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U.S. Making Huge $60 Billion Arms Sale to Serbia

A reliable Pentagon source confirmed that the U.S. is selling a huge $60 billion arms package to Serbia.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity because minor details are still being hammered out.

Afterwards there will be an official announcement made by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

The Pentagon source said the huge $60 billion arms package sale to Serbia is being made to counter the increasing dangerous militant Islamist threat in the region.

The source noted Turkey's shift away from the secularism of Attaturk to fundamentalist Islam reflected by the ascension to power of Erdogan's AKP Islamist party.

That is reflected in Turkey's closer ties with the Iranian regime and increasing hostility towards Israel and the West.

The U.S. government views these changes in Turkey's political character as extremely dangerous for the region given their powerful military.

Not to mention the problem Turkey's new political Islamist character poses for NATO since it is a member.

According to the by-laws of NATO before any major action can be undertaken, there must be unanimous consent by all members.

Turkey's blocking of Anders Fogg Rasmussen's nomination as the new Secretary-General of NATO, [the only member to object], is indicative of the problems Turkey can pose to NATO as a result of it's new Islamist political transformation.

Israel and Turkey had a history of a close cooperative diplomatic and military relationship. But with the rise of the AKP and Turkey's shift towards the Islamists, that relationship has been seriously ruffled. 

The pentagon source also noted the dangerous gains that Islamists are making in other areas of the region.

For years the U.S. has sold $ billions in military aid to Egypt and helped transform it into one of the most powerful in the region. But now in the aftermath of the so-called Arab Spring revolt and Mubarak's ouster, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists appear to be coming to power.

The are great concerns that if the MB Islamists do run the next Egyptian government, not only will hardcore Shariah law be imposed, but the Islamists may cancel the decades old treaty with Israel.

All across the Middle East and north Africa Islamists are using and exploiting a desire for 'democracy' to wage and incite massive protests to bring down current regimes. This is all part of the Islamist quest for a new caliphate. 

The $60 billion arms deal package to Serbia will include powerful laser guided smart bombs such as MOAB and MOP.

In addition to sales of the new U.S. made main battle tank and F-16's. 

The bottom line is that there are two countries that are strategically and geographically positioned in the Middle East and Eastern Europe that have an important role in countering the advance of the militant Islamists:

Israel and Serbia.

The U.S. government certainly understands this and seeks to dramatically bolster the military capability of both Serbia and Israel to counter Iran and the increasing militant Islamist threats.  

[Note: the above is political satire. The $60 billion U.S. arms deal to Serbia referenced above is fiction.]

But the following headlines are true:

"Obama Sells Arms to Arabs but not to Israel"-WND.


["According to a recent report from the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the Obama administration has changed its arms policy for the Middle East: arming the Arab states hostile to Israel and denying arms to the Jewish state. All of these sales to Israel’s enemies are beginning to erode the military edge Israel has had to discourage Arab military attacks against it and maintain a semblance of peace in that volatile region."

"For example, the United States announced April 2 that it had delivered to Lebanon a shipment of 1,000 M16A4 rifles, 10 missile launchers, 1,583 grenade launchers and 538 sets of day/night binoculars and night-vision devices. And this is only the first of a series of shipments in the works. Obviously, with Hezbollah having achieved virtual military control of Lebanon, the idea that these weapons will not be used by Hezbollah in a future confrontation with Israel is illusionary."]

"Bush Plans Huge Arms Deal with Saudis"-Newser

"Obama Selling $30 billion in F-15's to Saudis"-Creeping Shariah 

"U.S. Allowed Iran to sell Arms to Bosnian Muslims"-Tech

"U.S./NATO Bomb Serbs"-Independent




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