the action all the time. Yasser Arafat used to openly declare as much as he kicked off Christmas from Bethlehem every year.

Arafat is gone, and current Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is a bit more subtle, but the media organs under his control are still being used to perpetuate this lie. Oh, and so is Abbas' Western-backed, so-called "moderate" prime minister, Salam Fayyad.

"Christmas is an opportunity to celebrate the Palestinian identity of Jesus Christ," declared Fayyad as he flipped the switch lighting a 50-foot Christmas tree in Bethlehem's Manger Square last week.

The lie has fully permeated Arab society in the region."]

--read it all at Israel Today.

Update Dec.25th, from Jpost:

Dhimmi 'Christian' Arab Latin Patriarch Fuad al-Tuwal and Fatah PA's Mahmoud Abbas exploited the Christmas service in Bethlehem to promote false anti-Israel political rhetoric as well:

Tual heaped praised upon Abbas and Jordan's King Abdullah for their efforts to impose a 'Palestinian' state on Israel's land.

Abbas also exploited the Christmas in Bethlehem service to promote his opposition to Israelis living in Israel in Judea and Samaria.




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