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Bachmann-cuteYes, that is correct.

The Va. GOP primary ballot will be missing the names of "all" the contenders for the GOP nomination except for two:

The establishment's favored Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Yes, Virginia voters, believe it or not unless there is some sort of sucessfull challenge made to the RPV official results, Romney and Paul will be your only choices listed on the ballot.

One a certified rino, the other a foreign policy lunatic.

But that does not mean that Va. Republican voters won't be able to have an important role in the overall nominating process.

For instance, a successful write-in campaign for a true conservative like Michele Bachman could provide her with the state's delegates and help her win the nomination.

Michele Bachmann-the true anti-Romney conservative.

"I was delighted and honored to spend some time with Michele Bachmann before she addressed over a thousand passionate supporters of Israel Sunday evening at the annual ZOA dinner."

"The more I analyze the candidates, the more I like Bachmann. She is the anti-Romney candidate I am most impressed with."--Pamela Geller

It is an absolute given that the majority of Va. GOP voters want a choice other than Romney or Paul.

It is not the fault of the voters that their candidate didn't make it on the ballot. 

Unfortunately, it appears the few supporters of Romney and Paul in Va. were just more active in gathering signatures.

The latest Real Clear average for Va. is as follows: 

  • Gingrich-27.8%
  • Romney-24.4%
  • Paul-12.6%
  • Perry-6.6%
  • Bachmann-6.4%
  • Santorum-3.6%
  • Huntsman-1.8%

It is clear that the vast majority of Va. GOP voters want someone other than Romney or Paul.

The only way Va. GOP voters can avoid being disenfranchised of their voice in the nominating process is to rally behind a true non-establishment conservative like Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann is certainly a more dependable trustworthy conservative than Gingrich. Gingrich has too much establishment baggage.

Update- no write-in option.

Excerpt from National Review post:

[“This morning, Gingrich’s campaign released this response:

Richmond, VA – Newt 2012 released the following statement from Campaign Director Michael Krull regarding ballot qualification in Virginia.

“Only a failed system excludes four out of the six major candidates seeking access to the ballot. Voters deserve the right to vote for any top contender, especially leading candidates. We will work with the Republican Party of Virginia to pursue an aggressive write-in campaign to make sure that all the voters of Virginia are able to vote for the candidate of their choice.”

That darn “failed system”!

UPDATE: And… no write-in options, either! Doug Mataconis and Ed Morrissey observe the relevant Virginia law:

At all elections except primary elections it shall be lawful for any voter to vote for any person other than the listed candidates for the office by writing or hand printing the person’s name on the official ballot.

The 2008 Virginia GOP presidential primary counted no write-in votes.”]

This is not democracy!





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