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Would Angelina Jolie Make a Movie about the Genocide of Armenian Christians?

Would Angeline Jolie make a movie about the rape, murder, and genocide of Armenian Chrisians perpetrated by Turkish Muslim Jihadists? 

Most likely not.

Such a movie would not fit in with the propaganda agenda of the MSM/Leftist/Islamist alliance that is always happy to demonise and attack Serb Christians and Israelis.

In fact it is an absolutely factual observation that the two countries in the world that are politically, [and wrongly] ,demonised and attacked the most are Israel and Serbia.


Because for the last 63 years since their re-establishment as a sovereign nation in their own land, Israel has been at the forefront standing against jihad terrorism.

Israel is always falsely demonised in the MSM, by politicians, leftists, and Islamists as being an "occupier".

Such a thing is a total re-write of factual history and current events. 

In truth it was the Arab Muslim invaders who perpetrated campaigns of military jihad, invaded, "occupied", colonised, and subjected the whole of the Middle East and North Africa to an Islamic dictatorship. 

For over 400 years the Serbian Christians suffered under the heel of Ottoman Islamic "occupation"and tyranny. 

 From her article , "Angelina Jolie's Bosnian Adventure" ,Grayfalcon writes the following:

["...I am reasonably sure that Jolie is motivated by her own bleeding-heart feelings towards the "women victims of war," and therefore cannot understand how they ended up being her worst enemy."

 "This is because she is ignorant of what actually happened in Bosnia, and doesn't know a damned thing about the people living there."

"There's a whole sub-genre in modern cinematography that has been termed "Chetnixploitation" (from "Chetniks" - a Serbian word for guerrillas, used as an insult by Muslims and Croats). "

"It relies on prejudices and stereotypes created by the Communist propaganda since 1945, then distilled and recycled in the 1990s wars, to portray the Serbs as drunken, bearded, bloodthirsty butchers of innocents."

"(For some examples, look at the blog linked above and an essay I wrote back in 2002.) Any film made about the Balkans wars is expected to fit into the genre - and if it doesn't, expect professional victims to complain about it."

"Jolie's film does fit, however. Her cast and crew have repeatedly said it would be a story of Serbs abusing Muslims. Back in July, a Serbian media magnate made public that he refused to work with Jolie on the project, because it was "disgusting" and "Serb-bashing."]-

-read the full article here.

Note a couple important observations above by the author:

In regards to films, [Chetnixploitation], about Serbs,--

"It relies on prejudices and stereotypes..."

"Any film made about the Balkans wars is expected to fit into the genre - and if it doesn't, expect professional victims to complain about it."

"Jolie's film does fit, however. Her cast and crew have repeatedly said it would be a story of Serbs abusing Muslims...."

Republican Riot writes the following:

["So deeply entrenched is the notion of Serbian villainy that it’s apparently shocking when a Serbian film company executive takes exception to a Serb-bashing script, declining to allow his studios to be used for filming."

"Zeljko Mitrovic turned down Angelina Jolie’s propaganda film and directorial debut, stirring her and her co-filmmakers’ ire, with some Balkans observers stating the usual conclusion: Only Serbian NATIONALISM could account for not participating in Serb-bashing."

"Serbstvo, who sent this in, wrote, “Owner of TV Pink, Zeljko Mitrovic, rejected Angelina Jolie’s offer to use his film studio to shoot her first movie."

"Like Richard Gere before her, she chose to center her first film on Serb-bashing."

"Mitrovic refused Jolie after her producers showed him the disgusting script.”

"In April she and Brad Pitt made the usual propaganda rounds through Bosnia. But with a twist. After all, most of the displaced, the ethnically cleansed, the refugees in the former Yugoslavia are Serbs, and according to some reports, she didn’t exactly keep on program, but visited with Serb refugees in addition to the usual Muslim ones."

So much for that."]-

--read Julia Gorin's full article here.

See also "Setting the record straight on Bosnia"--Jihad Watch

The Rape of Armenia:








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